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Tribe Diptychophorini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Pyraloidea family Crambidae subfamily Crambinae → tribe Diptychophorini Gasking, 1972

Daughter taxa

Genera: 9 (0 illustrated). Species.

Chiqua Bleszynski, 1970 [genus]

Chiqua eblisella

Cleoeromene Gaskin, 1986 [genus]

Cleoeromene smithi

Glaucocharis (Meyrick, 1938) [genus]

Glaucocharis aeolocnemis, Glaucocharis ajaxella, Glaucocharis alatella, Glaucocharis albilinealis, Glaucocharis alypophanes, Glaucocharis amydra, Glaucocharis apiculella, Glaucocharis assamensis, Glaucocharis auriscriptella, Glaucocharis bathrogramma, Glaucocharis beculella, Glaucocharis bifidella, Glaucocharis bilinealis, Glaucocharis bipunctella, Glaucocharis brandti, Glaucocharis burmanella, Glaucocharis calliptera, Glaucocharis celebesensis, Glaucocharis cheesmani, Glaucocharis chelatella, Glaucocharis chrysoclyta, Glaucocharis clandestina, Glaucocharis classeyi, Glaucocharis clytia, Glaucocharis comparella, Glaucocharis copernici, Glaucocharis dialitha, Glaucocharis dilatella, Glaucocharis ediella, Glaucocharis eichhorni, Glaucocharis elaina, Glaucocharis electra, Glaucocharis epiphaea, Glaucocharis equestris, Glaucocharis euchromiella, Glaucocharis exotica, Glaucocharis fehrei, Glaucocharis fijiensis, Glaucocharis flavescens, Glaucocharis forcipella, Glaucocharis furculella, Glaucocharis fusca, Glaucocharis fuscobasella, Glaucocharis fuscopinna, Glaucocharis griseolalis, Glaucocharis haganella, Glaucocharis harmonica, Glaucocharis helioctypa, Glaucocharis himalayana, Glaucocharis hobbyi, Glaucocharis holanthes, Glaucocharis ibatianensis, Glaucocharis incisella, Glaucocharis infundella, Glaucocharis interruptus, Glaucocharis javaensis, Glaucocharis kangraensis, Glaucocharis khasiella, Glaucocharis lathonia, Glaucocharis lepidella, Glaucocharis leucoxantha, Glaucocharis lunatella, Glaucocharis margretella, Glaucocharis melistoma, Glaucocharis melli, Glaucocharis metallifera, Glaucocharis microdora, Glaucocharis microxantha, Glaucocharis minimalis, Glaucocharis minutalis, Glaucocharis molleri, Glaucocharis molydocrossa, Glaucocharis moriokensis, Glaucocharis morobella, Glaucocharis muscela, Glaucocharis mutuurella, Glaucocharis natalensis, Glaucocharis neotafanella, Glaucocharis novaehebridensis, Glaucocharis ochracealis, Glaucocharis ochronella, Glaucocharis ochrophanes, Glaucocharis octacornutella, Glaucocharis omeishani, Glaucocharis palidella, Glaucocharis papuanensis, Glaucocharis paradisella, Glaucocharis parmulella, Glaucocharis parorma, Glaucocharis parthenie, Glaucocharis pauli, Glaucocharis penetrata, Glaucocharis pilcheri, Glaucocharis planetopa, Glaucocharis pogonias, Glaucocharis pomae, Glaucocharis praemialis, Glaucocharis preangerella, Glaucocharis properpraemialis, Glaucocharis pyrsophanes, Glaucocharis queenslandensis, Glaucocharis qujingella, Glaucocharis ramona, Glaucocharis rectifascialis, Glaucocharis reniella, Glaucocharis rhamphella, Glaucocharis robinsoni, Glaucocharis rosanna, Glaucocharis rosannoides, Glaucocharis rossi, Glaucocharis rothschildi, Glaucocharis rusticula, Glaucocharis selenaea, Glaucocharis sericophthalma, Glaucocharis sikkimella, Glaucocharis simmondsi, Glaucocharis spinulella, Glaucocharis stella, Glaucocharis stenura, Glaucocharis subalbilinealis, Glaucocharis subnatalensis, Glaucocharis sumatraensis, Glaucocharis swanni, Glaucocharis taeniata, Glaucocharis tafanella, Glaucocharis taphrophracta, Glaucocharis torva, Glaucocharis tripunctata, Glaucocharis tyriochrysa, Glaucocharis vermeeri, Glaucocharis xanthogramma

Incaeromene Gaskin, 1986 [genus]

Incaeromene subuncusella


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