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1st Butterfly Day to be celebrated in Moscow, Russia, on May 1

Community and ForumBlog1st Butterfly Day to be celebrated in Moscow, Russia, on May 1

Lev Bely, 24.04.2012 21:42

1st Butterfly Day initiated by Moscow Butterfly House will be celebrated in Moscow (Russia) on May 1st. The event will take place at the All-Russia Exhibition Center starting with a flash mob everyone is welcome to join. To participate, you should take a colored paper sheet from a volunteer and then step into the large butterfly stencil drawn on the ground. At 2pm participants will simultaneously raise paper sheets up in the air so as huge butterfly would be seen from above at The People's Friendship Fountain.

Meet at 1pm at the square between The People's Friendship Fountain and the Central Pavilion. All members will be presented with soap bubbles and entrance tickets to the “Popular science Panopticon” supported with a lecture about what “panopticon” actually means.

Moscow Butterfly House opened in 2007. On April, 29th MBH celebrates its jubilee with a new photo exhibition “Butterflies in nature” and 50 new creatures in the MiniZoo section of tropical insects and animals where you can see such awesome things as Malaysian orchid mantis (Hymenopus coronatus), Sungay Stick Insect (Sungaya inexpectata) and desert cockroach (Therea petiveriana).

Butterfly Day events also include “Handcrafted Paper and Beaded Butterflies” workshop and the “Butterflies on the asphalt” painting competition.

ButterflysDay.ru, http://www.butterflysday.ru

Photo: Common Lime butterfly (Papilio demoleus)

Moscow Butterfly House

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24.04.2012 22:09, Peter Khramov

Please, no rain. Please, no rain. Please, no rain.

25.04.2012 8:31, Dmitriy Pozhogin

Pity we'll have no such a fest! Eager to be presented with soap bubbles!

25.04.2012 12:22, Peter Khramov

Idea. Make a suggestion to Nizhny Novgorod Butterfly House and you may be lucky to get at any rate a colored paper sheet if not bubbles...

25.04.2012 13:19, Dmitriy Pozhogin

Irina Ishkhanovna won't practice such a nonsense.

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