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Genus Amauronematus

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Hymenoptera suborder Symphyta superfamily Tenthredinoidea family Tenthredinidae subfamily Nematinae → genus Amauronematus Konow, 1890


Daughter taxa

Amauronematus Konow, 1890 [subgenus]

Amauronematus abnormis, Amauronematus acutiserra, Amauronematus aeger, Amauronematus alberich, Amauronematus albomarginatus, Amauronematus alpicola, Amauronematus amicula, Amauronematus amplus, Amauronematus anthracinus, Amauronematus arvii, Amauronematus atratus, Amauronematus berolinensis, Amauronematus betulae, Amauronematus carbonarius, Amauronematus compactus, Amauronematus crassiserra, Amauronematus eiteli, Amauronematus enslini, Amauronematus fasciatus, Amauronematus galbiventris, Amauronematus godmani, Amauronematus groenlandicus, Amauronematus harpicola, Amauronematus hartigi, Amauronematus hebes, Amauronematus hedstroemi, Amauronematus helleni, Amauronematus histrio, Amauronematus hololeucopus, Amauronematus humeralis, Amauronematus hyperboreus, Amauronematus krausi, Amauronematus lanceatus, Amauronematus lateralis, Amauronematus lindqvisti, Amauronematus longicauda, Amauronematus longiserra, Amauronematus macrophthalmus, Amauronematus mcluckiei, Amauronematus miltonotus, Amauronematus mimus, Amauronematus mundus, Amauronematus neglectus, Amauronematus nigrinus, Amauronematus nimbus, Amauronematus nitens, Amauronematus nuorbinjargi, Amauronematus nylundi, Amauronematus obscuripes, Amauronematus opacipleuris, Amauronematus pacificus, Amauronematus pallicercus, Amauronematus pallidior, Amauronematus poppii, Amauronematus propinquus, Amauronematus pseudofasciatus, Amauronematus ranini, Amauronematus rubiginosus, Amauronematus rufomacula, Amauronematus rufus, Amauronematus sagmarius, Amauronematus schlueteri, Amauronematus semilacteus, Amauronematus sempersolis, Amauronematus septentrionalis, Amauronematus sollemnis, Amauronematus speciosus, Amauronematus stenogaster, Amauronematus striatus, Amauronematus subfuscus, Amauronematus subnitens, Amauronematus sulciceps, Amauronematus tenuis, Amauronematus tenuiserra, Amauronematus tillbergi, Amauronematus toeniatus, Amauronematus totus, Amauronematus tunicatus, Amauronematus varians, Amauronematus variator, Amauronematus viduatinus, Amauronematus vittatus, Amauronematus zaitzevi

Amauronematus glacialis Jakovlev, 1891 [species]

Amauronematus variabilis Malaise, 1931 [species]


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