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Subfamily Cardiochilinae

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Hymenoptera suborder Apocrita infraorder Terebrantes superfamily Ichneumonoidea family Braconidae → subfamily Cardiochilinae

Daughter taxa

Genera: 1 (0 illustrated). Species.

Cardiochiles [genus]

Cardiochiles aethiops, Cardiochiles alboannulatus, Cardiochiles albocalcaratus, Cardiochiles albopilosus, Cardiochiles angustifrons, Cardiochiles apicalis, Cardiochiles aterrimus, Cardiochiles bequaerti, Cardiochiles calculator, Cardiochiles calvus, Cardiochiles ceylonicus, Cardiochiles dissimulator, Cardiochiles erythronotus, Cardiochiles explorator, Cardiochiles falcatus, Cardiochiles fallax, Cardiochiles floridanus, Cardiochiles fumatus, Cardiochiles fuscipennis, Cardiochiles fuscus, Cardiochiles glaphyrus, Cardiochiles gussakovskii, Cardiochiles gwenae, Cardiochiles hyalipennis, Cardiochiles javanus, Cardiochiles karakumicus, Cardiochiles kasachstanicus, Cardiochiles laevifossa, Cardiochiles longiceps, Cardiochiles lucidus, Cardiochiles melanotus, Cardiochiles mexicanus, Cardiochiles microsomus, Cardiochiles minutigeri, Cardiochiles nigroclypeus, Cardiochiles orizabae, Cardiochiles ornatus, Cardiochiles pappi, Cardiochiles philippensis, Cardiochiles phostriae, Cardiochiles pictithorax, Cardiochiles planitarsus, Cardiochiles populator, Cardiochiles priesneri, Cardiochiles pseudofallax, Cardiochiles purpureus, Cardiochiles ruficollis, Cardiochiles saltator, Cardiochiles scapularis, Cardiochiles semenowi, Cardiochiles shestakovi, Cardiochiles therberiae, Cardiochiles thoracicus, Cardiochiles tibialis, Cardiochiles tibiator, Cardiochiles tjanshanicus, Cardiochiles triplus, Cardiochiles turcmenicus, Cardiochiles turkestanicus, Cardiochiles vitripennis, Cardiochiles volgensis, Cardiochiles weidholzi, Cardiochiles xanthocarpus


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