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Genus Eudonia

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Pyraloidea family Crambidae subfamily Scopariinae → genus Eudonia (Billberg, 1820)


Daughter taxa

Eudonia achlya Clarke 1986 [species]

Eudonia actias Meyrick 1899 [species]

Eudonia aeolis Meyrick 1899 [species]

Eudonia aequalis (Kyrki & Svensson, 1986) [species]

Eudonia albafascicula Salmon 1956 [species]

Eudonia albertalis (Dyar, 1929) [species]

Eudonia albilinea Sasaki 1998 [species]

Eudonia alopecias Meyrick 1901 [species]

Eudonia alpina (Curtis, 1850) [species]

Eudonia alticola Leraut 1989 [species]

Eudonia altissima Leraut 1986 [species]

Eudonia amphicypella Meyrick 1899 [species]

Eudonia angustea (Curtis, 1827) [species]

Eudonia anthracias Meyrick 1885 [species]

Eudonia antimacha Meyrick 1899 [species]

Eudonia antiquella Zetterstedt 1839 [species]

Eudonia aphrodes Meyrick 1885 [species]

Eudonia aplysia Clarke 1986 [species]

Eudonia ara Clarke 1986 [species]

Eudonia aspidota Meyrick [species]

Eudonia asterisca Meyrick [species]

Eudonia atmogramma Meyrick 1915 [species]

Eudonia axena Meyrick [species]

Eudonia balanopis Meyrick 1899 [species]

Eudonia bisinualis Hudson 1928 [species]

Eudonia bronzalis (Barnes & Benjamin, 1922) [species]

Eudonia bucolica Meyrick 1899 [species]

Eudonia camerounensis Maes 1996 [species]

Eudonia cataxesta Meyrick [species]

Eudonia chalara Meyrick 1901 [species]

Eudonia characta Meyrick [species]

Eudonia chlamydota Meyrick [species]

Eudonia choristis Meyrick 1907 [species]

Eudonia chrysomicta Meyrick 1929 [species]

Eudonia citrocosma Meyrick 1929 [species]

Eudonia clavula Clarke 1986 [species]

Eudonia clerica Meyrick 1929 [species]

Eudonia clonodes Meyrick 1899 [species]

Eudonia colpota Meyrick [species]

Eudonia commortalis (Dyar, 1921) [species]

Eudonia crataea Meyrick 1899 [species]

Eudonia critica Meyrick [species]

Eudonia cryerodes Meyrick 1899 [species]

Eudonia crypsinoa Meyrick [species]

Eudonia cymatias Meyrick [species]

Eudonia cyptastis Meyrick 1909 [species]

Eudonia dactyliopa Meyrick 1899 [species]

Eudonia decorella (Stainton, 1859) [species]

Eudonia deltophora Meyrick [species]

Eudonia delunella (Stainton, 1849) [species]

E. d. amicula, E. d. orientalis

Eudonia demodes Meyrick 1888 [species]

Eudonia dinodes Meyrick [species]

Eudonia dochmia Meyrick 1905 [species]

Eudonia dupla Clarke 1986 [species]

Eudonia echo (Dyar, 1929) [species]

E. e. echo, E. e. gartrelli

Eudonia empeda Meyrick 1899 [species]

Eudonia epicremna Meyrick [species]

Eudonia epicryma Meyrick 1885 [species]

Eudonia epimystis Meyrick 1899 [species]

Eudonia erebochalca Meyrick 1899 [species]

Eudonia eremitis Meyrick 1885 [species]

Eudonia expallidalis (Dyar, 1906) [species]

Eudonia feredayi Knaggs 1867 [species]

Eudonia formosa Butler 1881 [species]

Eudonia fotounii Maes 1996 [species]

Eudonia franciscalis Munroe, 1972 [species]

Eudonia franclemonti Munroe, 1972 [species]

Eudonia frigida Butler 1881 [species]

Eudonia geminoflexuosa (Nuss, Karsholt & Meyer 1998) [species]

Eudonia geraea Meyrick 1899 [species]

Eudonia gigantea Sasaki 1998 [species]

Eudonia gonodecta Meyrick 1904 [species]

Eudonia gracilineata Nuss 2000 [species]

Eudonia gressitti Munroe 1964 [species]

Eudonia griveaudi Leraut 1989 [species]

Eudonia gyrotoma Meyrick 1909 [species]

Eudonia halirrhoa Meyrick 1899 [species]

Eudonia halmaea Meyrick 1899 [species]

Eudonia hawaiensis Butler 1881 [species]

Eudonia hemicycla Meyrick [species]

Eudonia hemiplaca Meyrick [species]

Eudonia heterosalis (McDunnough, 1961) [species]

Eudonia hiranoi Inoue 1982 [species]

Eudonia homala Meyrick 1885 [species]

Eudonia ianthes Meyrick 1899 [species]

Eudonia inouei Sasaki 1998 [species]

Eudonia interlinealis (Warren, 1905) [species]

Eudonia ischnias Meyrick 1888 [species]

Eudonia isophaea Meyrick 1904 [species]

Eudonia japanalpina Inoue 1982 [species]

Eudonia jucunda Butler 1881 [species]

Eudonia lacustrata (Panzer, 1804) [species]

E. l. persica

Eudonia laetella (Zeller, 1846) [species]

Eudonia legnota Meyrick [species]

Eudonia leptalea Meyrick [species]

Eudonia leucogramma Meyrick 1884 [species]

Eudonia leucophthalma (Dyar, 1929) [species]

E. l. leucophthalma, E. l. petaluma

Eudonia liebmanni (Petry, 1904) [species]

Eudonia lindbergalis Viette 1958 [species]

Eudonia linealis Walker 1865 [species]

Eudonia lineola (Curtis, 1827) [species]

E. l. dorada, E. l. tafirella

Eudonia locularis Meyrick 1912 [species]

Eudonia loxocentra Meyrick 1899 [species]

Eudonia lugubralis (Walker, [1866]) [species]

E. l. lugubralis, E. l. madgei

Eudonia luminatrix Meyrick 1909 [species]

Eudonia luteusalis (Hampson, 1907) [species]

Eudonia lycopodiae Swezey 1910 [species]

Eudonia macrophanes Meyrick 1888 [species]

Eudonia madagascariensis Leraut 1989 [species]

Eudonia magnibursa Inoue 1982 [species]

Eudonia malawiensis Nuss 2000 [species]

Eudonia manganeutis Meyrick [species]

Eudonia marioni Leraut 1989 [species]

Eudonia marmarias Meyrick 1899 [species]

Eudonia mawsoni Womersly & Tinsdale 1937 [species]

Eudonia medinella Snellen 1890 [species]

Eudonia melanaegis Meyrick [species]

Eudonia melanocephala Meyrick 1899 [species]

Eudonia melanographa (Hampson, 1907) [species]

Eudonia melichlora Meyrick 1899 [species]

Eudonia meliturga Meyrick 1905 [species]

Eudonia mercurella (Linnaeus, 1758) [species]

E. m. puella

Eudonia meristis Meyrick 1899 [species]

Eudonia mesoleuca Meyrick 1888 [species]

Eudonia miantis Meyrick 1899 [species]

Eudonia microdontalis Hampson 1907 [species]

Eudonia microphthalma Meyrick [species]

Eudonia minima Leraut 1989 [species]

Eudonia minualis Walker 1865 [species]

Eudonia montana Butler 1882 [species]

Eudonia munroei Clarke 1986 [species]

Eudonia murana (Curtis, 1827) [species]

E. m. derrai, E. m. tuoniana

Eudonia nectarias Meyrick 1899 [species]

Eudonia nectarioides Swezey 1913 [species]

Eudonia notozeucta Meyrick 1938 [species]

Eudonia nyctombra Meyrick 1899 [species]

Eudonia octophora Meyrick 1885 [species]

Eudonia oculata Philpott 1927 [species]

Eudonia oenopis Meyrick 1899 [species]

Eudonia officialis Meyrick 1929 [species]

Eudonia okuensis Maes 1996 [species]

Eudonia ombrodes Meyrick 1888 [species]

Eudonia omichlopis Meyrick 1899 [species]

Eudonia opostactis Meyrick 1929 [species]

Eudonia oreas Meyrick [species]

Eudonia organaea Meyrick 1901 [species]

Eudonia orthoria Meyrick 1899 [species]

Eudonia owadai Sasaki 1998 [species]

Eudonia oxythyma Meyrick 1899 [species]

Eudonia pachyerga Meyrick 1927 [species]

Eudonia pachysema Meyrick 1888 [species]

Eudonia paghmanella Leraut 1985 [species]

Eudonia pallida (Curtis, 1827) [species]

Eudonia paltomacha Meyrick [species]

Eudonia parachlora Meyrick 1899 [species]

Eudonia parviangusta (Nuss, Karsholt & Meyer 1998) [species]

Eudonia passalota Meyrick 1899 [species]

Eudonia pentaspila Meyrick 1899 [species]

Eudonia perierga Meyrick 1885 [species]

Eudonia periphanes Meyrick [species]

Eudonia peronetis Meyrick 1899 [species]

Eudonia persimilis Sasaki 1991 [species]

Eudonia petrophila (Standfuss, 1848) [species]

E. p. balcanica, E. p. confusella, E. p. reali

Eudonia phaeoleuca (Zeller, 1846) [species]

E. p. brosi, E. p. fuscella

Eudonia puellaris Sasaki, 1991 [species]

Eudonia rectilinea (Zeller, 1874) [species]

Eudonia rotundalis Munroe, 1972 [species]

Eudonia schwarzalis (Dyar, 1906) [species]

Eudonia scoriella (Wollaston, 1858) [species]

Eudonia senecaensis (Huemer & Leraut, 1993) [species]

Eudonia spaldingalis (Barnes & McDunnough, 1912) [species]

Eudonia speideli (Leraut, 1982) [species]

Eudonia spenceri Munroe, 1972 [species]

Eudonia stenota (Wollaston, 1858) [species]

Eudonia steropaea Meyrick [species]

Eudonia stoliczkana Moore 1878 [species]

Eudonia strigalis (Dyar, 1906) [species]

Eudonia struthias Meyrick 1899 [species]

Eudonia submarginalis Walker 1863 [species]

Eudonia sudetica (Zeller, 1839) [species]

Eudonia synapta Meyrick 1885 [species]

Eudonia taiwanalpina Sasaki 1998 [species]

Eudonia tetranesa Meyrick 1899 [species]

Eudonia thalamias Meyrick 1899 [species]

Eudonia threnodes Meyrick 1887 [species]

Eudonia thyellopis Meyrick 1899 [species]

Eudonia thyridias Meyrick 1905 [species]

Eudonia torniplagalis (Dyar, 1904) [species]

E. t. alialis, E. t. perfectalis, E. t. torniplagalis

Eudonia torodes Meyrick 1901 [species]

Eudonia triacma Meyrick 1899 [species]

Eudonia triclara Meyrick 1905 [species]

Eudonia trivirgata Felder [species]

Eudonia truncicolella (Stainton, 1849) [species]

Eudonia tyraula Meyrick 1899 [species]

Eudonia umbrosa Sasaki 1998 [species]

Eudonia ustiramis Meyrick 1931 [species]

Eudonia vallesialis (Duponchel, 1832) [species]

E. v. parella

Eudonia venosa Butler 1881 [species]

Eudonia viettei Leraut 1989 [species]

Eudonia vivada Munroe 1972 [species]

Eudonia vivida Munroe, 1972 [species]

Eudonia xysmatias Meyrick 1907 [species]

Eudonia yaoundeiensis Maes 1996 [species]

Eudonia zophochlaena Meyrick 1923 [species]

Eudonia zophochlora Meyrick 1899 [species]

Eudonia photos with superspecies identification

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Eudonia sp. Eudonia sp.


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