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Tribe Phytodietini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Hymenoptera suborder Apocrita infraorder Terebrantes superfamily Ichneumonoidea family Ichneumonidae subfamily Tryphoninae → tribe Phytodietini

Daughter taxa

Genera: 2 (0 illustrated). Subgenera: 9 (0 illustrated). Species.

Netelia [genus]

Bessobates, Netelia, Parabates, Paropheltes, Prosthodocis, Toxochiloides,
Netelia aberrans, Netelia acuminata, Netelia aequora, Netelia aestiva, Netelia aethiopica, Netelia affinis, Netelia alaskensis, Netelia albipicta, Netelia albovariegata, Netelia alpina, Netelia amamiensis, Netelia antefurcalis, Netelia antipodum, Netelia appendiculata, Netelia arabator, Netelia arabs, Netelia arcanus, Netelia areator, Netelia areoleta, Netelia armeniaca, Netelia aspera, Netelia atlantor, Netelia atra, Netelia auberti, Netelia australis, Netelia baibarensis, Netelia barberi, Netelia basilewskyi, Netelia basirufa, Netelia beschkovi, Netelia bicolor, Netelia blantoni, Netelia borealis, Netelia brasiliensis, Netelia brevicornis, Netelia brunnea, Netelia californica, Netelia calva, Netelia capensis, Netelia carmichaeli, Netelia cascadica, Netelia caudata, Netelia caviverticalis, Netelia celebensis, Netelia ceylonica, Netelia chloris, Netelia ciliata, Netelia clypeata, Netelia cockerelli, Netelia columbiana, Netelia comitor, Netelia constricta, Netelia contraria, Netelia coreensis, Netelia coriaria, Netelia corrugata, Netelia cushmani, Netelia dayaoshanensis, Netelia deceptor, Netelia decorator, Netelia delicata, Netelia densa, Netelia denticulator, Netelia dhruvi, Netelia dilatata, Netelia dimidiata, Netelia diversa, Netelia dolabra, Netelia ehilis, Netelia elegans, Netelia elumbis, Netelia emorsa, Netelia ephippiata, Netelia ermolenkoi, Netelia errans, Netelia exareolata, Netelia exserta, Netelia facialis, Netelia falcata, Netelia felix, Netelia fijiensis, Netelia flavitarsis, Netelia flavolineata, Netelia foersteri, Netelia formosana, Netelia fractivena, Netelia frenata, Netelia fulginosa, Netelia fulvator, Netelia fumosa, Netelia fusca, Netelia fuscicornis, Netelia gansuana, Netelia gerlingi, Netelia gigantia, Netelia glabra, Netelia gotoi, Netelia gracilis, Netelia grandis, Netelia guptai, Netelia harmani, Netelia hayashii, Netelia herero, Netelia heroica, Netelia hikosana, Netelia himalayensis, Netelia hirashimai, Netelia hottentota, Netelia idioctenus, Netelia ignota, Netelia imitatrix, Netelia inaequalis, Netelia incommunis, Netelia indica, Netelia indicata, Netelia inepta, Netelia infractor, Netelia ingrata, Netelia insulicola, Netelia intermedia, Netelia interstitialis, Netelia interstitinervis, Netelia ishiharai, Netelia johnsoni, Netelia kashmirensis, Netelia kiuhabona, Netelia kodai, Netelia kusigematii, Netelia kyushuensis, Netelia labi, Netelia laevis, Netelia laticeps, Netelia lativectis, Netelia latro, Netelia leo, Netelia levisulca, Netelia ligata, Netelia lineata, Netelia liopleuris, Netelia lobata, Netelia longicauda, Netelia longipalpus, Netelia longitibiata, Netelia lucens, Netelia lucidula, Netelia luteola, Netelia luteostigma, Netelia macra, Netelia macroglossa, Netelia macrostigma, Netelia maculifemorata, Netelia madagascariensis, Netelia magniceps, Netelia major, Netelia media, Netelia melanogaster, Netelia melanopus, Netelia melanostigma, Netelia melanura, Netelia memorialis, Netelia meridionator, Netelia microdon, Netelia microtylus, Netelia mirabilis, Netelia mombasica, Netelia morleyi, Netelia moschiana, Netelia mustela, Netelia mystace, Netelia nanaki, Netelia nanutor, Netelia natalensis, Netelia neotropica, Netelia nigricornis, Netelia nigrinota, Netelia nigripectus, Netelia nigritarsalis, Netelia nigriventris, Netelia nigroeandis, Netelia nigrostigma, Netelia nitida, Netelia nodulosa, Netelia nomurai, Netelia novoguineensis, Netelia nubigenus, Netelia nyassica, Netelia obesis, Netelia obliquetransversalis, Netelia obrepta, Netelia ocellaris, Netelia ocellata, Netelia ocelliger, Netelia oeceticola, Netelia oharai, Netelia okinawana, Netelia opacula, Netelia orba, Netelia orientalis, Netelia ovalis, Netelia pagoni, Netelia pallens, Netelia pallida, Netelia pallidilutea, Netelia palpalis, Netelia paramelanura, Netelia parca, Netelia pardalis, Netelia parva, Netelia parviareolata, Netelia pectinia, Netelia pengalengana, Netelia percurrens, Netelia perforata, Netelia picta, Netelia planipes, Netelia platypes, Netelia pluridens, Netelia praevalvator, Netelia producta, Netelia pulchra, Netelia punctata, Netelia radialis, Netelia radiata, Netelia rapida, Netelia reclivousa, Netelia recta, Netelia rectifascia, Netelia rectivena, Netelia reflexa, Netelia retaki, Netelia rimata, Netelia rimosa, Netelia rogersi, Netelia rotunda, Netelia rufa, Netelia rufescens, Netelia rufoculata, Netelia rugosa, Netelia rukmaniae, Netelia savchenkoi, Netelia sayi, Netelia scabiosa, Netelia scissulata, Netelia semenowi, Netelia semirufa, Netelia serrata, Netelia setosa, Netelia shopar, Netelia sikkimensis, Netelia silantjewi, Netelia sinus, Netelia siva, Netelia smithii, Netelia sobaekensis, Netelia solus, Netelia spinipes, Netelia stigmata, Netelia striata, Netelia strigata, Netelia strigilobus, Netelia strigosa, Netelia subfusca, Netelia szepligetii, Netelia takaozana, Netelia tamis, Netelia tarsata, Netelia terebrica, Netelia testacea, Netelia testaceinervis, Netelia thoracica, Netelia tinctipennis, Netelia togoana, Netelia townesi, Netelia townsendi, Netelia tristrigata, Netelia trituberculata, Netelia truncativenosa, Netelia tunetana, Netelia turanica, Netelia turbans, Netelia turgida, Netelia uchidai, Netelia ultima, Netelia umbone, Netelia uncata, Netelia unguicularis, Netelia unicolor, Netelia vegeta, Netelia veronesii, Netelia vinulae, Netelia vulgaris, Netelia whymperi, Netelia woris, Netelia yamatoensis, Netelia yui, Netelia zaydamensis, Netelia zhejiangensis

Phytodietus [genus]

Neuchorus, Phytodietus, Weisia,
Phytodietus absyrtinus, Phytodietus alasuffuscus, Phytodietus albitarsis, Phytodietus alpinator, Phytodietus antennator, Phytodietus arcuatorius, Phytodietus arisanus, Phytodietus armillatus, Phytodietus astutus, Phytodietus austrocaledonicus, Phytodietus basalis, Phytodietus bellus, Phytodietus bicolor, Phytodietus bredoi, Phytodietus burgessi, Phytodietus burmaensis, Phytodietus californicus, Phytodietus celsissimus, Phytodietus citrinus, Phytodietus clypearius, Phytodietus clypeocavus, Phytodietus concolor, Phytodietus conflictanae, Phytodietus coxanotus, Phytodietus criddleanae, Phytodietus decorosus, Phytodietus elegans, Phytodietus emericus, Phytodietus ericeti, Phytodietus exareolatus, Phytodietus femoralis, Phytodietus flavocoxatus, Phytodietus formosanus, Phytodietus fumiferanae, Phytodietus fuscus, Phytodietus gelitorius, Phytodietus geniculatus, Phytodietus griseanae, Phytodietus hecatus, Phytodietus heinrichi, Phytodietus hungaricus, Phytodietus improbanae, Phytodietus incognitus, Phytodietus jatrus, Phytodietus joppinus, Phytodietus kunashiricus, Phytodietus laevis, Phytodietus laticarinatus, Phytodietus leucaspis, Phytodietus lindus, Phytodietus longicauda, Phytodietus lunigerellae, Phytodietus maculator, Phytodietus malinus, Phytodietus maritimus, Phytodietus maximoi, Phytodietus melanocerus, Phytodietus meridionalis, Phytodietus mexicanus, Phytodietus minutus, Phytodietus montanus, Phytodietus moragai, Phytodietus namkumensis, Phytodietus nemoralis, Phytodietus nigrus, Phytodietus obandoi, Phytodietus oregonensis, Phytodietus ornatus, Phytodietus pallipes, Phytodietus penai, Phytodietus pitambari, Phytodietus plesius, Phytodietus pleuralis, Phytodietus polyzonias, Phytodietus ronaldi, Phytodietus rubelloides, Phytodietus rubellus, Phytodietus rubidus, Phytodietus rufiventris, Phytodietus rufosus, Phytodietus rutilus, Phytodietus segurai, Phytodietus semialbidus, Phytodietus semifuscus, Phytodietus semirufus, Phytodietus sihezarae, Phytodietus silvicola, Phytodietus solandrianae, Phytodietus solicitanae, Phytodietus spinipes, Phytodietus sumatrensis, Phytodietus sylviae, Phytodietus syzeuctinus, Phytodietus tauricus, Phytodietus terminatus, Phytodietus thompsoni, Phytodietus tigris, Phytodietus valverdei, Phytodietus varianae, Phytodietus varicolor, Phytodietus variegatus, Phytodietus vulgaris, Phytodietus yamilethi, Phytodietus zealandicus, Phytodietus zebra

Phytodietini photos with superspecies identification

If you know the species, please, click on the picture and write the species name in Comments section. Also, you can go to the gallery page with all photos of Phytodietini sp. (large size).

Phytodietini sp. Phytodietini sp. Phytodietini sp. Phytodietini sp. Phytodietini sp. Phytodietini sp.


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