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Topic: Arctic butterflies at the Athol Bird and Nature Club gathering, MA

Community and ForumBlogTopic: Arctic butterflies at the Athol Bird and Nature Club gathering, MA

Lev Bely, 14.02.2012 21:32

“Butterflies Near and Far” evening will be held on March, 14th in the Millers River Environmental Center, Massachusetts. This event will let you look into the world of Arctic butterflies, watch photos and listen to the expert naturalist Sue Cloutier.

The Athol Bird and Nature Club was founded in 1963 to “enhance the appreciation of natural history in the North Quabbin Region”. The club led by Robert Coyle, a 8th grades science teacher at the Athol Junior High School. Soon it became kind of a learning spot giving classes in astronomy, geology, geography, field ornithology. Bob left the school in 1988 and moved the club that already lacked place to the more spacious natural history museum. Last decade the club grew to a non-profit organization which unites today different people both local and all over outside the region. The Athol Bird and Nature Club is proud of it keeps the leadership role in natural resources education and conservation in the North Quabbin Region.

The club initiated creation of the Millers River Environmental Center where everyone is welcome to get some useful information or join one of environmental programs.

The Club's extensive Natural History Collection earlier kept in historic Memorial Hall in Orange county, North Carolina, was moved in 1999 to the Millers River Environmental Center where it's exposed nowadays.

The Athol Bird and Nature Club,

Photo: the Natural History Collection of the Athol Bird and Nature Club,

A guided walk in the Alan E. Rich Environmental Park with James Brown, one of the Bird and Nature Club members

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14.02.2012 23:15, Peter Khramov

These guys are truly nice...

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