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Genus Machimia

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Gelechioidea family Oecophoridae subfamily Depressiinae tribe Amphisbatini → genus Machimia Clemens, 1860

Daughter taxa

Machimia absumptella Walker 1864 [species]

Machimia achroa Turner 1896 [species]

Machimia aethostola Meyrick 1931 [species]

Machimia agglomerata Meyrick 1920 [species]

Machimia albula Turner 1946 [species]

Machimia alma Meyrick 1914 [species]

Machimia amata Meyrick 1914 [species]

Machimia anaemica Turner 1916 [species]

Machimia analis Busck 1914 [species]

Machimia ancorata Walsingham 1912 [species]

Machimia anthracospora Meyrick 1934 [species]

Machimia atripunctella Turner 1896 [species]

Machimia baliosticha Turner 1946 [species]

Machimia biseriata Meyrick 1920 [species]

Machimia brachytricha Turner 1927 [species]

Machimia brevicilia Turner 1946 [species]

Machimia caduca Walsingham 1912 [species]

Machimia caminodes Turner 1916 [species]

Machimia carella Walker 1864 [species]

Machimia carnea Zeller 1855 [species]

Machimia cholodella Meyrick 1883 [species]

Machimia chorrera Busck 1914 [species]

Machimia coccinea Turner 1917 [species]

Machimia coccoscela Turner 1946 [species]

Machimia conspersa Turner 1946 [species]

Machimia costimacula Meyrick 1883 [species]

Machimia crossota Walsingham 1912 [species]

Machimia crucifera Busck 1914 [species]

Machimia cruda Meyrick 1926 [species]

Machimia cryptorrhoda Turner 1946 [species]

Machimia cuphosema Turner 1946 [species]

Machimia cylicotypa Turner 1946 [species]

Machimia cyphopleura Turner 1946 [species]

Machimia defessa Meyrick 1920 [species]

Machimia delosticta Turner 1946 [species]

Machimia desertorum Berg 1875 [species]

Machimia diagrapha Meyrick 1931 [species]

Machimia dolopis Walsingham 1912 [species]

Machimia dystheata Turner 1946 [species]

Machimia ebenosticta Turner 1946 [species]

Machimia eothina Meyrick 1920 [species]

Machimia eoxantha Turner 1896 [species]

Machimia epicosma Turner 1916 [species]

Machimia erythema Walsingham 1912 [species]

Machimia eubrocha Turner 1946 [species]

Machimia fervida Zeller 1855 [species]

Machimia flava Zeller 1839 [species]

Machimia guerneella Joannis 1914 [species]

Machimia habroschema Turner 1946 [species]

Machimia haploceros Turner 1946 [species]

Machimia hebes Turner 1946 [species]

Machimia holochra Turner 1946 [species]

Machimia homopolia Turner 1946 [species]

Machimia ignicolor Busck 1914 [species]

Machimia incensatella Walker 1864 [species]

Machimia intaminata Meyrick 1922 [species]

Machimia interjecta Turner 1946 [species]

Machimia lera Turner 1946 [species]

Machimia leucerythra Meyrick 1883 [species]

Machimia limbata Meyrick 1883 [species]

Machimia loxomita Turner 1946 [species]

Machimia marcella Busck 1914 [species]

Machimia mesogaea Turner 1916 [species]

Machimia metagypsa Turner 1946 [species]

Machimia metaxantha Turner 1946 [species]

Machimia metriopis Meyrick 1887 [species]

Machimia micromita Turner 1946 [species]

Machimia microptera Turner 1916 [species]

Machimia miltosparsa Turner 1914 [species]

Machimia miltosticha Turner 1946 [species]

Machimia mitescens Meyrick 1914 [species]

Machimia moderatella Walker 1864 [species]

Machimia mollis Turner 1946 [species]

Machimia morata Meyrick 1911 [species]

Machimia myodes Meyrick 1883 [species]

Machimia neochlora Meyrick 1883 [species]

Machimia nephospila Turner 1946 [species]

Machimia neuroscia Meyrick 1930 [species]

Machimia notatana Walker 1863 [species]

Machimia notella Busck 1914 [species]

Machimia notoporphyra Turner 1946 [species]

Machimia ochra Turner 1946 [species]

Machimia ochrophanes Turner 1916 [species]

Machimia oncospila Turner 1946 [species]

Machimia oxybela Meyrick 1931 [species]

Machimia pastea Turner 1927 [species]

Machimia peperita Walsingham 1912 [species]

Machimia perianthes Meyrick 1922 [species]

Machimia phaenopis Turner 1916 [species]

Machimia picturata Turner 1946 [species]

Machimia platyporphyra Turner 1946 [species]

Machimia porphyraspis Turner 1896 [species]

Machimia praepedita Meyrick 1920 [species]

Machimia pseudota Lower 1901 [species]

Machimia pudica Zeller 1855 [species]

Machimia pyrocalyx Meyrick 1922 [species]

Machimia pyrograpta Meyrick 1932 [species]

Machimia pyrrhopasta Turner 1946 [species]

Machimia pyrrhoxantha Meyrick 1931 [species]

Machimia repandula Zeller 1855 [species]

Machimia restricta Meyrick 1920 [species]

Machimia rhaphiducha Turner 1946 [species]

Machimia rhodochila Turner 1946 [species]

Machimia rhodopepla Lower 1903 [species]

Machimia rhoecozona Turner 1946 [species]

Machimia rogifera Meyrick 1914 [species]

Machimia roseomarginella Busck 1911 [species]

Machimia rubella Turner 1938 [species]

Machimia rufa Meyrick 1883 [species]

Machimia rufescens Turner 1946 [species]

Machimia rufimaculella Turner 1896 [species]

Machimia sarcoxantha Lower 1893 [species]

Machimia sejunctella Walker 1864 [species]

Machimia sericata Meyrick 1883 [species]

Machimia serva Meyrick 1920 [species]

Machimia similis Turner 1946 [species]

Machimia sobriella Walker 1864 [species]

Machimia stenomorpha Turner 1946 [species]

Machimia stenorrhoda Turner 1946 [species]

Machimia stygnodes Turner 1946 [species]

Machimia styphlodes Turner 1946 [species]

Machimia submissa Turner 1946 [species]

Machimia sulphurea Busck 1914 [species]

Machimia tentoriferella Clemens, 1860 [species]

Machimia teratopa Meyrick 1920 [species]

Machimia trigama (Meyrick, 1928) [species]

Machimia trunca Meyrick 1930 [species]

Machimia umbratica Turner 1946 [species]

Machimia vestalis Zeller 1873 [species]

Machimia zatrephes Turner 1916 [species]

Machimia zelota Turner 1916 [species]


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