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Tribe Bythinini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Coleoptera suborder Polyphaga infraorder Staphyliniformia superfamily Staphylinoidea family Staphylinidae subfamily Pselaphinae → tribe Bythinini

Daughter taxa

Genera: 15 (0 illustrated). Species.

Bathybythus Besuchet, 1974 [genus]

Bathybythus bleyi

Bryaxis Kugelann, 1794 [genus]

Bryaxis acernus, Bryaxis aelistae, Bryaxis albanicus, Bryaxis alpestris, Bryaxis anatolicus, Bryaxis andalusiacus, Bryaxis aragonensis, Bryaxis argodi, Bryaxis argus, Bryaxis armipes, Bryaxis asturiensis, Bryaxis attila, Bryaxis bajulus, Bryaxis bergamascus, Bryaxis bericus, Bryaxis beroni, Bryaxis blacensis, Bryaxis bosnicus, Bryaxis brachati, Bryaxis brelihi, Bryaxis brescianus, Bryaxis brusinae, Bryaxis bulbifer, Bryaxis bulgaricus, Bryaxis callipus, Bryaxis carinula, Bryaxis carpathicus, Bryaxis casalei, Bryaxis catalanus, Bryaxis cateniger, Bryaxis cebennicus, Bryaxis cetinjensis, Bryaxis chaudoirii, Bryaxis chevrolati, Bryaxis claudioi, Bryaxis clavicornis, Bryaxis cocles, Bryaxis collaris, Bryaxis colledanii, Bryaxis comita, Bryaxis convexus, Bryaxis corcyreus, Bryaxis corsus, Bryaxis crepsensis, Bryaxis crotchi, Bryaxis curtisii, Bryaxis cythereias, Bryaxis dalmatinus, Bryaxis dichrous, Bryaxis difficilis, Bryaxis effeminatus, Bryaxis emilianus, Bryaxis erichsonii, Bryaxis eurus, Bryaxis fagei, Bryaxis fauconneti, Bryaxis femoratus, Bryaxis focarilei, Bryaxis fossicornis, Bryaxis frivaldszkyi, Bryaxis frustratus, Bryaxis gallicus, Bryaxis ganglbaueri, Bryaxis grilati, Bryaxis grouvellei, Bryaxis halbherri, Bryaxis heliophobus, Bryaxis heydeni, Bryaxis ibericus, Bryaxis insularis, Bryaxis islamitus, Bryaxis issensis, Bryaxis italicus, Bryaxis joffrei, Bryaxis judicariensis, Bryaxis kahleni, Bryaxis karamane, Bryaxis karaormani, Bryaxis klimeschi, Bryaxis konecznii, Bryaxis kruegeri, Bryaxis kumensis, Bryaxis lagari, Bryaxis leleupi, Bryaxis leonhardi, Bryaxis lessinicus, Bryaxis liguricus, Bryaxis lokayi, Bryaxis longulus, Bryaxis lurensis, Bryaxis lusitanicus, Bryaxis macedonicus, Bryaxis mancinii, Bryaxis marinae, Bryaxis meledanus, Bryaxis melinensis, Bryaxis miriditus, Bryaxis mirificus, Bryaxis moczarskii, Bryaxis mohamedis, Bryaxis monguzzii, Bryaxis monstrosetibialis, Bryaxis monticola, Bryaxis montivagus, Bryaxis mosorensis, Bryaxis mulsantii, Bryaxis muscorum, Bryaxis nebrodensis, Bryaxis nemilensis, Bryaxis nigriceps, Bryaxis nigripennis, Bryaxis nigritus, Bryaxis nodicornis, Bryaxis noricus, Bryaxis normandi, Bryaxis obenbergeri, Bryaxis odontogena, Bryaxis oertzeni, Bryaxis oreophilus, Bryaxis orousseti, Bryaxis paganettii, Bryaxis pandellei, Bryaxis pastoralis, Bryaxis pavani, Bryaxis pedator, Bryaxis pedemontanus, Bryaxis peloponnesius, Bryaxis peninsularis, Bryaxis pentagonoceras, Bryaxis persicoi, Bryaxis pescaroloi, Bryaxis petri, Bryaxis picteti, Bryaxis pinkeri, Bryaxis portalegrensis, Bryaxis porzenna, Bryaxis procerus, Bryaxis puncticollis, Bryaxis pyrenaeus, Bryaxis ragusensis, Bryaxis rambouseki, Bryaxis redemptus, Bryaxis reissi, Bryaxis reitteri, Bryaxis rhinophorus, Bryaxis rodopensis, Bryaxis rossii, Bryaxis roumaniae, Bryaxis rugosicollis, Bryaxis ruthenus, Bryaxis samniticus, Bryaxis sarplaninensis, Bryaxis scapularis, Bryaxis sculpticornis, Bryaxis sculptifrons, Bryaxis serripes, Bryaxis siculus, Bryaxis simoni, Bryaxis solidus, Bryaxis splendidus, Bryaxis stolzi, Bryaxis sturanyi, Bryaxis subdentatus, Bryaxis subsolidus, Bryaxis tendensis, Bryaxis theanus, Bryaxis tithonus, Bryaxis transsilvanicus, Bryaxis trigonoceras, Bryaxis troglocerus, Bryaxis troglodytes, Bryaxis troglophilus, Bryaxis ullrichii, Bryaxis ursus, Bryaxis verrucipalpis, Bryaxis vicinus, Bryaxis viertli, Bryaxis wankai, Bryaxis weisei, Bryaxis witzgalli

Leptobythus Jeannel, 1955 [genus]

Leptobythus palaui

Typhlobythus Jeannel, 1926 [genus]

Typhlobythus breuili

Xenobythus Peyerimhoff, 1901 [genus]

Xenobythus serullazi


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