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Photo #40849: Dicallomera fascelina

Female, в инсектарии

Dicallomera fascelina

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Base gallery. Upperside. Alive insect.

Photo, and identified by: Vasiliy Feoktistov. Image without retouching at the website

Date and time, location shooting/catching: 2015-06-22 20:35:00, Russia, Moscow reg., Zheleznodorozhny city, ex pupa

Photographer's comment: Обсыхает :) Недавно покинувшая кокон новорожденая самка. Гусеница собрана 26 мая 2015 года. Здесь: Россия, Владимирская обл., Петушинский район, окр., дер. Старые Омутищи, на сосновом бревне. Выкармливалась на Берёзе повислой (Betula pendula) Начала плести кокон 5 июня 2015 года. Выход имаго: вечер 22 июня 2015 года.

Comments on this image

08.07.2015 16:56, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Yuri, nobody nowhere and nothing pours.
It's just that most of the butterflies as we all know, after molting a caterpillar changes and appearance.
There have been attempts to establish the age of the tracks on the photo. I, say very much seems that and http: // / gallery / 40569 is quite different in appearance, caterpillars (respectively, and different age groups) and view the blame. And it looks like a caterpillar fifth age of this species, I know from their own experience: already the third year in a row they find in places that monitor. Like I never considered myself a color-blind :)

08.07.2015 16:15, Yuri Semejkin

Yes, like enough to "catch the wind in a net." Everything is contained, all in plain sight, someone who wanted to read what he says .....
Vladimir! I hope you do not mind if I say a few words about your caterpillar. Suppose that in the future you are not surprised if the caterpillar cease to exist ... This is just a sign that it is going to pupate.If it covers the whole and there are no signs of decay, do not rush to throw it. It may pupate, with a doll can be quite brisk.
But there may be exceptions when the caterpillar is really dead. There may be different reasons. For example, when the caterpillar is infected by a parasite such as sawflies, rider or others.a "fly" Caterpillar may even pupate, but come out of it then someone else, but not a butterfly. Who wants to can follow this chain and thus can be found even to the kind who kills this type of butterfly ....

08.07.2015 16:14, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Vladimir, are all tracks that of the Old Omutisch (this is my point, and I drive them people sometimes) the fifth age. Including by A. Ponomaryov. We were together when there were :) Note: Date of shooting close: at my 18.05.2014 and Andrey 19.05.2014 http: // / gallery / 36411
I do not know why he put the nineteenth: apparently because rented home on the day after the trip))
That is exactly five years and not subject to discussion.
Similarly, my geese from which I brought a butterfly on a page which we are discussing all this: while I was driving her home, she had time to molt on the road.And before moulting look like a memory of your photo which has quite a few similarities with the adjacent photo in the group. Hence the conclusion :).

08.07.2015 15:45, Vladimir Bryukhov

Re: Vladimir, I figured with the amount of ages :)
Basil there between shots 7 minutes passed ...). This same goose. And the age of the photo is unlikely to determine exactly. If only the of eggs grew.

08.07.2015 13:42, Vasiliy Feoktistov

NB. Vladimir, I figured with the amount of ages :) send in comments to photos.

08.07.2015 12:20, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Re Vladimir belly.
"No, Basil, is molting. And the skin is, as usual, was alone in a corner. But after molting has not fed ..."
Vladimir, you're right. Sorry. That I did not notice simple: you have two photos just different age caterpillars.
Here is a picture: penultimate age.
And in this photo: http: // / gallery / 40569 last age)))
It will be necessary to find out the number of tracks ages (probably five, but do not know exactly for this type), and then you will need to specify the age of the notorious top line))

08.07.2015 11:54, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Alexander, totally agree. Someone says one thing and someone else. You can not fit under one standard all the comments, and the more thoughts of different people. It applies to you and me ..... Actually all.
It all began with exact dates of life certain dolls.pupae and from a specific region on the page of the form (((
It was enough to simply specify: "The pupal stage lasts for two weeks," , and all without the unnecessary details. That was the gist of my remarks very unfortunate that you did not catch it (((
For example: I have collected in a series of decent number of copies of the same typeEilema griseolain the period from 06.23.2015 at 04.07.2015: I will not, I write it on the page type? That's why I will not write that the flight of the imago her from June through August and generation for the entire period of flight known to be more than one.Indicate special cases there is not "gut" (((
After all, on the basis of these data on the site there are formalized obschevidovye signs and doing it online is your humble servant. And thank God, that the lifetime of the pupae are not formalized)))
All ... stop. It is better to do business.

08.07.2015 10:06, Vladimir Bryukhov

Re: Vladimir, I think that it is you do not shed (it seemed to you), but just died ((
No, Basil, is molting. And the skin is, as usual, was alone in a corner. But after molting has not fed ...

08.07.2015 8:54, Alexandr Zhakov

Basil, and here the "Note of the author", talking about the top line, which should clarify the classification and age of caterpillars, like so decided, not amateur.
His advice leave with me, they do not stand or anything (not for me, not for others, only harm them site). On this photo you sent me himself asking him to look http: // / taxonomy / 6703, not obessud I looked and commented on.
This is to ensure that all its actions need to think through how they will look not only your eyes but also the other side.

07.07.2015 19:54, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Vladimir, I think that it is you do not shed (it seemed to you), but just died ((
The thing is that you have my photos on: last age)))

07.07.2015 19:48, Vasiliy Feoktistov

Alexander, the string "Comment author" specific to the taxonomy has not. The author writes his, personal comment on the butterfly, which is shown in the photo. And as long as it will be called "Comment author": so be it.As for the top line: there I also did not clarify on the taxonomy, and in essence (permitted with).
P.S. My advice to you: do not stop and exposes himself to the ugly side. I watch you again suffered something: you begin to purposefully seek out for me (looks svolochnaya). Why would it?

07.07.2015 19:40, Vladimir Bryukhov

And my will is not, as died. But again I molted before.

07.07.2015 18:31, Alexandr Zhakov

Especially charming refinement of taxonomy :)))

22.06.2015 20:43, Vasiliy Feoktistov

For Vladimir Bryukhova. Released today, here's this girl. So, watch out for her)))

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