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Subfamily Heterocampinae

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Noctuoidea family Notodontidae → subfamily Heterocampinae


Daughter taxa

Genera: 17 (8 illustrated). Species.

Disphragis Hübner, [1820] [genus]

Disphragis aemula, Disphragis albidiscata, Disphragis albovirens, Disphragis altilis, Disphragis antistes, Disphragis apparata, Disphragis arima, Disphragis aroensis, Disphragis arpi, Disphragis atrax, Disphragis avicans, Disphragis bactrea, Disphragis bactrina, Disphragis baracoana, Disphragis barensa, Disphragis bochica, Disphragis caluna, Disphragis camilla, Disphragis captiosa, Disphragis carantis, Disphragis cariba, Disphragis cariosa, Disphragis cervina, Disphragis clitiusa, Disphragis contracta, Disphragis coremista, Disphragis corosina, Disphragis cubana, Disphragis daona, Disphragis dardania, Disphragis delecta, Disphragis delira, Disphragis discata, Disphragis disciplaga, Disphragis divisa, Disphragis dolorosa, Disphragis druona, Disphragis echina, Disphragis editha, Disphragis edwardsi, Disphragis elongata, Disphragis epimacha, Disphragis epona, Disphragis eusebia, Disphragis externa, Disphragis foliata, Disphragis gelduba, Disphragis gilboa, Disphragis gravis, Disphragis handleyi, Disphragis herbida, Disphragis hertha, Disphragis hosmera, Disphragis hyginia, Disphragis infanda, Disphragis isidra, Disphragis jamaicensis, Disphragis lama, Disphragis laosoma, Disphragis ligneata, Disphragis livida, Disphragis lloreda, Disphragis lopodites, Disphragis lucoides, Disphragis mahalia, Disphragis manethusa, Disphragis marginalis, Disphragis marusa, Disphragis mephitis, Disphragis meretricia, Disphragis meridionalis, Disphragis mullinsi, Disphragis multilineata, Disphragis muscosa, Disphragis mystica, Disphragis nebulosa, Disphragis nigriplaga, Disphragis notabilis, Disphragis nystalina, Disphragis otiosa, Disphragis paranensis, Disphragis patricia, Disphragis peralta, Disphragis perplexa, Disphragis peruviensis, Disphragis plebeia, Disphragis poppea, Disphragis poulsoni, Disphragis praestana, Disphragis princeps, Disphragis psalmoida, Disphragis puseyae, Disphragis rascona, Disphragis remuria, Disphragis sabaria, Disphragis salma, Disphragis salona, Disphragis santiago, Disphragis sapani, Disphragis semilunata, Disphragis sexnotata, Disphragis spectra, Disphragis splendens, Disphragis staria, Disphragis subalbida, Disphragis subguttata, Disphragis surinamensis, Disphragis sylla, Disphragis sylvia, Disphragis tapperti, Disphragis tharis, Disphragis tricolor, Disphragis tumacona, Disphragis vestona, Disphragis virgea, Disphragis viridiana, Disphragis viror, Disphragis vivida

Etobesa Walker, 1865 [genus]

Etobesa ligneata

Luca Walker, 1862 [genus]

Luca herbida

Scevesia Dyar 1916 [genus]

Scevesia angustiora

Skaphita Schaus, 1901 [genus]

Skaphita salona

Heterocampinae photos with superspecies identification

If you know the species, please, click on the picture and write the species name in Comments section. Also, you can go to the gallery page with all photos of Heterocampinae sp. (large size).

Heterocampinae sp. Heterocampinae sp. Heterocampinae sp. Heterocampinae sp. Heterocampinae sp.


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