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Talks beyond Insects

Humour, cars, sport, fashion, non-insects themed trips, books, cinema, gambling, rumors, gossip, scandals and other off-topic: free talks between the website users.

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Vasiliy, happy birthday! 01.04.2017 12:54 Peter Khramov

Wish you stone calmness and financial prosperity!

01.04.2017 23:07 Vasiliy Feoktistov, Vasiliy, happy birthday!

Thank you, Peter :)

Hi, impressions, comments 07.07.2015 8:06 Yuri Semejkin

At the request of Irina Nikulina I pass on her greetings to all who know her. Trip a success, a lot of footage, a lot of enthusiasm! So get ready for all interested in viewing, updating, definitely. And Ira tomorrow a new road for the new ...

16.07.2016 7:42 Irina Nikulina, Hi, impressions, comments

Уже не огорчена)) Анисимовка и Тигровое поправили положение)) В Анисимовке снимали с двух ...

GreenCard 2016 02.10.2014 18:58 Peter Khramov

Shtoto have so little in the smoking room. Accordingly, it is thrown. So, despite rumors persist that went possible and even probable cancellation of the freebies, it still goes on, and once the acceptance of applications for participation in the ...

09.03.2016 23:27 Peter Khramov, GreenCard 2016

Well, well at least the door has not yet been closed down and that in fact they threatened ...

С 8 марта! 07.03.2016 10:10 Evgeny Komarov

Congratulations to all of our beautiful women on the occasion of Spring! Happiness, health, interesting trips, and discoveries of new beautiful pictures!

09.03.2016 22:08 Anna Gerasimova, С 8 марта!

Thank you)

Muscovites who is a bird !!! 22.10.2014 15:29 Dmitriy Pozhogin

Who is in the poultry market, please see what kinds of newts bought and how much. It is advisable to make a picture, and that sellers usually do not know do not fuck

05.08.2015 16:34 Peter Khramov, Muscovites who is a bird !!!

Answered phone.

We need scans 28.07.2015 14:30 Dmitriy Pozhogin

Need scans books in the series Moth of Thailand.

28.07.2015 19:25 Alex Dumchus, We need scans

And the day is also a good idea to Taya!

About the intricacies of automated translation :) 17.01.2015 16:18 Irina Nikulina

Peter, about the translation did not answer at photo # 35246 , There is so overloaded) This is me about the "madness of the brave ..." :)) When to deal with the peculiarities of the Far East blues, I shoveled a lot of material from the Japanese ...

09.05.2015 12:23 Vasiliy Feoktistov, About the intricacies of automated translation :)

Yes worth Abby Lingvo x5, it is a good thing, but it's kind of a ...

Happy New Year! 27.12.2013 18:32 Irina Nikulina

Dear friends! Happy New Year to you! Good luck, prosperity and interesting life of the site and all its authors! Great shot, beautiful moments, interesting trips, new discoveries, precise definitions, adding to the collection! Versions conceived! Be ...

01.01.2015 15:49 Yuri Semejkin, Happy New Year!

Although with some delay, let me join in congratulating and the Far East. ...

Request to the lucky owners of the book "Butterflies of Thailand" 04.12.2014 11:48 Dmitriy Pozhogin

Looking for photos, the genitals and the description of the book the following types (if they are there))) Cirrochroa satellita Butler, 1869 Chersonesia nicevillei Martin, 1895 Sumalia agneya (Doherty, 1891) Euthalia agnis (Vollenhoven, ...

29.12.2014 12:29 Svetlana Shchavelina, Request to the lucky owners of the book "Butterflies of Thailand"

Oh ....... spoiled Malays Americans ......... I initially (a guest on a ...

C coming season 2014 Dear friends !!! 24.03.2014 20:07 Vasiliy Feoktistov

Although section and "not about butterflies" nazavaetsya ...Meanwhile, at least just want to congratulate all my colleagues With the coming season 2014 !!! Today I decided to scout out how it deals with the first spring beetles things in nature ...

26.12.2014 16:25 Peter Khramov, C coming season 2014 Dear friends !!!

Basil, what are you zanudstvuesh. I do not have any "such" approach, it's ...

Christ is Risen! 20.04.2014 7:42 Vasiliy Feoktistov

With Bright Resurrection of Christ! I give all this zameatelny flower "Scilla Siberian", which was found 4.17.2014 me almost on the eve of the great feast in the woods outside Moscow that quite unusual for my sites. I do not know may be an ...

20.04.2014 7:42 Vasiliy Feoktistov, Christ is Risen!

With Bright Resurrection of Christ! I give all this zameatelny flower ...

C International Women's Day! 08.03.2014 0:04 Vasiliy Feoktistov

I want to congratulate the authors of the excellent site with this wonderful holiday of March 8 !!! I wish you happiness, love, kindness, and all the best that you can only wish. Always bright, warm and sunny mood to you, dear women! And that my ...

09.03.2014 14:14 Peter Khramov, C International Women's Day!

I join in the congratulations. Female sex on our website virtually Red is ...

Happy Holidays !!! 23.02.2014 1:02 Irina Nikulina

On the Day of Defender of the Fatherland congratulate all the men of the Site! High all of you in flight, love, creativity, life! Strong rear, strength, courage and confidence in the future! Calm and peaceful sky for all of us.

25.02.2014 0:18 Peter Khramov, Happy Holidays !!!

Thank you, good to hear)

And that's why in such a situation not hochut play videos? 11.12.2013 23:18 Peter Khramov

On level ground (or on a level, but for me inconspicuous) stopped playing kina. KMPleer or freezes when loading a file, an error or an error in some library (in some - not to mention). Reinstallation and reinstall other EVOH version - does not help. ...

08.01.2014 0:58 Peter Khramov, And that's why in such a situation not hochut play videos?

Well no. With standard subtitles all the rules. But when the movie ...

Happy New Year! 31.12.2012 19:07 Evgeny Komarov

Dear mates! Happy new year to the website team! Wish you new discoveries! Great photos on the website and all the best!

31.12.2012 19:07 Evgeny Komarov, Happy New Year!

Dear mates! Happy new year to the website team! Wish you new discoveries! ...

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