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Tribe Amphisbatini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Gelechioidea family Oecophoridae subfamily Depressiinae → tribe Amphisbatini

Daughter taxa

Genera: 3 (0 illustrated). Species.

Machimia Clemens, 1860 [genus]

Machimia absumptella, Machimia achroa, Machimia aethostola, Machimia agglomerata, Machimia albula, Machimia alma, Machimia amata, Machimia anaemica, Machimia analis, Machimia ancorata, Machimia anthracospora, Machimia atripunctella, Machimia baliosticha, Machimia biseriata, Machimia brachytricha, Machimia brevicilia, Machimia caduca, Machimia caminodes, Machimia carella, Machimia carnea, Machimia cholodella, Machimia chorrera, Machimia coccinea, Machimia coccoscela, Machimia conspersa, Machimia costimacula, Machimia crossota, Machimia crucifera, Machimia cruda, Machimia cryptorrhoda, Machimia cuphosema, Machimia cylicotypa, Machimia cyphopleura, Machimia defessa, Machimia delosticta, Machimia desertorum, Machimia diagrapha, Machimia dolopis, Machimia dystheata, Machimia ebenosticta, Machimia eothina, Machimia eoxantha, Machimia epicosma, Machimia erythema, Machimia eubrocha, Machimia fervida, Machimia flava, Machimia guerneella, Machimia habroschema, Machimia haploceros, Machimia hebes, Machimia holochra, Machimia homopolia, Machimia ignicolor, Machimia incensatella, Machimia intaminata, Machimia interjecta, Machimia lera, Machimia leucerythra, Machimia limbata, Machimia loxomita, Machimia marcella, Machimia mesogaea, Machimia metagypsa, Machimia metaxantha, Machimia metriopis, Machimia micromita, Machimia microptera, Machimia miltosparsa, Machimia miltosticha, Machimia mitescens, Machimia moderatella, Machimia mollis, Machimia morata, Machimia myodes, Machimia neochlora, Machimia nephospila, Machimia neuroscia, Machimia notatana, Machimia notella, Machimia notoporphyra, Machimia ochra, Machimia ochrophanes, Machimia oncospila, Machimia oxybela, Machimia pastea, Machimia peperita, Machimia perianthes, Machimia phaenopis, Machimia picturata, Machimia platyporphyra, Machimia porphyraspis, Machimia praepedita, Machimia pseudota, Machimia pudica, Machimia pyrocalyx, Machimia pyrograpta, Machimia pyrrhopasta, Machimia pyrrhoxantha, Machimia repandula, Machimia restricta, Machimia rhaphiducha, Machimia rhodochila, Machimia rhodopepla, Machimia rhoecozona, Machimia rogifera, Machimia roseomarginella, Machimia rubella, Machimia rufa, Machimia rufescens, Machimia rufimaculella, Machimia sarcoxantha, Machimia sejunctella, Machimia sericata, Machimia serva, Machimia similis, Machimia sobriella, Machimia stenomorpha, Machimia stenorrhoda, Machimia stygnodes, Machimia styphlodes, Machimia submissa, Machimia sulphurea, Machimia tentoriferella, Machimia teratopa, Machimia trigama, Machimia trunca, Machimia umbratica, Machimia vestalis, Machimia zatrephes, Machimia zelota


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