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The first National Moth Week is held on July 23—29

Community and ForumBlogThe first National Moth Week is held on July 23—29

Lev Bely, 06.02.2012 20:29

The first National Moth Week calls on everyone who is interested in moths to take part in moth watching and surveying. During the Week there will be arranged a “Moth Night” for both professionals and amateurs could communicate and exchange stuff and skills. You are also appreciated to organize your own “Moth Night” in nature: go bring friends together, turn the lights on, place them near a large, clear surface, say, a piece of cloth hung up in a tree. Send over your stories and photos to the National Moth Week curators.

The National Moth Week is aimed to moths and their biodiversity. Why moths? There are over than 10000 moths just in Northern America, very curious to survey, watch, shoot and admire. Moths may be seen all over from city centres and your own suburban backyards to outlands far away from civilization. Moths amazingly vary from bright, glare colors and patterns to quite obscure camouflage, and can be of different shapes and sizes from tiny as a pinhead to huge as a human hand.

Albeit moths are mostly night creatures, some of them fly in the daytime. As for night ones, it's not that hard to watch them as it seems, just put a light outside and check it up occasionally after dark. Sophisticated moth hunters usually use heavy weapons such as special lamps and lures to attract more moths.

“Moth Nights” are often prepared by nature lovers groups that you may easily join either for amateur watching or serious scientific observations. The National Moth Week makes it possible for various people partially or totally engaged in moths to meet up, exchange ideas and experience.

If you are willing to take part in the National Moth Week, please register yourself at the event website:

National Moth Week,

2012 National Moth Week

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