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Subtribe Apameina

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Noctuoidea family Noctuidae subfamily Noctuinae tribe Apameini → subtribe Apameina Boisduval, 1828



Daughter taxa

Genera: 46 (35 illustrated). Species.

Apamea (Ochsenheimer, 1816) [genus]

Apamea acera, Apamea adela, Apamea albina, Apamea alia, Apamea alpigena, Apamea alticola, Apamea altijuga, Apamea ampliata, Apamea amputatrix, Apamea anceps, Apamea antennata, Apamea apamiformis, Apamea aquila, Apamea arabs, Apamea arctica, Apamea assimilis, Apamea atriclava, Apamea atrosuffusa, Apamea auranticolor, Apamea aureopuncta, Apamea baischi, Apamea barbara, Apamea basimacula, Apamea bernardino, Apamea boopis, Apamea brunnea, Apamea brunnescens, Apamea burgessi, Apamea caesia, Apamea calidipes, Apamea cariosa, Apamea castanea, Apamea centralis, Apamea chalybaeata, Apamea chalybeata, Apamea chhiringi, Apamea chinensis, Apamea cinefacta, Apamea cogitata, Apamea commixta, Apamea commoda, Apamea conciliata, Apamea concinna, Apamea conradi, Apamea contradicta, Apamea crenata, Apamea cristata, Apamea cuculliformis, Apamea cuneata, Apamea cyanea, Apamea deflexa, Apamea desegaulxi, Apamea devastator, Apamea digitula, Apamea dionea, Apamea discors, Apamea dubitans, Apamea effusoides, Apamea epomidion, Apamea erythrographa, Apamea euxinia, Apamea exstincta, Apamea extensa, Apamea exulis, Apamea farinulenta, Apamea fasciata, Apamea fergusoni, Apamea ferrago, Apamea fervida, Apamea finitima, Apamea flavistigma, Apamea formosensis, Apamea furva, Apamea ganeshi, Apamea gangtoki, Apamea geminimacula, Apamea genialis, Apamea glenura, Apamea glenurina, Apamea goateri, Apamea goperma, Apamea gratissima, Apamea griveaudi, Apamea grotei, Apamea hampsoni, Apamea heinickei, Apamea helva, Apamea hipparion, Apamea illyria, Apamea impedita, Apamea impulsa, Apamea inchoans, Apamea indela, Apamea indocilis, Apamea inebriata, Apamea inexpecta, Apamea inficita, Apamea infusa, Apamea inordinata, Apamea insana, Apamea jankowskii, Apamea jezoensis, Apamea kaszabi, Apamea kumari, Apamea kumaso, Apamea lateritia, Apamea leucodon, Apamea lieni, Apamea lignea, Apamea lignicolora, Apamea lintneri, Apamea lithoxylaea, Apamea longula, Apamea lutosa, Apamea lysis, Apamea macronephra, Apamea magnirena, Apamea maillardi, Apamea maraschi, Apamea maroccana, Apamea maxima, Apamea michielii, Apamea migrata, Apamea mikkolai, Apamea minnecii, Apamea minoica, Apamea minor, Apamea mixta, Apamea monoglypha, Apamea morna, Apamea multicolor, Apamea multicolora, Apamea murrayi, Apamea nekrasovi, Apamea nichollae, Apamea nigrior, Apamea nigrostria, Apamea niveivenosa, Apamea nubila, Apamea obliviosa, Apamea oblonga, Apamea obscuroides, Apamea occidens, Apamea okinawensis, Apamea ona, Apamea ontakensis, Apamea oxylus, Apamea pabulatricula, Apamea pallifera, Apamea parcata, Apamea perpensa, Apamea perstriata, Apamea platinea, Apamea platocosta, Apamea plumbealis, Apamea plutonia, Apamea polyglypha, Apamea popofensis, Apamea pseudoaltijuga, Apamea purpurina, Apamea pyxina, Apamea quinteri, Apamea rectificata, Apamea relicina, Apamea remissa, Apamea reseri, Apamea rjaboviana, Apamea robertsoni, Apamea roedereri, Apamea rubrirena, Apamea rufa, Apamea ruficauda, Apamea rufomedialis, Apamea rufus, Apamea sanyibaglya, Apamea schawerdae, Apamea schildei, Apamea scolopacina, Apamea scoparia, Apamea semilunata, Apamea shibuyoides, Apamea sicula, Apamea signata, Apamea sinuata, Apamea siskiyou, Apamea smythi, Apamea sodalis, Apamea sora, Apamea sordens, Apamea spaldingi, Apamea stagmatipennis, Apamea striata, Apamea subcostalis, Apamea sublustris, Apamea submarginata, Apamea submediana, Apamea superba, Apamea syriaca, Apamea tahoeensis, Apamea taiwana, Apamea terminalis, Apamea terranea, Apamea timida, Apamea unanimis, Apamea unita, Apamea verbascoides, Apamea veterina, Apamea vicaria, Apamea vulgaris, Apamea vultuosa, Apamea walshi, Apamea wasedana, Apamea wikeri, Apamea xylodes, Apamea zeta

Argyrospila (Herrich-Schaffer, 1851) [genus]

Argyrospila striata, Argyrospila succinea

Cervyna (Ronkay, Zilli & Fibiger, 2005) [genus]

Cervyna cervago, Cervyna roseago

Coenobia (Stephens, 1850) [genus]

Coenobia orientalis, Coenobia rufa

Crypsedra (Warren, 1910) [genus]

Crypsedra gemmea

Fabula (Fibiger, Zilli & Ronkay, 2005) [genus]

Fabula zollikoferi

Globia (Fibiger, Zilli, Ronkay & Goldstein, 2010) [genus]

Globia algae, Globia laeta, Globia oblonga, Globia sparganii, Globia subflava

Hampsonicola (Ronkay, Zilli & Fibiger, 2010) [genus]

Hampsonicola deccerti

Lateroligia (Zilli, Fibiger & Ronkay, 2005) [genus]

Lateroligia ophiogramma

Lenisa (Fibiger, Zilli & Ronkay, 2005) [genus]

Lenisa geminipuncta, Lenisa wiltshirei

Longalatedes (Beck, 1992) [genus]

Longalatedes elymi

Oligia (Hubner, 1821) [genus]

Oligia agelasta, Oligia albilinea, Oligia albilineola, Oligia albirivula, Oligia ambigua, Oligia ambiguella, Oligia anomalata, Oligia apameoides, Oligia arbora, Oligia arcta, Oligia arctides, Oligia atrivitta, Oligia bridghami, Oligia bridghamii, Oligia bruneonigra, Oligia brunneonigra, Oligia chlorostigma, Oligia confusa, Oligia cupricolor, Oligia decinerea, Oligia dinawa, Oligia divesta, Oligia dubia, Oligia egens, Oligia egensa, Oligia exsiccata, Oligia faroulti, Oligia fasciuncula, Oligia flava, Oligia fractilinea, Oligia fraudulenta, Oligia grisescens, Oligia h-notata, Oligia hausta, Oligia hypothermes, Oligia hypoxantha, Oligia illocata, Oligia indirecta, Oligia infima, Oligia instructa, Oligia intermedia, Oligia karafutonis, Oligia khasiana, Oligia laevigata, Oligia latra, Oligia latruncula, Oligia leleupi, Oligia leuconephra, Oligia longidens, Oligia mactata, Oligia marina, Oligia mediofasciata, Oligia melandonta, Oligia melanodonta, Oligia minuscula, Oligia modica, Oligia multiplicata, Oligia nigrithorax, Oligia niveiplagoides, Oligia nyctichroa, Oligia obsolescens, Oligia obtusa, Oligia pachydetis, Oligia parathermes, Oligia perpusilla, Oligia pseudodubia, Oligia rampartensis, Oligia rufata, Oligia rufilinea, Oligia rufolonigra, Oligia rufulonigra, Oligia rufulus, Oligia rufulusoides, Oligia scriptonigra, Oligia scriptonova, Oligia semicana, Oligia semidiaphana, Oligia sodalis, Oligia stenopterygioides, Oligia strigilis, Oligia subambigua, Oligia suleiman, Oligia tripunctata, Oligia turcia, Oligia tusa, Oligia vandarban, Oligia versicolor, Oligia violacea, Oligia vulnerata

Oria (Hubner, 1821) [genus]

Oria fugitiva, Oria insularis, Oria musculosa

Pabulatrix (Sugi, 1982) [genus]

Pabulatrix pabulatricula

Parapamea Bird, 1927 [genus]

Parapamea buffaloensis

Pseudluperina (Beck, 1999) [genus]

Pseudluperina pozzii

Rhizedra (Warren, 1911) [genus]

Rhizedra lutosa

Sedina (Urbahn, 1933) [genus]

Sedina buettneri

Unchelea (Fibiger, Zilli & Ronkay, 2010) [genus]

Unchelea myodea

Apameina photos with superspecies identification

If you know the species, please, click on the picture and write the species name in Comments section. Also, you can go to the gallery page with all photos of Apameina sp. (large size), and suggest the identification.

Apameina sp. Apameina sp. Apameina sp. Apameina sp. Apameina sp. Apameina sp. Apameina sp. Apameina sp. Apameina sp. Apameina sp. Apameina sp. Apameina sp. Apameina sp. Apameina sp. Apameina sp. Apameina sp. Apameina sp. Apameina sp. Apameina sp. Apameina sp. Apameina sp. Apameina sp. Apameina sp. Apameina sp.


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