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Tribe Cidariini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Geometroidea family Geometridae subfamily Larentiinae → tribe Cidariini


Daughter taxa

Genera: 35 (18 illustrated). Species.

Almeria (Agenjo, 1949) [genus]

Almeria kalischata

Coenotephria (Prout, 1914) [genus]

Coenotephria achromaria, Coenotephria adela, Coenotephria albicoma, Coenotephria aleucidia, Coenotephria ambustaria, Coenotephria anomala, Coenotephria apiciata, Coenotephria apotoma, Coenotephria approximata, Coenotephria assimilata, Coenotephria avilaria, Coenotephria bellissima, Coenotephria brevifasciata, Coenotephria casearia, Coenotephria ceres, Coenotephria championi, Coenotephria corticalis, Coenotephria cylon, Coenotephria cynthia, Coenotephria decipiens, Coenotephria detritata, Coenotephria diana, Coenotephria dubia, Coenotephria egenata, Coenotephria emilia, Coenotephria erebearia, Coenotephria eteocretica, Coenotephria flavistrigata, Coenotephria flexuosa, Coenotephria fortificaria, Coenotephria homophana, Coenotephria homophoeta, Coenotephria ibericata, Coenotephria ignipennis, Coenotephria impunctata, Coenotephria incultaria, Coenotephria juvenilata, Coenotephria khorassana, Coenotephria lamata, Coenotephria latevittata, Coenotephria longipennis, Coenotephria ludificata, Coenotephria macidata, Coenotephria malvata, Coenotephria mantelorum, Coenotephria mathewi, Coenotephria microcyma, Coenotephria misera, Coenotephria mongoliata, Coenotephria nebulata, Coenotephria neogamata, Coenotephria obsoletaria, Coenotephria parvularia, Coenotephria perplexaria, Coenotephria propagata, Coenotephria pseudohalia, Coenotephria pusilla, Coenotephria rastremata, Coenotephria reclamata, Coenotephria reisseri, Coenotephria rejectaria, Coenotephria rogata, Coenotephria saidabadi, Coenotephria salicata, Coenotephria senectaria, Coenotephria subochraria, Coenotephria taczanowskiaria, Coenotephria tophaceata, Coenotephria triciliata, Coenotephria umbrifera, Coenotephria uncinata, Coenotephria vartianata, Coenotephria verberata, Coenotephria viduata

Costicoma Choi, 2000 [genus]

Costicoma exangulata

Sibatania Inoue, 1944 [genus]

Sibatania mactata


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