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Tribe Haimbachiini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Pyraloidea family Crambidae subfamily Crambinae → tribe Haimbachiini Landry, 1995

Daughter taxa

Genera: 10 (0 illustrated). Species.

Bissetia Kapur, 1950 [genus]

Bissetia subfumalis

Donacoscaptes Zeller, 1877 [genus]

Donacoscaptes aculeata, Donacoscaptes albescens, Donacoscaptes albiceps, Donacoscaptes albimarginalis, Donacoscaptes albipennella, Donacoscaptes albivenalis, Donacoscaptes aracalis, Donacoscaptes arenalis, Donacoscaptes arizonensis, Donacoscaptes atrisparsalis, Donacoscaptes attenuata, Donacoscaptes berthellus, Donacoscaptes calamistis, Donacoscaptes carnealis, Donacoscaptes chabilalis, Donacoscaptes chiloidellus, Donacoscaptes circumvagans, Donacoscaptes cochisensis, Donacoscaptes cretaceipars, Donacoscaptes cynedradellus, Donacoscaptes delinqualis, Donacoscaptes dentilineatella, Donacoscaptes dentilineella, Donacoscaptes diaperalis, Donacoscaptes diletantellus, Donacoscaptes diminutalis, Donacoscaptes discalis, Donacoscaptes donzella, Donacoscaptes dumptalis, Donacoscaptes duomita, Donacoscaptes evanidella, Donacoscaptes flavalis, Donacoscaptes flavilinealis, Donacoscaptes floridalis, Donacoscaptes forsteri, Donacoscaptes fulvescens, Donacoscaptes fuscicilia, Donacoscaptes gloriella, Donacoscaptes hampsoni, Donacoscaptes ignitalis, Donacoscaptes incoloralis, Donacoscaptes indistinctalis, Donacoscaptes infusellus, Donacoscaptes ingloriellus, Donacoscaptes latilineata, Donacoscaptes leptigrammalis, Donacoscaptes leucocraspis, Donacoscaptes leucomeralis, Donacoscaptes leucopleuralis, Donacoscaptes lignella, Donacoscaptes linearellus, Donacoscaptes lipan, Donacoscaptes lunilinealis, Donacoscaptes marcella, Donacoscaptes maroniella, Donacoscaptes micralis, Donacoscaptes minorella, Donacoscaptes mlanjella, Donacoscaptes monodisa, Donacoscaptes monostictus, Donacoscaptes narinella, Donacoscaptes neogynaecella, Donacoscaptes neurellus, Donacoscaptes obliquilineelius, Donacoscaptes obliquilineellus, Donacoscaptes obliquistrialis, Donacoscaptes pallescens, Donacoscaptes panalope, Donacoscaptes paranella, Donacoscaptes parcipunctalis, Donacoscaptes phlebitalis, Donacoscaptes pinosa, Donacoscaptes placidellus, Donacoscaptes poliella, Donacoscaptes prestonella, Donacoscaptes proalbivenalis, Donacoscaptes proaraealis, Donacoscaptes prophylactes, Donacoscaptes punctilineella, Donacoscaptes puritellus, Donacoscaptes purpurealis, Donacoscaptes quiriguella, Donacoscaptes relovae, Donacoscaptes roseiceps, Donacoscaptes rufifusalis, Donacoscaptes rufistrigalis, Donacoscaptes rufulalis, Donacoscaptes rutubella, Donacoscaptes semivittalis, Donacoscaptes squamuiellus, Donacoscaptes steniellus, Donacoscaptes strictalis, Donacoscaptes strigatellus, Donacoscaptes strigulalis, Donacoscaptes subterminalis, Donacoscaptes tauromma, Donacoscaptes thyonella, Donacoscaptes unipunctalis, Donacoscaptes unipunctella, Donacoscaptes validus, Donacoscaptes venadialis

Occidentalia Dyar & Heinrich, 1927 [genus]

Occidentalia comptulatalis


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