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Subfamily Crambinae

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Pyraloidea family Crambidae → subfamily Crambinae


Daughter taxa

Tribes: 8 (2 illustrated). Genera: 128 (16 illustrated). Species.

Chilonini [tribe]

Myelobiini Minet, 1892 [tribe]

Eschata, Myelobia

Agriphiloides Bleszynski, 1965 [genus]

Agriphiloides longipalpellus

Amselia Bleszynski, 1959 [genus]

Amselia heringi, Amselia leucozonellus

Anaclastis Turner, 1904 [genus]

Anaclastis apicistrigellus

Ancylolomia Hubner, 1825 [genus]

Ancylolomia aduncella, Ancylolomia agraphella, Ancylolomia albicostalis, Ancylolomia arabella, Ancylolomia argentata, Ancylolomia argenteovittata, Ancylolomia atrifasciata, Ancylolomia auripaleella, Ancylolomia caffra, Ancylolomia capensis, Ancylolomia carcinella, Ancylolomia castaneata, Ancylolomia cervicella, Ancylolomia chrysargyria, Ancylolomia chrysographellus, Ancylolomia croesus, Ancylolomia disparalis, Ancylolomia dives, Ancylolomia drosogramma, Ancylolomia elongata, Ancylolomia endophaealis, Ancylolomia felderalla, Ancylolomia felderella, Ancylolomia fulvitinctalis, Ancylolomia gracilis, Ancylolomia hamatella, Ancylolomia holochrea, Ancylolomia indica, Ancylolomia inornata, Ancylolomia intricata, Ancylolomia irrorata, Ancylolomia japonica, Ancylolomia kuznetzovi, Ancylolomia laverna, Ancylolomia lentifascialis, Ancylolomia likiangella, Ancylolomia locupletella, Ancylolomia melanella, Ancylolomia melanothoracia, Ancylolomia micropalpella, Ancylolomia minutella, Ancylolomia mirabilis, Ancylolomia obscurella, Ancylolomia ochidea, Ancylolomia ophiralis, Ancylolomia orchidea, Ancylolomia palpella, Ancylolomia paraetoniella, Ancylolomia pectinatellus, Ancylolomia pectinifera, Ancylolomia perfasciata, Ancylolomia planicosta, Ancylolomia prepiella, Ancylolomia punctistrigellus, Ancylolomia retaxella, Ancylolomia rotaxella, Ancylolomia sansibarica, Ancylolomia saundersiella, Ancylolomia simplella, Ancylolomia taprobanensis, Ancylolomia tentaculella, Ancylolomia tripolitella, Ancylolomia umbonella, Ancylolomia uniformella, Ancylolomia westwoodi

Australargyria Bleszynski, 1970 [genus]

Australargyria fulvinotella

Batiana Walker, 1866 [genus]

Batiana remotella

Burmannia Bleszynski, 1965 [genus]

Burmannia marmorella

Calamotropha Zeller, 1863 [genus]

Calamotropha abjectella, Calamotropha aeneiciliellus, Calamotropha afra, Calamotropha agryppina, Calamotropha albidorsatus, Calamotropha albistrigellus, Calamotropha alcesta, Calamotropha anticella, Calamotropha arachnophagus, Calamotropha argenteociliella, Calamotropha argenticilia, Calamotropha argyrostola, Calamotropha athena, Calamotropha atkinsoni, Calamotropha aureliellus, Calamotropha azumai, Calamotropha baibarellus, Calamotropha bicornutella, Calamotropha boninellus, Calamotropha bradleyi, Calamotropha brevilinella, Calamotropha brevistrigella, Calamotropha caesella, Calamotropha camilla, Calamotropha cleopatra, Calamotropha corticellus, Calamotropha danutae, Calamotropha delatalis, Calamotropha diakonoffi, Calamotropha dielota, Calamotropha diodonta, Calamotropha discella, Calamotropha discipunctalis, Calamotropha endopolia, Calamotropha euphrosyne, Calamotropha formosella, Calamotropha franki, Calamotropha fulvifusalis, Calamotropha fuscilinieatella, Calamotropha fuscivittalis, Calamotropha hackeri, Calamotropha haplorus, Calamotropha heliocaustus, Calamotropha hierichuntica, Calamotropha indica, Calamotropha inounei, Calamotropha janusella, Calamotropha javaica, Calamotropha josettae, Calamotropha joskeaella, Calamotropha kuchleini, Calamotropha kurentzovi, Calamotropha latella, Calamotropha lattini, Calamotropha leptogrammellus, Calamotropha lupatus, Calamotropha malgasella, Calamotropha martini, Calamotropha megalopunctata, Calamotropha melanosticta, Calamotropha melli, Calamotropha mesostrigalis, Calamotropha mimosa, Calamotropha neurigrammalis, Calamotropha nigripunctella, Calamotropha niveicostellus, Calamotropha obliterans, Calamotropha oculalis, Calamotropha okanoi, Calamotropha olarui, Calamotropha paludella, Calamotropha papuella, Calamotropha psaltrias, Calamotropha pseudodielota, Calamotropha punctivenellus, Calamotropha robustella, Calamotropha saturnella, Calamotropha schonnmanni, Calamotropha shichito, Calamotropha shwarzi, Calamotropha sienkiewiczi, Calamotropha stachi, Calamotropha subalcesta, Calamotropha subdiodonta, Calamotropha subterminellus, Calamotropha sumatraella, Calamotropha sybilla, Calamotropha tonsalis, Calamotropha torpidella, Calamotropha toxophorus, Calamotropha tripartitus, Calamotropha unicolorellus, Calamotropha venera, Calamotropha virra, Calamotropha wallengreni, Calamotropha xanthypa, Calamotropha yamanakai, Calamotropha zoma

Catancyla Hampson, 1919 [genus]

Catancyla brunnea

Chilandrus Bleszynski, 1970 [genus]

Chilandrus chrysistes

Conocramboides Bleszynski, 1970 [genus]

Conocramboides seychellellus

Diploptalis Hampson, 1919 [genus]

Diploptalis metallescens

Japonichilo Okano, 1962 [genus]

Japonichilo bleszynskii

Malgasochilo Bleszynski, 1970 [genus]

Malgasochilo autarotellus

Microtalis Turner, 1911 [genus]

Microtalis epimetalla

Neargyrioides Bleszynski, 1970 [genus]

Neargyrioides aglaopis

Nechilo Bleszynski, 1970 [genus]

Nechilo macrogona

Neocrambus (Bleszynski, 1957) [genus]

Neocrambus wolfschlaegeri

Neopediasia Okano, 1962 [genus]

Neopediasia mixtalis

Parancyla Hampson, 1919 [genus]

Parancyla argyrothysana

Paraplatytes Bleszynski, 1965 [genus]

Paraplatytes eberti

Pareromene Osthelder, 1941 [genus]

Pareromene exsectella

Crambinae photos with superspecies identification

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Crambinae sp. Crambinae sp. Crambinae sp. Crambinae sp. Crambinae sp. Crambinae sp. Crambinae sp. Crambinae sp. Crambinae sp. Crambinae sp. Crambinae sp. Crambinae sp. Crambinae sp.


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