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Subfamily Scopariinae

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Pyraloidea family Crambidae → subfamily Scopariinae


Daughter taxa

Tribes: 2 (1 illustrated). Genera: 15 (5 illustrated). Species.

Anarpia (Chapman, 1912) [genus]

Anarpia incertalis, Anarpia iranella

Cholius (Guenee, 1845) [genus]

Cholius luteolaris

Eudonia (Billberg, 1820) [genus]

Eudonia achlya, Eudonia actias, Eudonia aeolis, Eudonia aequalis, Eudonia albafascicula, Eudonia albertalis, Eudonia albilinea, Eudonia alopecias, Eudonia alpina, Eudonia alticola, Eudonia altissima, Eudonia amphicypella, Eudonia angustea, Eudonia anthracias, Eudonia antimacha, Eudonia antiquella, Eudonia aphrodes, Eudonia aplysia, Eudonia ara, Eudonia aspidota, Eudonia asterisca, Eudonia atmogramma, Eudonia axena, Eudonia balanopis, Eudonia bisinualis, Eudonia bronzalis, Eudonia bucolica, Eudonia camerounensis, Eudonia cataxesta, Eudonia chalara, Eudonia characta, Eudonia chlamydota, Eudonia choristis, Eudonia chrysomicta, Eudonia citrocosma, Eudonia clavula, Eudonia clerica, Eudonia clonodes, Eudonia colpota, Eudonia commortalis, Eudonia crataea, Eudonia critica, Eudonia cryerodes, Eudonia crypsinoa, Eudonia cymatias, Eudonia cyptastis, Eudonia dactyliopa, Eudonia decorella, Eudonia deltophora, Eudonia delunella, Eudonia demodes, Eudonia dinodes, Eudonia dochmia, Eudonia dupla, Eudonia echo, Eudonia empeda, Eudonia epicremna, Eudonia epicryma, Eudonia epimystis, Eudonia erebochalca, Eudonia eremitis, Eudonia expallidalis, Eudonia feredayi, Eudonia formosa, Eudonia fotounii, Eudonia franciscalis, Eudonia franclemonti, Eudonia frigida, Eudonia geminoflexuosa, Eudonia geraea, Eudonia gigantea, Eudonia gonodecta, Eudonia gracilineata, Eudonia gressitti, Eudonia griveaudi, Eudonia gyrotoma, Eudonia halirrhoa, Eudonia halmaea, Eudonia hawaiensis, Eudonia hemicycla, Eudonia hemiplaca, Eudonia heterosalis, Eudonia hiranoi, Eudonia homala, Eudonia ianthes, Eudonia inouei, Eudonia interlinealis, Eudonia ischnias, Eudonia isophaea, Eudonia japanalpina, Eudonia jucunda, Eudonia lacustrata, Eudonia laetella, Eudonia legnota, Eudonia leptalea, Eudonia leucogramma, Eudonia leucophthalma, Eudonia liebmanni, Eudonia lindbergalis, Eudonia linealis, Eudonia lineola, Eudonia locularis, Eudonia loxocentra, Eudonia lugubralis, Eudonia luminatrix, Eudonia luteusalis, Eudonia lycopodiae, Eudonia macrophanes, Eudonia madagascariensis, Eudonia magnibursa, Eudonia malawiensis, Eudonia manganeutis, Eudonia marioni, Eudonia marmarias, Eudonia mawsoni, Eudonia medinella, Eudonia melanaegis, Eudonia melanocephala, Eudonia melanographa, Eudonia melichlora, Eudonia meliturga, Eudonia mercurella, Eudonia meristis, Eudonia mesoleuca, Eudonia miantis, Eudonia microdontalis, Eudonia microphthalma, Eudonia minima, Eudonia minualis, Eudonia montana, Eudonia munroei, Eudonia murana, Eudonia nectarias, Eudonia nectarioides, Eudonia notozeucta, Eudonia nyctombra, Eudonia octophora, Eudonia oculata, Eudonia oenopis, Eudonia officialis, Eudonia okuensis, Eudonia ombrodes, Eudonia omichlopis, Eudonia opostactis, Eudonia oreas, Eudonia organaea, Eudonia orthoria, Eudonia owadai, Eudonia oxythyma, Eudonia pachyerga, Eudonia pachysema, Eudonia paghmanella, Eudonia pallida, Eudonia paltomacha, Eudonia parachlora, Eudonia parviangusta, Eudonia passalota, Eudonia pentaspila, Eudonia perierga, Eudonia periphanes, Eudonia peronetis, Eudonia persimilis, Eudonia petrophila, Eudonia phaeoleuca, Eudonia puellaris, Eudonia rectilinea, Eudonia rotundalis, Eudonia schwarzalis, Eudonia scoriella, Eudonia senecaensis, Eudonia spaldingalis, Eudonia speideli, Eudonia spenceri, Eudonia stenota, Eudonia steropaea, Eudonia stoliczkana, Eudonia strigalis, Eudonia struthias, Eudonia submarginalis, Eudonia sudetica, Eudonia synapta, Eudonia taiwanalpina, Eudonia tetranesa, Eudonia thalamias, Eudonia threnodes, Eudonia thyellopis, Eudonia thyridias, Eudonia torniplagalis, Eudonia torodes, Eudonia triacma, Eudonia triclara, Eudonia trivirgata, Eudonia truncicolella, Eudonia tyraula, Eudonia umbrosa, Eudonia ustiramis, Eudonia vallesialis, Eudonia venosa, Eudonia viettei, Eudonia vivada, Eudonia vivida, Eudonia xysmatias, Eudonia yaoundeiensis, Eudonia zophochlaena, Eudonia zophochlora

Scoparia (Haworth, 1811) [genus]

Scoparia absconditalis, Scoparia acharis, Scoparia acropola, Scoparia adoxodes, Scoparia aequipennalis, Scoparia afghanorum, Scoparia albifrons, Scoparia albifusalis, Scoparia albipunctata, Scoparia albonigra, Scoparia alticola, Scoparia ambigualis, Scoparia anadonta, Scoparia anagantis, Scoparia anaplecta, Scoparia ancipitella, Scoparia animosa, Scoparia anisophragma, Scoparia antarcticalis, Scoparia anthracias, Scoparia apachealis, Scoparia apheles, Scoparia aphrodes, Scoparia arcta, Scoparia argolina, Scoparia asaleuta, Scoparia astragalota, Scoparia atricuprea, Scoparia atropicta, Scoparia augastis, Scoparia australialis, Scoparia australiensis, Scoparia autochroa, Scoparia autumna, Scoparia axiolecta, Scoparia basalis, Scoparia basistrigalis, Scoparia benigna, Scoparia berytella, Scoparia biplagialis, Scoparia biradiellus, Scoparia biscutella, Scoparia blanchardi, Scoparia caecimaculalis, Scoparia caesia, Scoparia californialis, Scoparia caliginosa, Scoparia canicostalis, Scoparia caradjai, Scoparia carvalhoi, Scoparia cembrella, Scoparia chalicodes, Scoparia charopoea, Scoparia chiasta, Scoparia chordactis, Scoparia chrysopetra, Scoparia cinefacta, Scoparia cinereomedia, Scoparia citrochroa, Scoparia claranota, Scoparia clavata, Scoparia cleodoralis, Scoparia coecimaculalis, Scoparia coeruleotincta, Scoparia commercialis, Scoparia conicella, Scoparia contempta, Scoparia contemptalis, Scoparia contexta, Scoparia crassiusculla, Scoparia crepuscula, Scoparia crocalis, Scoparia crocospila, Scoparia crucigera, Scoparia crypserythra, Scoparia cyameuta, Scoparia cyclophora, Scoparia declivis, Scoparia dela, Scoparia delicatalis, Scoparia deliniens, Scoparia denigata, Scoparia depressoides, Scoparia dicteella, Scoparia dipenda, Scoparia diphtheralis, Scoparia dispersa, Scoparia distictalis, Scoparia dominicki, Scoparia dryphactis, Scoparia dufayi, Scoparia ejuncida, Scoparia elongalis, Scoparia emmetropis, Scoparia encapna, Scoparia epicryma, Scoparia epigypsa, Scoparia eremitis, Scoparia ergatis, Scoparia erythroneura, Scoparia eumeles, Scoparia eutacta, Scoparia excursalis, Scoparia exhibitalis, Scoparia exilis, Scoparia exterminata, Scoparia extincta, Scoparia fakoensis, Scoparia falsa, Scoparia famularis, Scoparia favilliferella, Scoparia fimbriata, Scoparia fragosa, Scoparia fumata, Scoparia gallica, Scoparia ganevi, Scoparia gethosyna, Scoparia glauculalis, Scoparia gomphota, Scoparia gracilis, Scoparia graeca, Scoparia halopis, Scoparia harpalea, Scoparia helenensis, Scoparia homala, Scoparia huachuacalis, Scoparia huachucalis, Scoparia humilialis, Scoparia hypoxantha, Scoparia idiogama, Scoparia ignicola, Scoparia illota, Scoparia indica, Scoparia indistinctalis, Scoparia inexoptata, Scoparia ingratella, Scoparia ischnoptera, Scoparia isochroalis, Scoparia italica, Scoparia ithyntis, Scoparia iwasakii, Scoparia jonesalis, Scoparia juldusellus, Scoparia kanai, Scoparia kiangensis, Scoparia latipennis, Scoparia lativitta, Scoparia leucealis, Scoparia leucomela, Scoparia leuconota, Scoparia lichenopa, Scoparia limatula, Scoparia longipennis, Scoparia lucidalis, Scoparia lychnophanes, Scoparia magnipunctalis, Scoparia mandschurica, Scoparia manifestella, Scoparia manschurica, Scoparia matsuii, Scoparia matuta, Scoparia mediorufalis, Scoparia melanomaculosa, Scoparia melanoxantha, Scoparia mesogramma, Scoparia metaleucalis, Scoparia meyi, Scoparia meyrickii, Scoparia minusculalis, Scoparia molestalis, Scoparia molifera, Scoparia molliculella, Scoparia monochroma, Scoparia monticola, Scoparia multifacies, Scoparia murificalis, Scoparia nephelitis, Scoparia nigritalis, Scoparia niphetodes, Scoparia niphospora, Scoparia nipponalis, Scoparia nomeutis, Scoparia normalis, Scoparia objurgalis, Scoparia obsoleta, Scoparia ochrealis, Scoparia ochrophara, Scoparia ochrotalis, Scoparia olivaris, Scoparia orthioplecta, Scoparia oxycampyla, Scoparia oxygona, Scoparia pallidula, Scoparia palloralis, Scoparia panopla, Scoparia parachalca, Scoparia paracycla, Scoparia parca, Scoparia parmifera, Scoparia pascoella, Scoparia pediopola, Scoparia penumbralis, Scoparia perierga, Scoparia perplexella, Scoparia petrina, Scoparia phaealis, Scoparia phaeopalpia, Scoparia phalerias, Scoparia philippinensis, Scoparia philonephes, Scoparia philorphna, Scoparia plagiotis, Scoparia platymera, Scoparia platysticha, Scoparia polialis, Scoparia poliophaealis, Scoparia protorthra, Scoparia psednopa, Scoparia pulveralis, Scoparia pulverulentella, Scoparia pura, Scoparia pusilla, Scoparia pyralella, Scoparia pyraustoides, Scoparia resinodes, Scoparia rigidalis, Scoparia rotuellus, Scoparia rufostigma, Scoparia ruidosalis, Scoparia saerdabella, Scoparia scintillulalis, Scoparia scripta, Scoparia semiamplalis, Scoparia sideraspis, Scoparia similis, Scoparia sinensis, Scoparia sinuata, Scoparia spadix, Scoparia spelaea, Scoparia spinata, Scoparia staudingeralis, Scoparia stenopa, Scoparia stereostigma, Scoparia stötzneri, Scoparia striatalis, Scoparia strigigramma, Scoparia subditella, Scoparia subfusca, Scoparia subgracilis, Scoparia subitus, Scoparia submedinella, Scoparia submolestalis, Scoparia subtersa, Scoparia susanae, Scoparia sylvestris, Scoparia synapta, Scoparia syntaracta, Scoparia taiwanensis, Scoparia termobola, Scoparia tersella, Scoparia tetracycla, Scoparia thomealis, Scoparia threnodes, Scoparia tibetalis, Scoparia tivira, Scoparia tohokuensis, Scoparia transversalis, Scoparia trapezophora, Scoparia tricolor, Scoparia triscelis, Scoparia tristicta, Scoparia tritocirrha, Scoparia tuicana, Scoparia turneri, Scoparia tyrophanta, Scoparia ulmaya, Scoparia ustimacula, Scoparia utsugii, Scoparia valenternota, Scoparia vinasalis, Scoparia vinotinctalis, Scoparia vulpecula, Scoparia x-signata, Scoparia xsignata, Scoparia yakushimana, Scoparia yamanakai, Scoparia ycarda

Scopariinae photos with superspecies identification

If you know the species, please, click on the picture and write the species name in Comments section. Also, you can go to the gallery page with all photos of Scopariinae sp. (large size).

Scopariinae sp. Scopariinae sp. Scopariinae sp. Scopariinae sp. Scopariinae sp. Scopariinae sp.


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