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01.10.2009 21:46, Pavel Grudinkin: comment on photo #2874

I made a mistake, sorry, now it's called like Archaeoprepona non Prepona.

01.10.2009 21:41, Pavel Grudinkin: comment on photo #2858

And this one can be the very Papilio thoas pupa (not sure though about the species). Maybe, there was some mistake in uploading.

01.10.2009 21:35, Pavel Grudinkin: comment on photo #2874

There is some mistake about identifying of this species, I know the right name of it. Prepona sp. (Nimphalidae), 99% sure that is Prepona demophon, since that one is usually raised.

01.10.2009 21:28, Pavel Grudinkin: comment on photo #2877

There is an obvious mistake, a photo of another family pupa is placed on this species description page, what is clear Morpho sp. Sorry, didn't get where I should comment that, so do it right over here then. international entomological community. Terms of use and publishing policy.

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