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Genus Rifargia

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Noctuoidea family Notodontidae subfamily Heterocampinae → genus Rifargia Walker, 1862

Daughter taxa

Rifargia alania Schaus 1937 [species]

Rifargia albidivisa Dognin 1916 [species]

Rifargia albolilacea Dognin 1914 [species]

Rifargia aliciata Schaus 1937 [species]

Rifargia auscharia Schaus 1928 [species]

Rifargia bianca Schaus 1892 [species]

Rifargia bichorda (Hampson, 1901) [species]

Rifargia bilskii Thiaucourt 1980 [species]

Rifargia biplaga Rothschild 1917 [species]

Rifargia brunnea Möschler 1877 [species]

Rifargia brunnipennis Kaye 1922 [species]

Rifargia calvesta Schaus 1937 [species]

Rifargia cassandra Schaus, 1901 [species]

Rifargia castrena Jones 1912 [species]

Rifargia causia Schaus 1892 [species]

Rifargia chocotoa Dyar 1914 [species]

Rifargia christinae Thiaucourt 1987 [species]

Rifargia condita Schaus 1906 [species]

Rifargia corda Druce 1901 [species]

Rifargia culpata Schaus 1912 [species]

Rifargia demissa Schaus 1906 [species]

Rifargia discrepans Schaus 1906 [species]

Rifargia dissepta Schaus 1911 [species]

Rifargia distinguenda (Walker, 1856) [species]

Rifargia edvina Schaus 1939 [species]

Rifargia elgiva Schaus 1923 [species]

Rifargia everiti Schaus 1928 [species]

Rifargia exarmata Dognin 1910 [species]

Rifargia extranea Schaus 1906 [species]

Rifargia felderi Schaus, 1901 [species]

Rifargia grandimacula Dognin 1909 [species]

Rifargia haitia Schaus 1928 [species]

Rifargia hecina Schaus 1939 [species]

Rifargia imitata Druce 1911 [species]

Rifargia impexa Draudt 1932 [species]

Rifargia incisura Dognin 1909 [species]

Rifargia indecora Schaus 1906 [species]

Rifargia intermedia Rothschild 1917 [species]

Rifargia kawensis Thiaucourt 1987 [species]

Rifargia lemoulti Schaus 1906 [species]

Rifargia lineata (Druce, 1887) [species]

Rifargia litura Schaus 1906 [species]

Rifargia longula Druce 1904 [species]

Rifargia merita Schaus 1906 [species]

Rifargia mildora Schaus 1929 [species]

Rifargia mistura Schaus 1906 [species]

Rifargia moha Dognin 1897 [species]

Rifargia molleri Schaus 1939 [species]

Rifargia mortis Schaus 1906 [species]

Rifargia morula Dognin 1914 [species]

Rifargia muscosa Dognin 1905 [species]

Rifargia myconos Schaus 1892 [species]

Rifargia nebulosa Schaus 1910 [species]

Rifargia nugax Draudt 1932 [species]

Rifargia occulta Schaus, 1905 [species]

Rifargia ogdeni Schaus 1939 [species]

Rifargia onerosa Schaus 1906 [species]

Rifargia ormanceyi Thiaucourt 1982 [species]

Rifargia panzaleo Thiaucourt 1981 [species]

Rifargia phanerostigma Dyar 1910 [species]

Rifargia phasma Dognin 1917 [species]

Rifargia picta Schaus 1904 [species]

Rifargia possida Schaus 1928 [species]

Rifargia praerupta Dognin 1911 [species]

Rifargia presbytica Dyar, 1914 [species]

Rifargia rufidiscata Dognin 1914 [species]

Rifargia sator Dognin 1908 [species]

Rifargia spontiva Dognin, 1909 [species]

Rifargia stellata Schaus 1920 [species]

Rifargia tertini Schaus 1937 [species]

Rifargia testaceata Dognin 1916 [species]

Rifargia tethys Schaus 1892 [species]

Rifargia toulgoeti Thiaucourt 1980 [species]

Rifargia tulira Schaus 1906 [species]

Rifargia valteria Schaus 1939 [species]

Rifargia variegata Dognin 1924 [species]

Rifargia versuta Dognin 1924 [species]

Rifargia xylinoides Walker, 1862 [species]


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