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17th Annual Texas Butterfly Festival to be held October 25—28 in Texas, US

Community and ForumBlog17th Annual Texas Butterfly Festival to be held October 25—28 in Texas, US

Lev Bely, 15.10.2012 23:48

17th Annual Texas Butterfly Festival will take place in Mission, Texas, US, from October 25th to 28th. The Rio Grande valley, where Mission is located, is a well-known US region for its biological diversity. Here four ecosystems of the four valley counties meet: the local subtropical area makes a home for over 300 butterfly species, 512 bird species and 94 odonate species. In autumn you can enjoy there watching plenty of butterflies as well as other animals, and four festival days make up a perfect occasion to see all them alive in natural habitat.

Some of the key participants and events of the 17th Texas Butterfly Festival

October 27th, 7—10 p.m., Riverside Club Restaurant & Bar (214 E. Chimney Road, Mission) hosts “Dinner by the River Reception”, where Dr Robert Michael Pyle will present “The First Butterfly Big Year”. Robert Pyle is one of the most prominent butterfly speakers and teachers, the founder of the environmental organization Xerces Society that focuses on invertebrates, and also the author of seventeen books. Several of them are national award-winners and deskbooks for many lepidopterists: Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Butterflies, The Handbook for Butterfly Watchers and The Butterflies of Cascadia.

Other festival speakers include Dr Jeff Glassberg, Dr Ronald Rutowski, Dr Paul Opler, Mike Rickard, Bill Supulski and Evi Buckner-Opler.

Seminar topics: Functions of Butterfly Coloration; Searching for Blues in Western North America; The Beetles of Texas; What is Habitat: How the butterfly habitat fits into the larger wildlife habitat; Your Computer is Your DarkRoom; Monarch Butterfly Adventures and The First Big Butterfly Year.

During the festival you may join various guided tours to visit Rancho La Lomita Ranch, Santa Ana Refuge, Estero Llano Grande, Laguna Atascosa, Bentsen State Park as well as try River Pontoon Tours or explore local garden and nature sites.

National Butterfly Center invites you to take part in the Community Family Day on October 27th, 9 a.m. — 1. p.m. with various children activities that include painting, drawing, designing and other arts & crafts. The Community Family Day is free to visit.

17th Annual Texas Butterfly Festival calls on everyone who studies or just loves butterflies, welcomes professionals and amateurs, kids and adults to spend four exciting days in one of the most interesting regions of America. Tickets and registration info, full schedule, participant list and contacts are on the festival website:

Texas Butterfly Festival,

Photo: Tarucus balkanica

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