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Family Notodontidae

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Noctuoidea → family Notodontidae


Daughter taxa

Subfamilies: 13 (10 illustrated). Tribes: 5 (3 illustrated). Genera: 770 (80 illustrated). Subgenera: 29 (4 illustrated). Species.

Hemiceratinae [subfamily]


Antichadisra [genus]

Calapana [genus]

Calyptronotum [genus]

Cardiga Schaus, 1901 [genus]

Cardiga pyrrha

Colax Hübner, 1819 [genus]

Colax apulus, Colax phocus

Commonia Kiriakoff, 1968 [genus]

Commonia atalopa, Commonia hesychima

Contrebia Walker, 1856 [genus]

Contrebia extrema

Corinella Kiriakoff, 1967 [genus]

Corinella vittata

Desmeocraera Wallengren, 1865 [genus]

Desmeocraera adusta, Desmeocraera amaura, Desmeocraera analis, Desmeocraera annulosa, Desmeocraera antiopa, Desmeocraera aquamarina, Desmeocraera ardalio, Desmeocraera basalis, Desmeocraera bimaculata, Desmeocraera bitioides, Desmeocraera brumata, Desmeocraera brunneicosta, Desmeocraera cana, Desmeocraera canescens, Desmeocraera chloeropis, Desmeocraera ciprianii, Desmeocraera clenchi, Desmeocraera collenettei, Desmeocraera confluens, Desmeocraera congoana, Desmeocraera damba, Desmeocraera decorata, Desmeocraera dicax, Desmeocraera dispar, Desmeocraera esmeraldina, Desmeocraera falsa, Desmeocraera ferevaria, Desmeocraera formosa, Desmeocraera forsteri, Desmeocraera frustrata, Desmeocraera galaia, Desmeocraera geminata, Desmeocraera glauca, Desmeocraera gonerilla, Desmeocraera graminosa, Desmeocraera griseoviridis, Desmeocraera habe, Desmeocraera helena, Desmeocraera holitrix, Desmeocraera imploratrix, Desmeocraera impunctata, Desmeocraera ingens, Desmeocraera inquisitrix, Desmeocraera inspiciens, Desmeocraera interpellatrix, Desmeocraera intricata, Desmeocraera invaria, Desmeocraera irregularis, Desmeocraera jansei, Desmeocraera jucunda, Desmeocraera kiriakoffi, Desmeocraera latex, Desmeocraera latifasciata, Desmeocraera leucophaea, Desmeocraera leucosticta, Desmeocraera luteosticta, Desmeocraera malindiana, Desmeocraera mawa, Desmeocraera miata, Desmeocraera minima, Desmeocraera mkabi, Desmeocraera moza, Desmeocraera nugatrix, Desmeocraera octoginta, Desmeocraera oleacea, Desmeocraera oliva, Desmeocraera olivina, Desmeocraera pallidimargo, Desmeocraera pauliveronensi, Desmeocraera percontatrix, Desmeocraera phoebe, Desmeocraera platti, Desmeocraera pomaria, Desmeocraera postulatrix, Desmeocraera principalis, Desmeocraera procreatrix, Desmeocraera propinqua, Desmeocraera psittacina, Desmeocraera reclamatrix, Desmeocraera retiarius, Desmeocraera robustior, Desmeocraera rogatrix, Desmeocraera roseoviridis, Desmeocraera sagittata, Desmeocraera sagum, Desmeocraera schevenaria, Desmeocraera sincera, Desmeocraera squamipennis, Desmeocraera subnigrans, Desmeocraera subvaria, Desmeocraera tanzanica, Desmeocraera tripuncta, Desmeocraera uniformis, Desmeocraera varia, Desmeocraera venusta, Desmeocraera vernalis, Desmeocraera vicaria, Desmeocraera virescens, Desmeocraera weberiana, Desmeocraera zombae

Destolmia Walker, 1855 [genus]

Destolmia lineata

Didugua Druce in Godman & Salvin, 1891 [genus]

Didugua argentilinea, Didugua leona, Didugua modica

Dinotodonta Holland, 1893 [genus]

Dinotodonta longa

Draudtargia Thiaucourt, 1995 [genus]

Draudtargia picta

Ecnomodes Turner, 1903 [genus]

Ecnomodes sagittaria

Eligmodonta [genus]

Epistauropus [genus]

Erconholda [genus]

Euanthia Kiriakoff, 1962 [genus]

Euanthia inexpecta, Euanthia venosa

Eubreyeria Fletcher, 1980 [genus]

Eubreyeria dasychiroides

Euhyparpax Beutenmüller, 1893 [genus]

Euhyparpax amatame, Euhyparpax rosea

Fusapteryx [genus]

Grangula Kiriakoff, 1967 [genus]

Grangula apicalis

Grangulina [genus]

Haplozana Aurivillius, 1901 [genus]

Haplozana nigrolineata

Helga Kiriakoff, 1962 [genus]

Helga infans

Kumataia [genus]

Lasioceros Bethune-Baker, 1904 [genus]

Lasioceros aroa, Lasioceros dentilinea

Libido [genus]

Medanella Kiriakoff, 1974 [genus]

Medanella subterminalis

Mimodonta [genus]

Nadata Walker, 1855 [genus]

Nadata gibbosa, Nadata oregonensis

Neoclostera [genus]

Neola Walker, 1855 [genus]

Neola semiaurata

Notela Schaus, 1901 [genus]

Notela angustiora, Notela jaliscana

Oligaeschra [genus]

Omestia Bethune-Baker, 1908 [genus]

Omestia bella

Ophitis Felder, 1874 [genus]

Ophitis magnaria

Panteleclita [genus]

Paragluphisia [genus]

Pheressaces Turner, 1903 [genus]

Pheressaces cycnoptera

Plusiogramma [genus]

Postanita Dyar, 1918 [genus]

Postanita decurrens

Praeschausia Benjamin, 1932 [genus]

Praeschausia zapata

Psalidostetha Swainson, 1851 [genus]

Psalidostetha banksiae

Pseudoturnaca [genus]

Quadricalcarifera [genus]

Quadricalcarifera aeruginosus, Quadricalcarifera alboviridis, Quadricalcarifera amamiensis, Quadricalcarifera arisemna, Quadricalcarifera bambusicola, Quadricalcarifera basivirens, Quadricalcarifera bella, Quadricalcarifera charistera, Quadricalcarifera chloriolus, Quadricalcarifera chloropasta, Quadricalcarifera chlorotricha, Quadricalcarifera coreana, Quadricalcarifera cupreonitens, Quadricalcarifera dasychirinus, Quadricalcarifera didyma, Quadricalcarifera dinawa, Quadricalcarifera famelica, Quadricalcarifera fasciatus, Quadricalcarifera flavicollis, Quadricalcarifera franciscana, Quadricalcarifera frugilegus, Quadricalcarifera garuda, Quadricalcarifera grisescens, Quadricalcarifera hasegawai, Quadricalcarifera hercules, Quadricalcarifera histrionica, Quadricalcarifera iole, Quadricalcarifera japonica, Quadricalcarifera kebeae, Quadricalcarifera kusukusuana, Quadricalcarifera lama, Quadricalcarifera leucocraspedus, Quadricalcarifera leucophaeus, Quadricalcarifera lineata, Quadricalcarifera marginalis, Quadricalcarifera mediogriseus, Quadricalcarifera melanogramma, Quadricalcarifera mixta, Quadricalcarifera nachiensis, Quadricalcarifera nana, Quadricalcarifera nigribasalis, Quadricalcarifera nitidula, Quadricalcarifera nitidus, Quadricalcarifera okurai, Quadricalcarifera opaca, Quadricalcarifera pamela, Quadricalcarifera perdicula, Quadricalcarifera perdix, Quadricalcarifera picteti, Quadricalcarifera poecilochroa, Quadricalcarifera pryeri, Quadricalcarifera purpurascens, Quadricalcarifera pustulifera, Quadricalcarifera quadrivittata, Quadricalcarifera roepkei, Quadricalcarifera rufescens, Quadricalcarifera scensus, Quadricalcarifera sporadochlorus, Quadricalcarifera stauropoides, Quadricalcarifera subgeneris, Quadricalcarifera subgriseoviridis, Quadricalcarifera testacea, Quadricalcarifera triangulum, Quadricalcarifera triplagosus, Quadricalcarifera trisopylus, Quadricalcarifera trivia, Quadricalcarifera unicolor, Quadricalcarifera variegata, Quadricalcarifera viridigriseus, Quadricalcarifera viridimaculosa, Quadricalcarifera viridinitens, Quadricalcarifera viridipicta, Quadricalcarifera wunna

Rheneades Kiriakoff, 1962 [genus]

Rheneades flavescens

Ribaldia [genus]

Rodneya Kiriakoff, 1967 [genus]

Rodneya caudata

Sagamora Kiriakoff, 1967 [genus]

Sagamora indigofera, Sagamora umbrina

Scalmicauda Holland, 1893 [genus]

Scalmicauda acamas, Scalmicauda actor, Scalmicauda adusta, Scalmicauda afra, Scalmicauda agasthenes, Scalmicauda albobrunnea, Scalmicauda alboterminalis, Scalmicauda albunea, Scalmicauda aliena, Scalmicauda amphion, Scalmicauda ancaeus, Scalmicauda andraemon, Scalmicauda antiphus, Scalmicauda argenteomaculata, Scalmicauda astyoche, Scalmicauda auribasis, Scalmicauda azebae, Scalmicauda benga, Scalmicauda bernardi, Scalmicauda bicolorata, Scalmicauda brevipennis, Scalmicauda chalcedona, Scalmicauda confusa, Scalmicauda corinna, Scalmicauda corona, Scalmicauda costalis, Scalmicauda curvilinea, Scalmicauda decorata, Scalmicauda ectoleuca, Scalmicauda ectomelinos, Scalmicauda epistrophus, Scalmicauda eriphyle, Scalmicauda eumela, Scalmicauda evadne, Scalmicauda fuscinota, Scalmicauda geometrica, Scalmicauda griseomaculata, Scalmicauda hosemanni, Scalmicauda ignicolor, Scalmicauda lineata, Scalmicauda lycaon, Scalmicauda macrosema, Scalmicauda melasema, Scalmicauda molesta, Scalmicauda molestula, Scalmicauda myrine, Scalmicauda niveiplaga, Scalmicauda obliterata, Scalmicauda obscurior, Scalmicauda oileus, Scalmicauda oreas, Scalmicauda orthogramma, Scalmicauda ovalis, Scalmicauda pandarus, Scalmicauda paucinotata, Scalmicauda phorcys, Scalmicauda podarce, Scalmicauda pylaemenes, Scalmicauda rectilinea, Scalmicauda remmia, Scalmicauda rubrolineata, Scalmicauda subfusca, Scalmicauda talaeon, Scalmicauda terminalis, Scalmicauda tessmanni, Scalmicauda thessala, Scalmicauda triangulum, Scalmicauda tricolor, Scalmicauda uniarcuata, Scalmicauda uniarculinea, Scalmicauda venustissima, Scalmicauda vinacea, Scalmicauda vulpinaria, Scalmicauda xanthogyna

Schoutenia Kiriakoff, 1970 [genus]

Schoutenia bivittata

Sentana [genus]

Shachihoka [genus]

Sidisca Kiriakoff, 1958 [genus]

Sidisca hypochloe, Sidisca zika

Sorama Walker, 1855 [genus]

Sorama bicolor

Sphetta Walker, 1865 [genus]

Sphetta apicalis, Sphetta bornea

Stauropida Kiriakoff, 1962 [genus]

Stauropida griseola

Suriga [genus]

Thaila [genus]

Theroa Schaus, 1901 [genus]

Theroa amathynta, Theroa zethus

Tifama Walker, 1855 [genus]

Tifama chera

Timoraca Kiriakoff, 1968 [genus]

Timoraca meeki, Timoraca striata

Tolmiana [genus]

Trincomala [genus]

Turnacoides Gaede, 1928 [genus]

Turnacoides basipuncta

Ursia Barnes & McDunnough, 1911 [genus]

Ursia furtiva, Ursia noctuiformis

Notodontidae photos with superspecies identification

If you know the species, please, click on the picture and write the species name in Comments section. Also, you can go to the gallery page with all photos of Notodontidae sp. (large size).

Notodontidae sp. Notodontidae sp. Notodontidae sp. Notodontidae sp. Notodontidae sp. Notodontidae sp. Notodontidae sp.


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