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Tribe Tryphonini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Hymenoptera suborder Apocrita infraorder Terebrantes superfamily Ichneumonoidea family Ichneumonidae subfamily Tryphoninae → tribe Tryphonini


Daughter taxa

Genera: 13 (1 illustrated). Subgenera: 7 (0 illustrated). Species.

Ctenochira [genus]

Ctenochira aberrans, Ctenochira adeps, Ctenochira albomaculata, Ctenochira analis, Ctenochira angulata, Ctenochira angustata, Ctenochira annulata, Ctenochira antennata, Ctenochira aperta, Ctenochira arcuata, Ctenochira basipectinata, Ctenochira bisinuata, Ctenochira breviseta, Ctenochira caucasica, Ctenochira clara, Ctenochira debilis, Ctenochira deplanata, Ctenochira dilatata, Ctenochira edolensis, Ctenochira extricata, Ctenochira fecula, Ctenochira ferrugata, Ctenochira flavicauda, Ctenochira flavipes, Ctenochira galla, Ctenochira gelida, Ctenochira genalis, Ctenochira gillettei, Ctenochira gilvipes, Ctenochira grossa, Ctenochira haemosterna, Ctenochira helveticator, Ctenochira himachala, Ctenochira holmgreni, Ctenochira infans, Ctenochira infesta, Ctenochira inflata, Ctenochira inversa, Ctenochira irrisa, Ctenochira longicauda, Ctenochira marginata, Ctenochira melina, Ctenochira meridionator, Ctenochira nata, Ctenochira nigroventralis, Ctenochira niveicola, Ctenochira oreophila, Ctenochira orientalis, Ctenochira pallipes, Ctenochira pastoralis, Ctenochira pectinata, Ctenochira pectoralis, Ctenochira picta, Ctenochira pikonematis, Ctenochira populi, Ctenochira potens, Ctenochira pratensis, Ctenochira propinqua, Ctenochira propodeata, Ctenochira punctata, Ctenochira quebecensis, Ctenochira rhenana, Ctenochira romani, Ctenochira rubella, Ctenochira rubicunda, Ctenochira rubranator, Ctenochira rufa, Ctenochira ruficoxalis, Ctenochira rufipes, Ctenochira sanguinatoria, Ctenochira sculpturata, Ctenochira spectabilis, Ctenochira sphaerocephala, Ctenochira subarctica, Ctenochira subcrassa, Ctenochira taiga, Ctenochira tarsata, Ctenochira tetrica, Ctenochira validicornis, Ctenochira vetusta, Ctenochira xanthopyga

Tryphon [genus]

Cteonyx, Stenocrotaphon, Symboethus, Tryphon,
Tryphon abditus, Tryphon amasidis, Tryphon ambiguus, Tryphon americanus, Tryphon aridus, Tryphon armatus, Tryphon asiaticus, Tryphon atratus, Tryphon atriceps, Tryphon bidentulus, Tryphon bilineolatus, Tryphon brevipetiolaris, Tryphon cadaver, Tryphon calceolatus, Tryphon californicus, Tryphon caucasicus, Tryphon cingulipes, Tryphon collaris, Tryphon communis, Tryphon coquilletti, Tryphon debilis, Tryphon deliciosus, Tryphon eupitheciae, Tryphon exareolatus, Tryphon excavatus, Tryphon exiguus, Tryphon exobscurus, Tryphon expers, Tryphon explanatum, Tryphon flavescens, Tryphon flavilabris, Tryphon flavoclypeatus, Tryphon florissantensis, Tryphon foraminatus, Tryphon fulvilabris, Tryphon geminator, Tryphon grossus, Tryphon haematopus, Tryphon hamatus, Tryphon hamulator, Tryphon himalayensis, Tryphon humilis, Tryphon illotus, Tryphon incisus, Tryphon jezoensis, Tryphon laevis, Tryphon lapideus, Tryphon latrator, Tryphon leucodactylus, Tryphon leucostictus, Tryphon lusorius, Tryphon machaerus, Tryphon mauritanicus, Tryphon mesochoroides, Tryphon mutilatus, Tryphon mystax, Tryphon nagahamensis, Tryphon nigripes, Tryphon palmaris, Tryphon peltiger, Tryphon peregrinus, Tryphon psilosagator, Tryphon rarus, Tryphon relator, Tryphon rempeli, Tryphon rennenkampffii, Tryphon rufonotatus, Tryphon rugosus, Tryphon rutilator, Tryphon scapulator, Tryphon seminiger, Tryphon senex, Tryphon sexpunctatus, Tryphon signator, Tryphon talitzkii, Tryphon teberda, Tryphon thomsoni, Tryphon thoracicus, Tryphon townesi, Tryphon translucens, Tryphon trochanteratus, Tryphon ussuriensis, Tryphon utilis, Tryphon viator, Tryphon zavreli, Tryphon zonatus


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