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Photo #40719: Phalera bucephala


Phalera bucephala

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Base gallery. Upperside. Alive insect.

Photo, and identified by: Leon Ortlieb. Image without retouching at the website

Date and time, location shooting/catching: 2013-07-05 08:27:15, Город Enger , Германия

Comments on this image

19.06.2015 15:50, Leon Ortlieb

Yeah, well, none of my photos, and I knew it .. How Neoris (huttoni) schencki.
Only the very rare .. I saw her only once in nature, in the evening, when he lived near Alma-Ata.
It seems easier to buy a doll and bring yourself a butterfly ..

19.06.2015 15:06, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Yes, I do not be angry, Leon))) There you pavlinoglazki some: and they often fly at night the males and females during the day. Male easier to bring to light or catch the female and draw on it. In females pavlinogazok very strong pheromones and males often flock to the smell of "packs".By the way, you have determined it is not true: you most likely maleNeoris schencki, and not the Small pavlinoglazkiSaturnia pavoniaat which male and female are as follows: http://lepidoptera.ru/gallery/38912
P.S. Sorry I did not read it until the end of the commentary: You know her :)

19.06.2015 14:38, Leon Ortlieb

06/19/2015 13:46, Vasiliy Feoktistov Well do not be angry ... I told you in this gift Tien Shan show the beauty of the night !!
And if you say, how can I teach her to draw, so sfotat, then I'll tell you, and it NAME !!


19.06.2015 13:46, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Leon, I want to say that the binding in the group immediately after the publication of the author is not part of my duty (and sometimes still do it on an exceptional basis). I only correct the mistakes come to light in this respect. So, what you really get your hands on it yourself :)

19.06.2015 12:47, Leon Ortlieb

06/18/2015 16:24, Vasiliy Feoktistov. Thank you! I tried, but could not load. Probably not figured out how to, and does not bother ..

18.06.2015 16:24, Vasiliy Feoktistov

The reason for the binding of the group was the Ponoy match the date and time on all four pictures.The reason transport in females that in the photo # 40718 by the structure of the antennae well noticeable :)
Leon, I have to ask you: in order to avoid unnecessary confusion on the website, Please provide combine photos depicting the same individual in a group on their own and in a timely manner despite the fact that this function is always available in your LK

18.06.2015 16:17, Vasiliy Feoktistov Corrected data.

Imago Female.

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