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Subtribe Deudorigina

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Papilionoidea family Lycaenidae subfamily Theclinae tribe Theclini → subtribe Deudorigina


Daughter taxa

Genera: 12 (2 illustrated). Species.

Deudorix Hewitson, 1863 [genus]

Deudorix affinis, Deudorix antalus, Deudorix apayao, Deudorix arata, Deudorix aruma, Deudorix badhami, Deudorix baronica, Deudorix batikeli, Deudorix batikelides, Deudorix bemba, Deudorix caliginosa, Deudorix caroli, Deudorix ceramensis, Deudorix chalybeata, Deudorix cleora, Deudorix dariaves, Deudorix democles, Deudorix derona, Deudorix diara, Deudorix dieden, Deudorix dinochares, Deudorix dinomenes, Deudorix diocles, Deudorix diovis, Deudorix dohertyi, Deudorix ecaudata, Deudorix edwardsi, Deudorix elealodes, Deudorix elioti, Deudorix epijarbas, Deudorix epirus, Deudorix flemingi, Deudorix fusca, Deudorix gaetulia, Deudorix galathea, Deudorix geotulia, Deudorix grisea, Deudorix hainana, Deudorix hypargyria, Deudorix ignita, Deudorix intermedius, Deudorix isocrates, Deudorix jacksoni, Deudorix kallias, Deudorix kayonza, Deudorix kessuma, Deudorix kohli, Deudorix kuyaniana, Deudorix kuyoniana, Deudorix livia, Deudorix lorisona, Deudorix loxias, Deudorix magda, Deudorix makala, Deudorix mariana, Deudorix masamichii, Deudorix mathewi, Deudorix maudei, Deudorix meeki, Deudorix montana, Deudorix mpanda, Deudorix mulleri, Deudorix nicephora, Deudorix niepelti, Deudorix novellus, Deudorix odana, Deudorix penningtoni, Deudorix penningtoni, Deudorix perse, Deudorix philippinensis, Deudorix phranga, Deudorix rapaloides, Deudorix renidens, Deudorix sankakuhonis, Deudorix schultzei, Deudorix side, Deudorix smilis, Deudorix staudingeri, Deudorix strephanus, Deudorix subguttata, Deudorix suk, Deudorix sumatrensis, Deudorix sylvana, Deudorix ufipa, Deudorix ula, Deudorix vansomereni, Deudorix vansoni, Deudorix verriculata, Deudorix viridens, Deudorix vosseleri, Deudorix wardii, Deudorix woodfordi

Pamela Hemming, 1935 [genus]

Pamela dudgeonii


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