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Asahi Glass “Moth's Eye” approach for a new anti-glare display nano coating

Community and ForumBlogAsahi Glass “Moth's Eye” approach for a new anti-glare display nano coating

Lev Bely, 22.02.2013 19:32

The Moth's Eye is a new approach by Japanese manufacturer Asahi Glass Co., world's largest flat glass producing company. The strategy is based on the structure of the moth's eye, which is known to have no troubles with sun glares and reflections. The thing is that its eye has a special covering that improves moth vision. The covering of the kind could make it better for smartphone and tablet users, for which reading screen in bright sunlight is always a pain. If the new technology gets successfully implemented, there will be no issues with the bright sun or instead lack of light.

After the moth's eye, the new approach will use a nano coating that is to block out more sunlight than today's display coatings. Asahi Glass Company develops the anti-reflective and anti-glare coating together with Rolling Mask Lithography, a nano coating company founded in 2008 by Dr. Boris Kobrin, Dr. Mark Brongersma, and Julian Zegelman. This is not the first nature-inspired nano coating by Rolith: it has also the Lotus Leaf, Strider on Water, and others.

The Moth’s Eye nano coating was discovered by C. G. Bernhard, when he noticed that the moth cornea emits a smaller amount of light than the human cornea. Back in October 2012 Sharp, Apple’s glass display maker, announced the use of Moth Eye technology as a nano coating for its LCD screens. The Moth Eye technology will be used not only for Sharp smartphones and tablets, but also in its 3D television sets.

Whilst the Moth Eye technology has been initially designed for electronic devices, it's also being considered as a source to improve the formation of current plastics and safer X-rays.

Sony filed a patent (US Patent 7,633,045) to use Moth Eye to produce a unique set of optical devices that w