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Bird killed with an air gun for catching butterflies in Bannerghatta Butterfly Park, India

Community and ForumBlogBird killed with an air gun for catching butterflies in Bannerghatta Butterfly Park, India

Lev Bely, 11.03.2013 18:24

The country's first butterfly park spread over 7.5 acres in Bannerghatta National Park, Bangalore, India, is a sweet home for 20 butterfly species, which are in thorough care there. Birds, on the contrary, are not quite welcome guests even as much as they can be killed right on the spot.

Not long ago a few butterfly park visitors witnessed the staff shot down with an air gun a paradise flycatcher (Terpsiphone paradisi) which tried to catch a butterfly. As reported, people's asking not to shoot the bird was ignored.

According to the source, this is not the first case of such a cruel act towards birds that get into the butterfly park.

“The employers of the butterfly park saw the flycatcher catching some butterflies, the only crime this innocent little bird did was to fill its belly by eating butterflies. They could have caught it through the bird net and released it but they immediately shot it with the air gun. I feel that it is insane of zoo keepers to do this. Are they instructed to do so? It looks as if the gun is used for this purpose only. Can't they think of any better alternative? We need to stop this or we are going to lose many birds in that particular region. Can someone take this up with the respective authorities?” said protesting Srikanth VK, wildlife enthusiast and photographer.

Srikanth VK sent the photo of the dead bird taken by Ritesh Singh Siddharth, one of witnesses who tried to hinder the killing.

“The main butterfly park is an enclosed area and birds can’t enter inside. But the breeding area is open and the staff uses air rifles to shoo birds and monkeys away. But that doesn’t mean they are authorised to kill animals and birds in the vicinity. That would be like taking the law in their hands, especially in a place that is meant for the protection of birds and animals,” a source said.

Bannerghatta National Park officials said the incident yet to be sorted out. “I’m not aware of the issue. They must be using air rifles, which make a sound, to drive away birds that come to prey on butterflies. I will check if any birds have been killed, and will address the issue immediately,” said Dr R Raju, BBP executive director.,,,

Photo: Ritesh Singh Siddharth,

Paradise flycatcher in the Sivalik hills, India

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