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Genus Coenotephria

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Geometroidea family Geometridae subfamily Larentiinae tribe Cidariini → genus Coenotephria (Prout, 1914)

Daughter taxa

Coenotephria achromaria De la Harpe 1853 [species]

Coenotephria adela Butler 1893 [species]

Coenotephria albicoma Inoue 1954 [species]

Coenotephria aleucidia Butler 1882 [species]

Coenotephria ambustaria Leech 1897 [species]

Coenotephria anomala Inoue 1954 [species]

Coenotephria apiciata Staudinger 1892 [species]

C. a. pistacieti

Coenotephria apotoma Turner 1907 [species]

Coenotephria approximata Staudinger 1879 [species]

Coenotephria assimilata Walker 1862 [species]

Coenotephria avilaria Reisser 1936 [species]

Coenotephria bellissima Butler 1893 [species]

Coenotephria brevifasciata Warren 1888 [species]

Coenotephria casearia Constant 1893 [species]

Coenotephria ceres Butler 1882 [species]

Coenotephria championi Prout 1926 [species]

Coenotephria corticalis Butler 1882 [species]

Coenotephria cylon Druce 1893 [species]

Coenotephria cynthia Butler 1882 [species]

Coenotephria decipiens Butler 1882 [species]

Coenotephria detritata Staudinger 1898 [species]

Coenotephria diana Butler 1882 [species]

Coenotephria dubia Butler 1882 [species]

Coenotephria egenata Prout 1914 [species]

Coenotephria emilia Butler 1882 [species]

Coenotephria erebearia Leech 1897 [species]

Coenotephria eteocretica Rebel 1906 [species]

Coenotephria flavistrigata Warren 1888 [species]

Coenotephria flexuosa Dognin 1914 [species]

Coenotephria fortificaria Bang-Haas 1910 [species]

Coenotephria homophana Hampson 1895 [species]

C. h. petri, C. h. sustenta

Coenotephria homophoeta Prout 1926 [species]

Coenotephria ibericata Staudinger [species]

C. i. numidiata

Coenotephria ignipennis Butler 1882 [species]

Coenotephria impunctata Staudinger 1879 [species]

Coenotephria incultaria Herrich-Schäffer 1848 [species]

Coenotephria juvenilata Zerny 1933 [species]

Coenotephria khorassana Brandt 1941 [species]

Coenotephria lamata Staudinger 1897 [species]

Coenotephria latevittata Turati 1912 [species]

Coenotephria longipennis Brandt 1941 [species]

Coenotephria ludificata Staudinger 1870 [species]

Coenotephria macidata Felder 1875 [species]

Coenotephria malvata Rambur 1832 [species]

Coenotephria mantelorum Hausmann 1997 [species]

Coenotephria mathewi Butler 1883 [species]

Coenotephria microcyma Guest 1887 [species]

Coenotephria misera Butler 1882 [species]

Coenotephria mongoliata Staudinger 1897 [species]

Coenotephria nebulata Treitschke 1828 [species]

C. n. pirinica

Coenotephria neogamata Püngeler 1909 [species]

Coenotephria obsoletaria Herrich-Schäffer 1838 [species]

Coenotephria parvularia Leech 1897 [species]

Coenotephria perplexaria Leech 1897 [species]

Coenotephria propagata Christoph 1893 [species]

Coenotephria pseudohalia Butler 1882 [species]

Coenotephria pusilla Butler 1882 [species]

Coenotephria rastremata Treitschke & Krüger 1936 [species]

Coenotephria reclamata Prout 1914 [species]

Coenotephria reisseri Schawerda 1932 [species]

Coenotephria rejectaria Staudinger 1892 [species]

Coenotephria rogata Staudinger 1892 [species]

Coenotephria saidabadi Brandt 1941 [species]

Coenotephria salicata (Denis & Schiffermuller, 1775) [species]

C. s. latentaria, C. s. probaria, C. s. salicata

Coenotephria senectaria Herrich-Schäffer 1851 [species]

C. s. sultana

Coenotephria subochraria Doubleday 1843 [species]

Coenotephria taczanowskiaria Oberthür 1880 [species]

Coenotephria tophaceata (Denis & Schiffermuller, 1775) [species]

C. t. jurassica, C. t. tophaceata

Coenotephria triciliata Wiltshire 1967 [species]

Coenotephria umbrifera Butler 1879 [species]

Coenotephria uncinata Guenée 1858 [species]

Coenotephria vartianata Wiltshire 1970 [species]

Coenotephria verberata Scopoli 1763 [species]

C. v. judicariae

Coenotephria viduata Staudinger 1892 [species]


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