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Photo #25021: Trogus lapidator

Imago, (вместе с куколкой хозяина)

Trogus lapidator

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Photo: Vasiliy Feoktistov. Image without retouching at the website. Identified by: Andrei Humala

Date and time, location shooting/catching: 1997-07-28 00:00:00, Russia, Vladimir reg., Petushinsky distr., near Gorodishi vill.

Photographer's comment: Плоды моего неудачного эксперимента по выведению Махаона из гусеницы последнего возраста, взятой из природы (приведены дата и место сбора). В марте 1998 года, у меня дома вышел вместо Махаона т.н. "Трог каменный" Trogus lapidator Fabricius, 1787: перепончатокрылое насекомое из семейства наездники (паразиты других насекомых). Это насекомое в моих краях очень часто поражает гусениц "краснокнижного" Махаона. Причем интересно, что Трог каменный сам находится в "Красной Книге Карелии" вместе с Махаоном. Парадокс :)

Comments on this image

30.04.2017 13:59, Peter Khramov


29.04.2017 21:25, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Пётр, это фото до сих пор в дополнительной галерее несмотря на то, что перенесено из махаонов еще в июле прошлого года. Иллюстрирует вид, но не отображается справа страницы и имеет атрибут "Дополнительная галерея" :
Поменяй наконец этот атрибут на Основную галерею. Других фото Trogus lapidator попросту нет на сайте.

26.08.2016 18:09, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Пётр, вопрос остаётся на месте уже более месяца.
Вытащи её на свет божий из доп. галереи наконец. На странице вида, справа, сейчас ни одного фото (

14.07.2016 0:20, Vasiliy Feoktistov

На страницу вида зайди и осмотри вправо: там нет фото.
Так же под кнопкой "Редактировать данные о фото" написано "Дополнительная галерея"
Да и вообще при выборке дополнительной галереи фото там и находилось когда я писал.

13.07.2016 22:58, Peter Khramov

Василий, а почему ты пишешь, что фото в дополнительной галерее? Насколько я вижу, оно находится во вполне себе основной.
Скобки поставлены.

11.07.2016 15:02, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Пётр, я думаю настала пора ставить точку на этом фото.
Махаона здесь и вправду много, а вот "Каменного трога" это на настоящий момент единственное фото получается :)
И куколка "хозяина", думаю теперь кстати как нельзя.
Резюме: надо возвращать это фото обратно в основную галерею из дополнительной )))
P.S. И надо заключить в названии вида имя автора описания в скобки:

11.07.2016 14:55, Vasiliy Feoktistov Corrected data.

Papilio machaon / Pupa / Vasiliy Feoktistov Trogus lapidator / Imago / Andrei Humala.

16.11.2013 16:34, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Great idea, not valid for me though: I don't examine males in this projection, just get along with only visual diagnosis.
Whatsoever, could be real thing, but only for collected specimens as you can't collect genitalia from alive butterfly :)

16.11.2013 15:03, Igor Sakhno

To add aforesaid, if someone added genitalia pics of species with similar exterior (don't consider machaon), would be great. Just an addition to ideas.

16.11.2013 13:32, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Well, as for P. machaon, I can take plenty shots in Meschera next summer. Even two generations :) It's flooded here with it, eye pain...
To this pic, no similar here and hardly to be. So I added it. Any documentation matters.

16.11.2013 12:48, Peter Khramov

Some species on the website are indeed overillustrated, for one, the same P. machaon. In this case such pics with ichneumon may really annoy. Neverthereless, I'd like to say again that this overillustration state is temporary and has to do with yet undone maps. As they get done, there will be A) a subsection with additional images for every species where all secondary pics would be moved, for one, those which illustrate spots where the species is mapped) and B) there will be additional sorting of photos to remove those not illustrating anything new, even spots on the map. Then there should no inconvenience with overillustration thing. Till then you're free to upload such ichneumon photos, only they should be together in one pic, not individual pics of parasites.

16.11.2013 9:04, Yuri Semejkin

"Entomology is the scientific study of insects which examines the thing in its full." nothing to add, well said. What we're all to aspire to.
Descriptions should be definitely added with such info, no matter that there are no references yet as to this very species of parasite. Personal observation is of more weight as it's authentic and proved (with an image).

16.11.2013 7:40, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Yury, thanks. Golden words. The very notion "entomology" includes not only fancy pics of "amazing wings": it's the scientific study of insects which examines the thing in its full. I can add the description only through the field "Additional info of the larval stage", if folks don't mind. Anyway, it's just my personal observation, I never read anywhere of the infestation of this species by this very parasite. However it's not a single case in my observations: an adult, visibly healthy P. machaon larva collected in nature, raised to the pupa stage which looks also fine and healthy and eventually it's emersed with Trogus lapidator instead of an imago. Common thing, may I assume.

16.11.2013 2:01, Yuri Semejkin

Please let's not limit ourselves with plain cycle from egg-laying to imago. This is a biological website, so let's show the biology in full (which can be shown by pics). Lepidoptera parasites are to know too, this info might be useful for experts anyway.
Just don't upload individual sawflies or ichneumons as it's still to be proved that it's very them who invade larvae and then pupae. Let's consider such cases like Vasily's here, photos that present both, parasite and its victim. There will be hardly lots of such pics, and no need in many. Enough 1—2 per 1 species. Besides, species descriptions can be added with a list of parasite(s).

15.11.2013 23:34, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Besides, this parasite is very specific, specialized on Papilio alexanor which here substituted with P. machaon, it seems :) (read the section "Endoparasitism"). That's why I put this pic and the guilty is defined. Any info about butterfly matters, doesn't?

15.11.2013 23:21, Alexandr Zhakov

I see no problem, many websites include parasites and the latter are shown in the pages of their "victims" they ate :)

15.11.2013 22:49, Shamil Murtazin

Agree. Very interesting.
Still again we're playing the same song about the website mission. Namely, lepidoptera.
Here this photo shows another insect, or their interconnection. Please don't get me wrong, it we leave it here, then we should draw the borderline, nominal at least; we should also think of where to put this pic which can be hardly moved to lepidoptera as it illustrates parasite. Here only exuviae left (thanks for the new term learnt). Thus this image couldn't anyway be shown in some page of lepidoptera species. Question then, where it actually can be shown? As it should be done eventually somewhere.
Probably would be good to consider some additional fields for some data of the kind, no matter, texts, photos or even video )
But... this feature may further evolves separate parasite taxonomy, gallery and other relative things... =)
Such an easy solution may gradually entail all these. Sorry for such wide mindstream ;)

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