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14.01.2016 22:11, Eugene Matveev: comment on photo #17262

самец. У самки крылья округлые.

12.01.2016 2:29, Eugene Matveev: comment on photo #18457

I wrote IMHO, because I do not know the formal distinctive features. For me, the presence of orange spots and black pattern is sufficient. Besides oberthüri much larger than katinka. We can't estimate the sizi by the photo. It would be nice to specify the size of the butterfly in author's comment.

08.01.2016 0:17, Eugene Matveev: comment on photo #18457

IMHO - Loepa oberthuri

12.01.2014 18:37, Eugene Matveev: comment on photo #7970

Can't say sure, but it's rather E. melancholica more common in the Caucasian Alps.

12.01.2014 18:18, Eugene Matveev: comment on photo #10733

The fringe of its wings is evidently dotted which is not common in E. aethiops but rather E.ligea. international entomological community. Terms of use and publishing policy.

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