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Entomology job and education: tropical greenhouse, New Zealand forests and Université de Lausanne grants

Community and ForumBlogEntomology job and education: tropical greenhouse, New Zealand forests and Université de Lausanne grants

Lev Bely, 09.08.2012 16:01

Biologist, tropical greenhouse

Fitness House Group of Companies (Russia, Saint Petersburg) has an opening for a biologist to keep a tropical greenhouse. Duties include care for greenhouse butterflies and plants, leading excursions for visitors, maintaining the microclimate.

The position is offered to Saint Petersburg residents only. Full- or part-time (as agreed) 11 am — 8 pm 5-day work week, days off include Monday plus another day to choose. Please, note that the greenhouse temperatures and humidity are pretty high. Location: 13 Sheremetyevskaya str., Saint Petersburg (Russia).

Application letter should describe your skills of tropical butterfly care and rearing, and how you satisfy this kind of job.

Apply for the vacancy on http://hh.ru/vacancy/5333249.

Forest Entomologist, New Zealand Forest Research Institute Limited (Scion), New Zealand

New Zealand Forest Research Institute Limited (Scion) has an opening for a Forest Entomologist.

We are seeking an experienced Forest Entomologist to be part of the Forest Protection Teamwhich comprises over 30 entomologists, pathologists, botanists, pest management and fire researchers.The Team’s purpose is to protect New Zealand’s trees, forests, and forest products trade from insects, pathogens, weeds, and fire in perpetuity. The broad objectives of the research programme are exclusion of pests not present in New Zealand, reducing impact of pests that are present, and protection of the resource and markets.

We are looking for a Forest Entomologist with expertise in forest ecology and traditional forest entomology and who has the background and experience to design and establish complex field and laboratory trials.

Our ideal candidate will have a PhD or equivalent degree in forest entomology or similar field coupled with at least 3—7 years research experience. An understanding of invasive species ecology and management and insect taxonomy is required. Knowledge of forest ecology and management is desirable, as are skills in insect rearing and biological control.

This is a full time permanent role, based in Rotorua. Contact: Marie Green, phone 073435874, marie.green@scionresearch.com, Rotorua, New Zealand.

Closing Date: 24 August 2012.

For further information and to apply online, please refer to www.scionresearch.com.

Université de Lausanne grants

Université de Lausanne (Switzerland, Lausanne) offers Master's grants to foreign students. Covered disciplines include anthropology, business, biology, geography, human sciences, natural sciences, arts, foreign languages, information systems, information technology, art history, history, communication, culturology, linguistics, literature, social sciences, philology, philosophy.

This year the university offers ten grants to prospective foreign students who would like to continue their education abroad. Grants cover education and some other expenses. The grant amount is CHF 1600 per month. Study period: September 15th — July 15th.

Applicants must have Bachelor's degree, or its equivalent, got in a foreign (non-Swiss) university.

Closing day to apply: December 15th 2012. Apply on the university website: http://www.unil.ch/webdav/site/international/shared/Prospective_students/Masters_grants/UNIL_Masters_Grant_application_2012-13reader.pdf.

HeadHunter.ru, http://hh.ru, The Entomological Society of America (ESA), http://www.entsoc.org, Theory&Practice, http://theoryandpractice.ru

Photo: Coleophora alticolella caterpillar

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