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Tribe Crambini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Pyraloidea family Crambidae subfamily Crambinae → tribe Crambini


Daughter taxa

Genera: 26 (7 illustrated). Species.

Arequipa Walker, 1863 [genus]

Arequipa turbatella

Catoptria (Hubner, 1825) [genus]

Catoptria acutangulella, Catoptria algeriensis, Catoptria amathusia, Catoptria aurora, Catoptria bartellus, Catoptria biformella, Catoptria biformellus, Catoptria bolivari, Catoptria brachyrhabda, Catoptria cabardinica, Catoptria captiva, Catoptria casalei, Catoptria casperella, Catoptria caucasica, Catoptria ciliciella, Catoptria colchicella, Catoptria combinella, Catoptria conchella, Catoptria confusella, Catoptria corsicellus, Catoptria daghestanica, Catoptria digitellus, Catoptria dimorphella, Catoptria domaviella, Catoptria europaeica, Catoptria falsella, Catoptria fenestratella, Catoptria fibigeri, Catoptria fulgidella, Catoptria furcatellus, Catoptria furciferalis, Catoptria gozmanyi, Catoptria hannemanni, Catoptria harutai, Catoptria hilarella, Catoptria hokusaii, Catoptria incertella, Catoptria inouella, Catoptria intermediella, Catoptria kasyi, Catoptria laevigatella, Catoptria languidella, Catoptria latiradiella, Catoptria luctiferella, Catoptria lythargyrella, Catoptria maculalis, Catoptria majorella, Catoptria margaritaceus, Catoptria margaritella, Catoptria medifasciella, Catoptria mienshani, Catoptria montivaga, Catoptria mullertrutzi, Catoptria munroeella, Catoptria myella, Catoptria mytilella, Catoptria nana, Catoptria olympica, Catoptria oregonica, Catoptria orientella, Catoptria orobiella, Catoptria osthelderi, Catoptria pandora, Catoptria parenzani, Catoptria pauperellus, Catoptria permiaca, Catoptria permiacus, Catoptria permiscus, Catoptria permutatellus, Catoptria persephone, Catoptria petrificella, Catoptria pfeifferi, Catoptria pinella, Catoptria profluxella, Catoptria pyramidella, Catoptria radiella, Catoptria satakei, Catoptria siliciellus, Catoptria spatulella, Catoptria spatulelloides, Catoptria speculalis, Catoptria spodiella, Catoptria staudingeri, Catoptria submontivaga, Catoptria thibetica, Catoptria trichostomus, Catoptria tristis, Catoptria verellus, Catoptria viridiana, Catoptria witimella, Catoptria witmiella, Catoptria wolfi, Catoptria xerxes, Catoptria zermattensis

Cervicrambus Bleszynski, 1966 [genus]

Cervicrambus eximiellus

Crambus (Fabricius, 1798) [genus]

Crambus acyperas, Crambus adippellus, Crambus agitatellus, Crambus ainsliellus, Crambus albellus, Crambus albifrons, Crambus albilineellus, Crambus alexandrus, Crambus alienellus, Crambus angustalatellus, Crambus angustexon, Crambus archimedes, Crambus argyrophorus, Crambus aristophanes, Crambus arnaudiae, Crambus athamas, Crambus autotoxellus, Crambus averroellus, Crambus awemellus, Crambus bellissimus, Crambus bidens, Crambus bidentellus, Crambus bigelovi, Crambus bipartellus, Crambus boislamberti, Crambus brachiiferus, Crambus braunellus, Crambus brunneisquamatus, Crambus caliginosellus, Crambus caligula, Crambus claviger, Crambus coccophthorus, Crambus cockleellus, Crambus coloradellus, Crambus concolorellus, Crambus cormieri, Crambus coryolanus, Crambus cypridalis, Crambus cyrilellus, Crambus cyrnellus, Crambus daeckellus, Crambus damotellus, Crambus delineatellus, Crambus descarpentriesi, Crambus descludellus, Crambus dianiphalis, Crambus diarhabdellus, Crambus dimidiatellus, Crambus dissectus, Crambus domingellus, Crambus ellipticellus, Crambus elongatus, Crambus eraeneus, Crambus erechtheus, Crambus ericella, Crambus erostratus, Crambus eurypides, Crambus falcarius, Crambus floridus, Crambus frassicola, Crambus gausapalis, Crambus gelatellus, Crambus geleches, Crambus geminatellus, Crambus girardellus, Crambus guerini, Crambus hamella, Crambus hampsoni, Crambus harrisi, Crambus hastifer, Crambus hemileucalis, Crambus heringiellus, Crambus hulstellus, Crambus humidellus, Crambus icarus, Crambus isshiki, Crambus johnsoni, Crambus jupiter, Crambus kazitaellus, Crambus kindermanni, Crambus kumatakellus, Crambus kuzakaiensis, Crambus lacteela, Crambus laqueatellus, Crambus lascaellus, Crambus lathoniellus, Crambus leachellus, Crambus leuconotus, Crambus leucoschalis, Crambus luteolellus, Crambus lybistidellus, Crambus lyonsellus, Crambus magnificus, Crambus mediofasciellus, Crambus mesombrellus, Crambus microstrigatus, Crambus midas, Crambus modestellus, Crambus moeschleralis, Crambus mongolicus, Crambus monochromellus, Crambus multilinellus, Crambus multiradiellus, Crambus murellus, Crambus narcissus, Crambus nemorella, Crambus nephretete, Crambus nigriscriptellus, Crambus nigrivarialis, Crambus niitakaensis, Crambus nivellus, Crambus nolckeniellus, Crambus occidentalis, Crambus ocyperas, Crambus okinawanus, Crambus oslarellus, Crambus ovidius, Crambus palustrellus, Crambus pascuella, Crambus patulellus, Crambus pavidellus, Crambus perlella, Crambus perspicuus, Crambus praefectellus, Crambus pratella, Crambus prometheus, Crambus pseudargyrophorus, Crambus psychellus, Crambus pythagoras, Crambus quadrinotellus, Crambus quinquareatus, Crambus racabellus, Crambus reducta, Crambus richteri, Crambus rickseckerellus, Crambus rotarellus, Crambus sachaensis, Crambus saltuellus, Crambus sanfordellus, Crambus sapidus, Crambus sargentellus, Crambus satrapellus, Crambus sebrus, Crambus sechaensis, Crambus sectitermina, Crambus sibiricus, Crambus silvella, Crambus sinicolellus, Crambus sjoestedti, Crambus sparselloides, Crambus sparsellus, Crambus sperryellus, Crambus sudanicola, Crambus tenuis, Crambus tenuistriga, Crambus tessellatus, Crambus themistocles, Crambus thersites, Crambus tomanaellus, Crambus trichusalis, Crambus tripsacas, Crambus turbatella, Crambus tutillus, Crambus uliginosellus, Crambus unistriatellus, Crambus vagistrigellus, Crambus viettallus, Crambus virgatellus, Crambus vittiterminellus, Crambus watsonellus, Crambus whalleyi, Crambus whitmerellus, Crambus xebus, Crambus xonorus, Crambus youngellus, Crambus zeellus, Crambus zelator

Microcrambon Bleszynski, 1970 [genus]

Microcrambon paphiellus

Pediasia (Hubner, 1825) [genus]

Pediasia abbreviatellus, Pediasia abnaki, Pediasia alaica, Pediasia alcmena, Pediasia altaica, Pediasia amandasella, Pediasia angulilinea, Pediasia aridalis, Pediasia aridella, Pediasia aridelloides, Pediasia batangensis, Pediasia bizonelloides, Pediasia bizonellus, Pediasia bolivarella, Pediasia browerella, Pediasia cistites, Pediasia contaminella, Pediasia desertella, Pediasia dorsipunctella, Pediasia ematheudellus, Pediasia epineura, Pediasia ericella, Pediasia fascelinella, Pediasia ferruginea, Pediasia figuratellus, Pediasia fulvitinctellus, Pediasia georgella, Pediasia gertlerae, Pediasia gregori, Pediasia gruberella, Pediasia hispanica, Pediasia huebneri, Pediasia jecondica, Pediasia jucundella, Pediasia kasyi, Pediasia kuldjaensis, Pediasia laciniella, Pediasia ledereri, Pediasia lucrecia, Pediasia luteella, Pediasia matricella, Pediasia melanerges, Pediasia mexicana, Pediasia mutabilis, Pediasia naumanni, Pediasia nephelostictus, Pediasia niobe, Pediasia numidella, Pediasia ochristrigella, Pediasia palmitiella, Pediasia paraniobe, Pediasia pectinicornis, Pediasia pedriolella, Pediasia persella, Pediasia phrygius, Pediasia pseudopersella, Pediasia pudibundella, Pediasia radicivitta, Pediasia ramexita, Pediasia reosleri, Pediasia ribbeella, Pediasia sajanella, Pediasia scolopendra, Pediasia serraticornis, Pediasia siculella, Pediasia simiensis, Pediasia simpliciellus, Pediasia steppicolella, Pediasia strenua, Pediasia subepineura, Pediasia subflavella, Pediasia sujanellus, Pediasia trisecta, Pediasia truncatellus, Pediasia walkeri, Pediasia wittei, Pediasia yangtseella, Pediasia zellerella

Supercrambus Bleszynski, 1967 [genus]

Supercrambus albiradialis

Tehama Hulst, 1888 [genus]

Tehama bonifatella

Crambini photos with superspecies identification

If you know the species, please, click on the picture and write the species name in Comments section. Also, you can go to the gallery page with all photos of Crambini sp. (large size).

Crambini sp. Crambini sp. Crambini sp. Crambini sp. Crambini sp. Crambini sp. Crambini sp. Crambini sp. Crambini sp. Crambini sp.


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