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Genus Agdistis

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Pterophoroidea family Pterophoridae subfamily Agdistinae → genus Agdistis (Hubner, 1825)


Daughter taxa

Agdistis aberdareana Arenberger 1988 [species]

Agdistis adactyla (Hubner, 1819) [species]

Agdistis adenensis Amsel 1961 [species]

Agdistis americana Barnes & Lindsey, 1921 [species]

Agdistis arabica Amsel 1958 [species]

Agdistis asthenes Bigot 1970 [species]

Agdistis balchashensis Zagulajev 1997 [species]

Agdistis bellissima Arenberger 1975 [species]

Agdistis bennetii (Curtis, 1833) [species]

Agdistis betica (Arenberger, 1978) [species]

Agdistis bifurcatus (Agenjo, 1952) [species]

Agdistis bigoti (Arenberger, 1976) [species]

Agdistis caradjai Arenberger, 1975 [species]

Agdistis cathae Arenberger 1999 [species]

Agdistis chardzhouna Arenberger 1997 [species]

Agdistis clara Arenberger 1986 [species]

Agdistis cretifera Meyrick 1909 [species]

Agdistis criocephala Meyrick 1909 [species]

Agdistis cypriota (Arenberger, 1983) [species]

Agdistis dagestanica Zagulajev & Filippova 1976 [species]

Agdistis dahurica Zagulajev, 1994 [species]

Agdistis delicatulella Chrétien, 1917 [species]

Agdistis dentalis Arenberger 1986 [species]

Agdistis desertorum Arenberger 1999 [species]

Agdistis detruncatum Zagulajev & Blumental 1995 [species]

Agdistis dimetra Meyrick 1924 [species]

Agdistis espunae (Arenberger, 1978) [species]

Agdistis facetus Bigot 1969 [species]

Agdistis falkovitshi Zagulajev, 1986 [species]

Agdistis flavissima Caradja 1920 [species]

Agdistis frankeniae (Zeller, 1847) [species]

Agdistis gerasimovi Zagulajev & Blumental 1995 [species]

Agdistis gittia (Arenberger, 1988) [species]

Agdistis glaseri (Arenberger, 1978) [species]

Agdistis hakimah Arenberger 1985 [species]

Agdistis halodelta Meyrick 1925 [species]

Agdistis hartigi (Arenberger, 1973) [species]

Agdistis heydeni (Zeller, 1852) [species]

A. h. canariensis, A. h. heydeni

Agdistis heydenii Zeller 1852 [species]

A. h. canariensis

Agdistis hulli (Gielis, 1998) [species]

Agdistis infumata Meyrick 1912 [species]

Agdistis ingens (Christoph, 1887) [species]

Agdistis insidiatrix Meyrick 1933 [species]

Agdistis intermedia (Caradja, 1920) [species]

Agdistis karabachica Zagulajev 1990 [species]

Agdistis karakalensis Zagulajev 1990 [species]

Agdistis kenyana Arenberger 1988 [species]

Agdistis korana Arenberger 1988 [species]

Agdistis kulunda Ustjuzhanin, 1991 [species]

Agdistis lomholdti Gielis 1990 [species]

Agdistis maghrebi Arenberger 1976 [species]

Agdistis malitiosa Meyrick 1909 [species]

Agdistis malleana Arenberger 1988 [species]

Agdistis manicata (Staudinger, 1859) [species]

Agdistis melitensis (Amsel, 1954) [species]

Agdistis meridionalis (Zeller, 1847) [species]

Agdistis mevlaniella Arenberger, 1972 [species]

Agdistis minima Walsingham 1900 [species]

Agdistis morini (Huemer, 2001) [species]

Agdistis mugabica Zagulajev & Blumental 1995 [species]

Agdistis namibiana Arenberger 1988 [species]

Agdistis nanodes Meyrick, 1906 [species]

Agdistis neglecta (Arenberger, 1976) [species]

Agdistis nigra (Amsel, 1955) [species]

Agdistis obstinata Meyrick 1920 [species]

Agdistis olei Arenberger 1976 [species]

Agdistis pala Arenberger 1986 [species]

Agdistis paralia Zeller, 1847 [species]

Agdistis parvella Amsel 1958 [species]

Agdistis picardi Bigot 1964 [species]

Agdistis piccolo Gielis 1990 [species]

Agdistis protai (Arenberger, 1973) [species]

Agdistis protecta Arenberger 1999 [species]

Agdistis pseudocanariensis (Arenberger, 1973) [species]

Agdistis pustulalis Walker 1864 [species]

Agdistis reciprocans Meyrick 1924 [species]

Agdistis rjabovi Zagulajev & Filippova 1976 [species]

Agdistis rubasiensis Zagulajev, 1985 [species]

Agdistis salsolae (Walsingham, 1908) [species]

Agdistis sanctaehelenae Wollaston 1879 [species]

Agdistis satanas (Milliere, 1875) [species]

Agdistis sissia Arenberger 1987 [species]

Agdistis sphinx Walsingham, 1907 [species]

Agdistis spinosa Arenberger 1986 [species]

Agdistis symmetrica (Amsel, 1955) [species]

Agdistis takamukui Nohira 1919 [species]

Agdistis tamaricis (Zeller, 1847) [species]

Agdistis tenera Arenberger 1976 [species]

Agdistis tihamae Arenberger 1999 [species]

Agdistis turkestanica Zagulajev 1990 [species]

Agdistis unguica Arenberger 1988 [species]

Agdistis yemenica Arenberger 1999 [species]


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