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Subfamily Noctuinae

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Noctuoidea family Noctuidae → subfamily Noctuinae



Daughter taxa

Tribes: 19 (18 illustrated). Subtribes: 17 (16 illustrated). Genera: 520 (187 illustrated). Subgenera: 161 (77 illustrated). Species.

Arzamini Grote, 1883 [tribe]

Bifrontipta Berio, 1974 [genus]

Bifrontipta saskai

Blepharoa Hampson, 1907 [genus]

Blepharoa mamestrina

Buciara Walker, 1869 [genus]

Buciara bipartita

Cassania Berio, 1972 [genus]

Cassania hyperacantha

Claudaxylia Laporte in Rougeot, 1984 [genus]

Claudaxylia dinshoense

Effractilis Berio, 1977 [genus]

Effractilis effracta

Hoeneidia Boursin, 1954 [genus]

Hoeneidia cidarioides

Ikondiana Berio, 1972 [genus]

Ikondiana ikondae

Metecia Snellen, 1879 [genus]

Metecia cornifrons

Metopoplacis Hampson, 1909 [genus]

Metopoplacis olivata

Proteuxoa Hampson, 1903 [genus]

Proteuxoa acallis, Proteuxoa acontoura, Proteuxoa adelopa, Proteuxoa adelpnodes, Proteuxoa amathodes, Proteuxoa amaurodes, Proteuxoa angasi, Proteuxoa argonephra, Proteuxoa asbolaea, Proteuxoa atmoscopa, Proteuxoa atmoscopia, Proteuxoa atra, Proteuxoa atrisquamata, Proteuxoa austera, Proteuxoa basisticha, Proteuxoa bistrigula, Proteuxoa callimera, Proteuxoa capularis, Proteuxoa chionopasta, Proteuxoa chrysospila, Proteuxoa cinereicollis, Proteuxoa coelenoptera, Proteuxoa comma, Proteuxoa confinis, Proteuxoa cornuta, Proteuxoa cryphaea, Proteuxoa crypsicharis, Proteuxoa cyanoloma, Proteuxoa desertorum, Proteuxoa ebenodes, Proteuxoa epiplecta, Proteuxoa ethiopica, Proteuxoa etoniana, Proteuxoa euchroa, Proteuxoa eupolia, Proteuxoa exundans, Proteuxoa flexirena, Proteuxoa florescens, Proteuxoa goniographa, Proteuxoa gypsina, Proteuxoa heliosema, Proteuxoa heterogama, Proteuxoa heterogamma, Proteuxoa hydraecioides, Proteuxoa hypochalchis, Proteuxoa hypochalcis, Proteuxoa imparata, Proteuxoa instipata, Proteuxoa interferens, Proteuxoa leptochora, Proteuxoa leptochroa, Proteuxoa leucosticta, Proteuxoa limbosa, Proteuxoa marginalis, Proteuxoa melanographa, Proteuxoa melodora, Proteuxoa mesombra, Proteuxoa metableta, Proteuxoa metaneura, Proteuxoa microdes, Proteuxoa microspila, Proteuxoa monochroa, Proteuxoa niphosticta, Proteuxoa nuna, Proteuxoa nyctereutica, Proteuxoa nycteris, Proteuxoa nyctimesa, Proteuxoa ochrias, Proteuxoa oxygona, Proteuxoa paragypsa, Proteuxoa paratorna, Proteuxoa passalota, Proteuxoa petrodora, Proteuxoa pissonephra, Proteuxoa plaesiospila, Proteuxoa poliocrossa, Proteuxoa porphyrescens, Proteuxoa restituta, Proteuxoa rhodocentra, Proteuxoa rubripuncta, Proteuxoa rufimaculis, Proteuxoa sanguinipuncta, Proteuxoa sarcomorpha, Proteuxoa scotti, Proteuxoa senta, Proteuxoa spilocrossa, Proteuxoa spodias, Proteuxoa stigmatucha, Proteuxoa testaceicollis, Proteuxoa tibiata, Proteuxoa tortisigna, Proteuxoa typhlopa, Proteuxoa verecunda

Psectraxylia Fletcher, 1961 [genus]

Psectraxylia boursini

Turacina Warren in Seitz, 1911 [genus]

Turacina ceratopyga

Vulcanica Berio, 1970 [genus]

Vulcanica gentilis

Noctuinae photos with superspecies identification

If you know the species, please, click on the picture and write the species name in Comments section. Also, you can go to the gallery page with all photos of Noctuinae sp. (large size), and suggest the identification.

Noctuinae sp. Noctuinae sp. Noctuinae sp. Noctuinae sp. Noctuinae sp. Noctuinae sp. Noctuinae sp. Noctuinae sp. Noctuinae sp. Noctuinae sp. Noctuinae sp. Noctuinae sp. Noctuinae sp. Noctuinae sp. Noctuinae sp. Noctuinae sp. Noctuinae sp. Noctuinae sp. Noctuinae sp. Noctuinae sp. Noctuinae sp. Noctuinae sp. Noctuinae sp. Noctuinae sp.


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