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Subtribe Pterostichina

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Coleoptera suborder Adephaga superfamily Caraboidea family Carabidae subfamily Pterostichinae tribe Pterostichini → subtribe Pterostichina


Daughter taxa

Genera: 6 (1 illustrated). Subgenera: 62 (15 illustrated). Species.

Pterostichus Bonelli 1810 [genus]

Abacidus, Adelopterus, Adelosia, Anilloferonia, Aphaon, Aphaonus, Argutor, Bothriopterus, Calopterus, Cheporus, Cophosus, Corax, Criobius, Cryobius, Cylindrocharis, Eosteropus, Euferonia, Feronidius, Feronina, Gastrosticta, Haplomaseus, Haptoderus, Haptotapinus, Hypherpes, Iberopus, Lamenius, Lenapterus, Leptoferonia, Lianoe, Lyrothorax, Melanius, Metallophilus, Monoferonia, Morphnosoma, Myosodus, Natalianoe, Oreophilus, Orsonjohnsonus, Paraferonia, Parahaptoderus, Parapterostichus, Petrophilus, Phonias, Platypterus, Platysma, Pseudoferonina, Pseudomaseus, Pseudorites, Pseudosteropus, Pterostichus, Pyreneorites, Sterocorax, Steropus,
Pterostichus alamedae, Pterostichus ampliatus, Pterostichus annosis, Pterostichus anomalus, Pterostichus aztecus, Pterostichus biocryus, Pterostichus brachypterus, Pterostichus bucolicus, Pterostichus cacumensi, Pterostichus castanipes, Pterostichus congestus, Pterostichus craterense, Pterostichus cubensis, Pterostichus cuneatulus, Pterostichus curtipennis, Pterostichus diabolus, Pterostichus evanescens, Pterostichus flohri, Pterostichus fumorum, Pterostichus haftorni, Pterostichus haldemani, Pterostichus horne, Pterostichus horni, Pterostichus humboldti, Pterostichus illini, Pterostichus intectus, Pterostichus iripennis, Pterostichus kansanus, Pterostichus licinoides, Pterostichus longissimus, Pterostichus louisinis, Pterostichus lucublandus, Pterostichus mandibularis, Pterostichus menetriesi, Pterostichus minus, Pterostichus monedulus, Pterostichus mottolensis, Pterostichus nigrocoeruleus, Pterostichus oscitans, Pterostichus osculans, Pterostichus pacificus, Pterostichus parallelus, Pterostichus perseverus, Pterostichus pimalis, Pterostichus placerensis, Pterostichus plethorus, Pterostichus proctractus, Pterostichus protensipennis, Pterostichus scrutator, Pterostichus sejungendus, Pterostichus sequoiarum, Pterostichus serratipes, Pterostichus spissitarsis, Pterostichus stantonensis, Pterostichus strigosulus, Pterostichus taeniolus, Pterostichus tahoensis, Pterostichus tiliaceoradix, Pterostichus tropicalis, Pterostichus violaceotinctus, Pterostichus zunianus

Rambousekiella Knirsch, 1925 [genus]


Pterostichina photos with superspecies identification

If you know the species, please, click on the picture and write the species name in Comments section. Also, you can go to the gallery page with all photos of Pterostichina sp. (large size).

Pterostichina sp. Pterostichina sp. Pterostichina sp. Pterostichina sp.


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