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Two butterfly exhibitions: Cumberland House Natural History Museum and Connemara National Park

Community and ForumBlogTwo butterfly exhibitions: Cumberland House Natural History Museum and Connemara National Park

Lev Bely, 15.06.2012 19:07

In Cumberland House Natural History Museum things go normally just as butterflies keep emerging from their cocoons. This process will last May to September in the museum butterfly house where a permanent high temperature kept. Other museum joys also include lectures on a local wildlife, Portsmouth riverbank dwellers, swamps, forests and urban areas. Aqua-ists will be happy to know more about geology, look at fishes and insects in the aquarium and then go welcome “Emily” the dinosaur to have a minute tittle-tattle of all mentioned.

“Cumberland House is extremely popular with children and the butterfly house is one of the main highlights. It is a great way of bringing the popular 'The very hungry caterpillar' story to life! Visit soon if you want to see the butterflies emerging.” says Dr. Jane Mee, Portsmouth's museum and records service manager.

Recently the museum got put on the 20 museum longlist of the Family Friendly Museum Awards, arranged by The Sunday Telegraph and Kids in Museums independent charity.

Cumberland House Natural History Museum is open daily 10—17:30, free entrance. Portsmouth (UK), Southsea, next to Canoe Lake.

“Western Wings: Moths and butterflies of Connemara” exhibition at the Connemara National Park (Ireland)

Most people tend to consider moths as those annoying little critters that suddenly fly out of wardrobe and gather around lights at night. Some still deem that moths do deserve a bit better than just an ace smash with a rolled newspaper. Heather Greer, a Galway photographer, is amidst the latter.

“You may think of butterflies as bright and colourful, while moths are brown and dull,” says Heather Greer, “but many moths in fact are highly coloured and beautiful; they deserve to be looked at and admired.”

That's what she exactly proves in her photo exhibition “Western Wings: Moths and butterflies of Connemara” now can be seen at the Connemara National Park, Letterfrack. There are over 80 photos of butterflies and moths either their caterpillars. The show will run until July 8th.

“The subjects here are by no means rare or uncommon to see,” says Heather. “Rather, they are all around us; it’s just that many of us just don’t notice that they’re there! What I would like to achieve through this exhibition is a raised awareness of both the beauty and the ecological value of butterflies and especially of moths.”


Photo 1: a butterfly in Cumberland House Natural History Museum,

Photo 2: Garden Tiger moth Arctia caja, Heather Greer,

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