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17.11.2007 21:00, Peter Khramov: comment on New definitions and additions

Descriptions of new species of butterflies - lemmings tavolgovoy and Sappho , as well as additions to the speeches of the day Peacock , многоцветнице and uglokrylnitse With white < em> (Polygonia c-album) .

16.11.2007 20:10, Peter Khramov: comment on The first pictures of Maxim Klepikova on our website

In the first series of photographs present images Aethalura punctulata , Aricia artaxerxes , Archinemapogon yildizae , Anacampsis blattariella , Archiearis parthenias , Boloria selene , Boloria titania , Boloria aquilonaris and Boloria eunomia .

15.11.2007 14:22, Peter Khramov: comment on The addition to the descriptions perelivnits

Edited stories about poplar and willow perelivnitsah.

14.11.2007 23:23, Peter Khramov: comment on Easy additions to the descriptions

Additions, changes, and a couple of new lines for the following types of butterflies: large tortoiseshell - Nymphalis polychloros hives - Aglais urticae Painted Lady - Vanessa cardui Sennitsa ordinary - Coenonympha pamphilus oxen eyes - Maniola jurtina Vixen - Lasiommata megera Pestroglazka Galatea - Melanargia galathea ...

14.11.2007 18:30, Peter Khramov: comment on One new picture + eight new definitions

Photo Chamaesphecia schmidtiiformis , as well as descriptions of the eight species of butterflies, including the ларенция ocher yellow (Camptogramma bilineata) , checkered Atalia (Melitaea athalia) , scoop pyramid (Amphipyra pyramidea) , scoop Khobotnev (Hypena proboscidalis) , moth herbal (Euthrix potatoria) , bear kaya (Arctia caja) , bear rustic (Arctia villica) ...

13.11.2007 20:20, Peter Khramov: comment on Photo and description uglokrylnitsy With white, photo spotted chervonetz

Uglokrylnitsa With white : description and illustration. Spotted ducat : illustrate the description of the new photograph.

06.11.2007 17:25, Peter Khramov: comment on 2 more articles about butterflies

Lined Article Maxim Klepikova « Butterflies of (Lepidoptera, Rhopalocera) as a reference group of biological diversity in the planning of protected areas in the Yaroslavl Zavolzhja" and « the fauna of Lepidoptera (Insecta: Lepidoptera) planned national park" Mologa "and adjacent territories (Yaroslavl region)." .

06.11.2007 0:45, Peter Khramov: comment on New pictures of butterflies

Original photo Melitaea athalia , Erebia ligea , Arctia villica , Arctia caja , Aphantopus hyperantus , Euthrix potatoria , Limenitis populi , Papilio machaon and Polyommatus icarus .

31.10.2007 17:45, Peter Khramov: comment on Photos Amphipyra pyramidea

Amphipyra pyramidea . Photo only, nothing else.

28.10.2007 19:35, Peter Khramov: comment on And again. On copper-butterfly

Namely - the description of a dozen species: Cupido argiades - argiad , Lycaena dispar - ducat unpaired , Lycaena phlaeas - chervonets spotted , Neozephyrus quercus - marshmallow oak , Satyrium ilicis - theclinae padubovaya , Scolitantides orion - copper-butterfly Orion , Plebeius argus - copper-butterfly Argus , Celastrina argiolus - copper-butterfly buckthorn , Plebeius ...

24.10.2007 18:00, Peter Khramov: comment on And on the copper-butterfly - also today

We talk about various copper-butterfly - as a true blue, and blue, green and even brown: Aricia agestis - copper-butterfly brown , Aricia artaxerxes , Polyommatus semiargus - copper-butterfly bean , Polyommatus coridon - copper-butterfly silver , Thecla betulae - marshmallows birch , Maculinea arion - large blue , Polyommatus damon - greenish copper-butterfly ...

24.10.2007 12:48, Peter Khramov: comment on Today - about tolstogolovkah

Getting to know some of our views and our tolstogolovok: Carterocephalus palaemon - krepkogolovka Palemon , Thymelicus acteon - tolstogolovka piebald , Thymelicus sylvestris , Erynnis tages - tolstogolovka blackish , Pyrgus malvae - tolstogolovka small Malvaceae , Hesperia comma - tolstogolovka comma .

23.10.2007 19:35, Peter Khramov: comment on The addition to the satyrinae

Continued excerpts from the history of satyrs. Today briefly ran over velvet (Lasiommata maera) , krupnoglazke (Lopinga achine) , Sennitsy ordinary (Coenonympha pamphilus) and Sennitsy Gero ( Coenonympha hero) . Moreover, lined with some information on shrew (Lasiommata megera) , Eger (Pararge aegeria) , jellyfish < / a> (Erebia medusa) , Gorgo (Erebia gorge) , brizeidah ...

22.10.2007 16:30, Peter Khramov: comment on New satire

Add a crumb for the following types of information: Brintesia circe - Circe , Hipparchia semele - Semele and Hipparchia fagi .

12.10.2007 10:08, Peter Khramov: comment on Galatea

Sketches by perstroglazke Galatea (Melanargia galathea) .

11.10.2007 12:05, Peter Khramov: comment on Checkered and perlamutrovki

Where and how to live perlamutrovka field - Issoria lathonia , perlamutrovka evfrosina - Boloria euphrosyne , perlamutrovka large - Argynnis paphia , perlamutrovka Aglaia - Argynnis aglaja , checkered maturna - Euphydryas maturna , checkered tsinksiya - Melitaea cinxia and checkered Phoebe - Melitaea phoebe .

09.10.2007 23:45, Peter Khramov: comment on New Nymphalidae

New nimfaliy: pestrokrylnitsa volatile (Araschnia levana) , letochnik poplar (Limenitis populi) , Camille lentochnik (Limenitis camilla) , perelivnitsa willow (Apatura iris) and perelivnitsa poplar (Apatura ilia) .

07.10.2007 18:10, Peter Khramov: comment on Four of the text of Nymphalidae

Texts about hives and NYMPHALIS ANTIOPA - two strongly-known representatives of Nymphalidae, slightly less popular large tortoiseshell and not described for Russian Charaxes jasius .

05.10.2007 20:55, Peter Khramov: comment on Talk about moles

The texts of the six kinds of our beauties moles: mole chehlonosnaya oak - Coleophora anatipenella , codling moth-grit white - Lyonetia clerkella , moles sprout brown - Argyresthia conjugella , mole chehlonosnaya larch - Coleophora laricella , and Argyresthia pruniella and Coleophora hemerobiella .

03.10.2007 21:45, Peter Khramov: comment on New information about certain types of

Some information about the representatives Nymphalidae - day peacock (Inachis io) , Admiral (Vanessa atalanta) and Painted Lady (Vanessa cardui) . Also - a little bit of copper-butterfly (about common blue - Polyommatus icarus , Green Hairstreak - Callophrys rubi and chervonetz fire - Lycaena virgaureae ).And three of satyrs - ox eye (Maniola jurtina) , Nigella coffee ...

02.10.2007 12:50, Peter Khramov: comment on Brief descriptions of three other species

Lined first brief descriptions of Pandemis cerasana - budworm currant krivousoy , Rhyacionia buoliana - pobegovyuna wintering and Totrix viridana - листовертки oak .

26.09.2007 20:54, Peter Khramov: comment on Changes in the description of Colias chrysotheme

Refinement in appearance golden zheltushki .

26.09.2007 0:24, Peter Khramov: comment on New definitions

Added a brief description of Macdunnoughia confusa - plusiinae drops and Pyralis farinalis - flour moth .

22.09.2007 21:25, Peter Khramov: comment on More illustrations

New photos of butterflies Samptogramma bilineata , Cupido argiades , Hypena proboscidalis , Macdunnoughia confusa , Pieris brassicae , Pieris napi , Pieris rapae , Pyralis farinalis , Vanessa cardui .

17.09.2007 16:53, Peter Khramov: comment on New photos in the descriptions

Added photos to the descriptions Admiral , which is Vanessa atalanta and dnevnogo Peacock , which is Inachis io . In addition, the illustrated article on meadow zheltushka , also known as Colias hyale .

14.09.2007 18:53, Peter Khramov: comment on Opening the site to share

Site publicly begins his mortal existence on the web. Interested visitors are welcomed, and potential authors - even more.

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