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Tribe Grapholitini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Tortricoidea family Tortricidae subfamily Olethreutinae → tribe Grapholitini



Daughter taxa

Genera: 26 (5 illustrated). Subgenera: 5 (2 illustrated). Species.

Cydia (Hubner, 1825) [genus]

Cydia, Endopisa, Kenneliola,
Cydia adenocarpi, Cydia adjunctana, Cydia aelina, Cydia aeologlypta, Cydia alabastrina, Cydia alazon, Cydia albimaculana, Cydia albipicta, Cydia alienana, Cydia americana, Cydia amplana, Cydia amplidorsana, Cydia aphrosema, Cydia arabica, Cydia araucariae, Cydia archaeochrysa, Cydia astragalana, Cydia atlantica, Cydia aurana, Cydia blackmoreana, Cydia canariensis, Cydia candana, Cydia caradjana, Cydia caryana, Cydia celiae, Cydia cerasivora, Cydia cervinana, Cydia charops, Cydia cognatana, Cydia colorana, Cydia confusana, Cydia conicolana, Cydia coniferana, Cydia conoterma, Cydia cornucopiae, Cydia corollana, Cydia cosmophorana, Cydia costastrigulana, Cydia cryptomeriae, Cydia curitibana, Cydia cyanatra, Cydia cythisanthana, Cydia cytisanthana, Cydia dadionopa, Cydia dalbergiacola, Cydia damascana, Cydia danilevskyi, Cydia deciduana, Cydia derrai, Cydia deshaisiana, Cydia deyana, Cydia dioszeghyi, Cydia dissulta, Cydia dochmasima, Cydia doria, Cydia duplicana, Cydia effusana, Cydia elongata, Cydia elpore, Cydia epanthista, Cydia ermolenkoi, Cydia excisa, Cydia exornata, Cydia exquisitana, Cydia fabivora, Cydia fagiglandana, Cydia fahlbergiana, Cydia farsica, Cydia fimana, Cydia flavicollis, Cydia fletcherana, Cydia flexiloqua, Cydia gallicana, Cydia garacana, Cydia geministriata, Cydia generosana, Cydia gilviciliana, Cydia grandicula, Cydia grunertiana, Cydia haemostacta, Cydia honorana, Cydia hygrotrema, Cydia ilipulana, Cydia illustrana, Cydia illutana, Cydia implicatana, Cydia indivisa, Cydia informosana, Cydia ingrata, Cydia inquinatana, Cydia instratana, Cydia interruptana, Cydia interscindana, Cydia intexta, Cydia japonensis, Cydia johanssoni, Cydia junctistrigana, Cydia jungiella, Cydia kamijoi, Cydia kohfidischiana, Cydia kozlovi, Cydia kurilana, Cydia lacustrina, Cydia lajonquierei, Cydia largo, Cydia laricicolana, Cydia larimana, Cydia latiferreana, Cydia lautiuscula, Cydia lavenuae, Cydia leguminana, Cydia leucitis, Cydia leucogrammana, Cydia leucostoma, Cydia lygistis, Cydia major, Cydia malivorella, Cydia marginestriana, Cydia maxima, Cydia mediana, Cydia medicaginis, Cydia mediocris, Cydia melanoptycha, Cydia melicrossis, Cydia membrosa, Cydia microgrammana, Cydia millenniana, Cydia minuta, Cydia molesta, Cydia molybdana, Cydia monticola, Cydia multilineana, Cydia multistriana, Cydia nebulocula, Cydia negatana, Cydia neolopha, Cydia nigricana, Cydia nigricans, Cydia nigritana, Cydia ninana, Cydia obnisa, Cydia obumbrana, Cydia odontica, Cydia orientis, Cydia oxytropidis, Cydia oxytropis, Cydia pactolana, Cydia pagenstecheri, Cydia palmetum, Cydia pamira, Cydia pavonana, Cydia peiui, Cydia pentalychna, Cydia perelegans, Cydia periclydonia, Cydia persica, Cydia perstructana, Cydia pfeifferi, Cydia phalacris, Cydia phaulomorpha, Cydia phyllisi, Cydia pinetana, Cydia platydryas, Cydia plumbiferana, Cydia plumbosana, Cydia pomonella, Cydia prismatica, Cydia prosperana, Cydia pseudomalesana, Cydia pyrivora, Cydia quadrocellana, Cydia refrigescens, Cydia resinosae, Cydia rjabovi, Cydia sammuti, Cydia sanctacruciana, Cydia secretana, Cydia seductana, Cydia semicinctana, Cydia servillana, Cydia siderocosma, Cydia silvana, Cydia splendana, Cydia staphiditis, Cydia stirpicola, Cydia striatana, Cydia strigulatana, Cydia strobilella, Cydia succedana, Cydia sulphurella, Cydia sumptuosana, Cydia tana, Cydia tenebrana, Cydia tonosticha, Cydia torostoma, Cydia trichota, Cydia trifascicolana, Cydia trogodana, Cydia tropicana, Cydia tunisiana, Cydia turcianae, Cydia ulicetana, Cydia undosa, Cydia vallesiaca, Cydia vexilla, Cydia yasudai, Cydia youngana, Cydia zebeana, Cydia zygogramma

Danilevskia Kuznetzov, 1970 [genus]

Danilevskia silvana

Dichrorampha (Guenee, 1845) [genus]

Dichrorampha abhasica, Dichrorampha acuminatana, Dichrorampha aeratana, Dichrorampha agilana, Dichrorampha agraea, Dichrorampha alaicana, Dichrorampha alatavica, Dichrorampha albicapitana, Dichrorampha albimacula, Dichrorampha albistriana, Dichrorampha alexandrae, Dichrorampha alpestrana, Dichrorampha alpigenana, Dichrorampha alpinana, Dichrorampha altaica, Dichrorampha ambrosiana, Dichrorampha ardescens, Dichrorampha assumptana, Dichrorampha aztecana, Dichrorampha baixerasana, Dichrorampha banana, Dichrorampha batesi, Dichrorampha bittana, Dichrorampha britana, Dichrorampha broui, Dichrorampha bugnionana, Dichrorampha cacaleana, Dichrorampha cancellatana, Dichrorampha canimaculata, Dichrorampha capitana, Dichrorampha carneola, Dichrorampha caucasica, Dichrorampha cespitana, Dichrorampha chavanneana, Dichrorampha cinerascens, Dichrorampha cinerosana, Dichrorampha circumfusana, Dichrorampha citrophricta, Dichrorampha coniana, Dichrorampha consortana, Dichrorampha coriana, Dichrorampha daedalopis, Dichrorampha dana, Dichrorampha danilevskyi, Dichrorampha dekanoidzei, Dichrorampha dentivalva, Dichrorampha diagrapta, Dichrorampha discedana, Dichrorampha distinctana, Dichrorampha dubitana, Dichrorampha dzhungarica, Dichrorampha eidmanni, Dichrorampha embolaea, Dichrorampha eulepidana, Dichrorampha euterpes, Dichrorampha excitana, Dichrorampha eximia, Dichrorampha fdipjevi, Dichrorampha ferrata, Dichrorampha figurana, Dichrorampha filipjevi, Dichrorampha flavidorsana, Dichrorampha forsteri, Dichrorampha fulvipalpis, Dichrorampha gemellana, Dichrorampha gracilis, Dichrorampha gruneriana, Dichrorampha guadarramana, Dichrorampha hannemanni, Dichrorampha harpeana, Dichrorampha heegerana, Dichrorampha heptagramma, Dichrorampha iberica, Dichrorampha immaculata, Dichrorampha impuncta, Dichrorampha incanana, Dichrorampha incarnana, Dichrorampha incognitana, Dichrorampha inconspicua, Dichrorampha incursana, Dichrorampha infuscata, Dichrorampha inseperata, Dichrorampha insperata, Dichrorampha interponana, Dichrorampha iocrossa, Dichrorampha iranica, Dichrorampha iverica, Dichrorampha kana, Dichrorampha klimeschi, Dichrorampha klimeschiana, Dichrorampha kuznetzovi, Dichrorampha larsana, Dichrorampha lasithicana, Dichrorampha latebrata, Dichrorampha latiflavana, Dichrorampha leopardana, Dichrorampha letarfensis, Dichrorampha ligulana, Dichrorampha limenita, Dichrorampha livens, Dichrorampha luctifica, Dichrorampha maculana, Dichrorampha manilkara, Dichrorampha marmarocyma, Dichrorampha militaris, Dichrorampha montanana, Dichrorampha neotricha, Dichrorampha niculescui, Dichrorampha nigrobrunneana, Dichrorampha nigrobrunneana, Dichrorampha obscuratana, Dichrorampha octavia, Dichrorampha okui, Dichrorampha pallidula, Dichrorampha pastoralisi, Dichrorampha patriocosma, Dichrorampha penetralis, Dichrorampha pentheriana, Dichrorampha petiverella, Dichrorampha pfisteri, Dichrorampha piperana, Dichrorampha plumbagana, Dichrorampha plumbana, Dichrorampha plummeriana, Dichrorampha podoliensis, Dichrorampha podoliensis, Dichrorampha polyplecta, Dichrorampha praecisa, Dichrorampha proxima, Dichrorampha proximo, Dichrorampha psacastis, Dichrorampha quadarramana, Dichrorampha radicicolana, Dichrorampha refraga, Dichrorampha rejectana, Dichrorampha rilana, Dichrorampha rjabovi, Dichrorampha sapodilla, Dichrorampha sarmentana, Dichrorampha sedatana, Dichrorampha semiarcha, Dichrorampha senectana, Dichrorampha sequana, Dichrorampha sericana, Dichrorampha sevocata, Dichrorampha siderophanes, Dichrorampha simpliciana, Dichrorampha simulana, Dichrorampha sinensis, Dichrorampha sinuata, Dichrorampha stabulata, Dichrorampha striatimacula, Dichrorampha strophodina, Dichrorampha sugii, Dichrorampha sylvicolana, Dichrorampha tayulingensis, Dichrorampha teichiana, Dichrorampha testacea, Dichrorampha texanana, Dichrorampha thomanni, Dichrorampha thylacura, Dichrorampha tianshanica, Dichrorampha tornograpta, Dichrorampha tshetverikovi, Dichrorampha typhlodes, Dichrorampha unicolor, Dichrorampha uralensis, Dichrorampha vacivana, Dichrorampha vancouverana, Dichrorampha vinana

Ethelgoda Heinrich, 1926 [genus]

Ethelgoda texana

Goditha Heinrich, 1926 [genus]

Goditha bumeliana

Grapholita (Treitschke, 1829) [genus]

Aspila, Grapholita,
Grapholita angeleseana, Grapholita arcia, Grapholita arcuatana, Grapholita argyrotorna, Grapholita astrapephora, Grapholita auroscriptana, Grapholita bicincta, Grapholita bigeminata, Grapholita biserialis, Grapholita boulderana, Grapholita caeruleana, Grapholita callisphena, Grapholita capitinivana, Grapholita caudicula, Grapholita chelias, Grapholita chrysacrotoma, Grapholita coeruleosparsa, Grapholita comanticosta, Grapholita conciliata, Grapholita conversana, Grapholita cotoneastri, Grapholita cyanogona, Grapholita diaphorotorna, Grapholita dificilana, Grapholita dilectabilis, Grapholita dimidiatana, Grapholita dimorpha, Grapholita dorsana, Grapholita dyarana, Grapholita dysaethria, Grapholita eclipsana, Grapholita edwardsiana, Grapholita endrosias, Grapholita exigua, Grapholita fana, Grapholita fimana, Grapholita fistularis, Grapholita graphologa, Grapholita hamatana, Grapholita harmologa, Grapholita heptatoma, Grapholita hieroglyphana, Grapholita hylophanes, Grapholita imitativa, Grapholita inopinata, Grapholita interstinctana, Grapholita ioxesta, Grapholita isacma, Grapholita jesonica, Grapholita jucundata, Grapholita krausiana, Grapholita kurilana, Grapholita lana, Grapholita latens, Grapholita libertina, Grapholita limbata, Grapholita lunatana, Grapholita macrodrilus, Grapholita mesoscia, Grapholita miranda, Grapholita moldovana, Grapholita mundana, Grapholita namatophora, Grapholita nigroliciana, Grapholita obliqua, Grapholita omittana, Grapholita optica, Grapholita opulentica, Grapholita orbiapex, Grapholita packardi, Grapholita patens, Grapholita praedorsana, Grapholita prolopha, Grapholita prunivora, Grapholita pycnograpta, Grapholita rabdotacra, Grapholita rhabdotacra, Grapholita rosana, Grapholita schizodelta, Grapholita scintillana, Grapholita seclusana, Grapholita selenana, Grapholita selliferana, Grapholita semifusca, Grapholita siderocosma, Grapholita simillima, Grapholita sinana, Grapholita sporosema, Grapholita steringus, Grapholita torodelta, Grapholita tricyanitis, Grapholita tristrigana, Grapholita uranatma, Grapholita valens, Grapholita vitrana

Larisa Miller, 1978 [genus]

Larisa subsolana

Melissopus Riley, 1881 [genus]

Melissopus latiferreanus

Pammene (Hubner, 1825) [genus]

Pammene aceris, Pammene adusta, Pammene agnotana, Pammene ainorum, Pammene albuginana, Pammene amictana, Pammene amygdalana, Pammene argyrana, Pammene aurana, Pammene aurita, Pammene avetianae, Pammene bathysema, Pammene blockiana, Pammene bowmanana, Pammene caeruleata, Pammene caliginosa, Pammene christophana, Pammene clanculana, Pammene cocciferana, Pammene crataegicola, Pammene crataegophila, Pammene critica, Pammene cytisana, Pammene dichroramphana, Pammene ellipticopa, Pammene engadinensis, Pammene epanthista, Pammene exscribana, Pammene fasciana, Pammene felicitana, Pammene flavicellula, Pammene flexana, Pammene gallicana, Pammene gallicolana, Pammene germmana, Pammene giganteana, Pammene ginkgoicola, Pammene griseana, Pammene griseomaculana, Pammene grunini, Pammene herrichiana, Pammene hexaphora, Pammene hilarocrossa, Pammene homotorna, Pammene ignorata, Pammene inquilina, Pammene insolentana, Pammene instructana, Pammene insulana, Pammene ionia, Pammene japonica, Pammene juniperana, Pammene laserpitiana, Pammene luculentana, Pammene luedersana, Pammene luedersiana, Pammene macrolepis, Pammene mariana, Pammene medioalbana, Pammene megalocephala, Pammene monotincta, Pammene nannodes, Pammene nemorosa, Pammene nequior, Pammene nescia, Pammene obscurana, Pammene ochsenheimeriana, Pammene ocliferia, Pammene oreina, Pammene orientana, Pammene ornata, Pammene oxycedrana, Pammene paula, Pammene percognata, Pammene peristictes, Pammene perstructana, Pammene phthoneris, Pammene pontica, Pammene populana, Pammene pulchella, Pammene pullana, Pammene purpureana, Pammene querceti, Pammene quercivora, Pammene regiana, Pammene reisseri, Pammene rhediella, Pammene salvana, Pammene seminotata, Pammene shicotanica, Pammene signifera, Pammene snelleana, Pammene snellenana, Pammene spiniana, Pammene splendidulana, Pammene subsalvana, Pammene suspectana, Pammene tauriana, Pammene theristis, Pammene tomiana, Pammene trauniana

Pammenodes Danilevsky & Kuznetzov, 1968 [genus]

Pammenodes glaucana

Ricula Heinrich, 1926 [genus]

Ricula maculana

Satronia Heinrich, 1926 [genus]

Satronia tantilla

Talponia Heinrich, 1926 [genus]

Talponia plummeriana

Grapholitini photos with superspecies identification

If you know the species, please, click on the picture and write the species name in Comments section. Also, you can go to the gallery page with all photos of Grapholitini sp. (large size), and suggest the identification.

Grapholitini sp.


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