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Subfamily Acentropinae

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Pyraloidea family Crambidae → subfamily Acentropinae


Daughter taxa

Tribes: 1 (0 illustrated). Genera: 50 (6 illustrated). Subgenera: 2 (0 illustrated). Species.

Acentria (Stephens, 1829) [genus]

Acentria ephemerella

Argyractis Hampson, 1897 [genus]

Argyractis aeglesalis, Argyractis aengusalis, Argyractis albibasalis, Argyractis albipunctalis, Argyractis albulalis, Argyractis alemundalis, Argyractis ambahonalis, Argyractis amethystina, Argyractis argentilinealis, Argyractis argyrolepta, Argyractis argyrophora, Argyractis aroalis, Argyractis axis, Argyractis aztecalis, Argyractis bedealis, Argyractis benezetalis, Argyractis berthalis, Argyractis bruneosuffusa, Argyractis caesoalis, Argyractis cancellalis, Argyractis capensis, Argyractis cathanalis, Argyractis chalcistis, Argyractis chejelalis, Argyractis chrysopalis, Argyractis climacusalis, Argyractis coloralis, Argyractis conallalis, Argyractis constellalis, Argyractis cuprescens, Argyractis cyloialis, Argyractis danaealis, Argyractis decoralis, Argyractis dodalis, Argyractis doriscalis, Argyractis dorophanes, Argyractis drumalis, Argyractis dualalis, Argyractis esperanzalis, Argyractis euryxantha, Argyractis flavivittalis, Argyractis fulvicinctalis, Argyractis glycysalis, Argyractis gordianalis, Argyractis gratalis, Argyractis hamiferalis, Argyractis hemilitha, Argyractis holocycla, Argyractis iasusalis, Argyractis inaurata, Argyractis insulalis, Argyractis lanceolalis, Argyractis laurentialis, Argyractis leucistis, Argyractis leucostola, Argyractis leucostrialis, Argyractis limalis, Argyractis lithocharis, Argyractis lithorma, Argyractis lophosomalis, Argyractis lucianalis, Argyractis lulesalis, Argyractis maguilalis, Argyractis malcusalis, Argyractis maronialis, Argyractis metazonalis, Argyractis micropalis, Argyractis mimicalis, Argyractis multipicta, Argyractis nandinalis, Argyractis nigerialis, Argyractis nigrifusalis, Argyractis niphoplagialis, Argyractis nitens, Argyractis nyasalis, Argyractis nymphulalis, Argyractis odoalis, Argyractis pantheralis, Argyractis parthenodalis, Argyractis parvissimalis, Argyractis paulalis, Argyractis pavionalis, Argyractis pavonialis, Argyractis pentopalis, Argyractis peraltalis, Argyractis periopis, Argyractis pervenustalis, Argyractis phaeopastalis, Argyractis phoedralis, Argyractis premalis, Argyractis productalis, Argyractis psalmoidalis, Argyractis puralis, Argyractis pyropalis, Argyractis rinconadalis, Argyractis samealis, Argyractis schistopalis, Argyractis schwarzalis, Argyractis scioxantha, Argyractis serapionalis, Argyractis sphragidacma, Argyractis subornata, Argyractis supercilialis, Argyractis tamanalis, Argyractis tapajosalis, Argyractis terranea, Argyractis tessimalis, Argyractis tetropalis, Argyractis ticonalis, Argyractis trespasalis, Argyractis triopalis, Argyractis tristalis, Argyractis ulfridalis, Argyractis valstanalis, Argyractis volcanalis, Argyractis zamoralis

Aulacodes Guenée in Boisduval & Guenée, 1854 [genus]

Aulacodes acroperalis, Aulacodes adjunctalis, Aulacodes adjutrealis, Aulacodes aechmialis, Aulacodes argenteopicta, Aulacodes argentimaculalis, Aulacodes aulocodoidalis, Aulacodes aurantipennis, Aulacodes aureolalis, Aulacodes bipunctalis, Aulacodes brunnealis, Aulacodes cervinalis, Aulacodes chrysoxantha, Aulacodes citronalis, Aulacodes colonialis, Aulacodes congallalis, Aulacodes convoluta, Aulacodes crassicornalis, Aulacodes cyclozonalis, Aulacodes delicata, Aulacodes diopsalis, Aulacodes distincta, Aulacodes distributa, Aulacodes dolichoplagia, Aulacodes endosaris, Aulacodes fiachnalis, Aulacodes flavifascialis, Aulacodes fuscicostalis, Aulacodes gephyrotis, Aulacodes gibbosalis, Aulacodes goniophoralis, Aulacodes grimbaldalis, Aulacodes haitalis, Aulacodes hamalis, Aulacodes hemithermalis, Aulacodes heptopis, Aulacodes hirsuta, Aulacodes hodevalis, Aulacodes intensa, Aulacodes julittalis, Aulacodes junctiscriptalis, Aulacodes latifascialis, Aulacodes longiplagialis, Aulacodes lunalis, Aulacodes mediofascialis, Aulacodes mesoscialis, Aulacodes metataxalis, Aulacodes metazonalis, Aulacodes methodica, Aulacodes mormodes, Aulacodes nephelanthopa, Aulacodes neptopis, Aulacodes nigriplagialis, Aulacodes nigriventris, Aulacodes nissenalis, Aulacodes obliquivitta, Aulacodes obtusalis, Aulacodes ovomaculalis, Aulacodes pentopalis, Aulacodes polydora, Aulacodes postbasalis, Aulacodes psyllalis, Aulacodes pulchralis, Aulacodes purpurealis, Aulacodes quadriplagiata, Aulacodes reversalis, Aulacodes rufocastanea, Aulacodes semicircularis, Aulacodes siennata, Aulacodes similis, Aulacodes snelleni, Aulacodes stresemanni, Aulacodes thermichrysia, Aulacodes traversalis, Aulacodes trichoceralis, Aulacodes trichostylalis, Aulacodes trigonalis, Aulacodes waigaoalis, Aulacodes wollastoni

Cataclysta (Hubner, 1825) [genus]

Cataclysta aclistalis, Cataclysta actoralis, Cataclysta acuminatalis, Cataclysta albidentata, Cataclysta albifulvalis, Cataclysta alvealis, Cataclysta amboinalis, Cataclysta angulata, Cataclysta anicitalis, Cataclysta argyrochrysalis, Cataclysta azadasalis, Cataclysta bromachalis, Cataclysta bronchalis, Cataclysta cabimalis, Cataclysta callichromalis, Cataclysta chalcitis, Cataclysta chionostola, Cataclysta complicatalis, Cataclysta confusalis, Cataclysta cronialis, Cataclysta cumalis, Cataclysta cyanolitha, Cataclysta darsanialis, Cataclysta dasymalis, Cataclysta dialitha, Cataclysta diehlalis, Cataclysta divulsalis, Cataclysta erebenna, Cataclysta euclidialis, Cataclysta hexalitha, Cataclysta ilialis, Cataclysta infuscatalis, Cataclysta iolepta, Cataclysta lampetialis, Cataclysta lemnata, Cataclysta leroii, Cataclysta mangholdalis, Cataclysta marginipuncta, Cataclysta melanolitha, Cataclysta melatornalis, Cataclysta meropalis, Cataclysta minimalis, Cataclysta miralis, Cataclysta mollitalis, Cataclysta nigristriata, Cataclysta nyasalis, Cataclysta obliquifascia, Cataclysta ochrealis, Cataclysta opulentalis, Cataclysta orbicula, Cataclysta paroalis, Cataclysta parvalis, Cataclysta perirrorata, Cataclysta perlalis, Cataclysta phocosalis, Cataclysta pigrissima, Cataclysta pleonaxalis, Cataclysta plusialis, Cataclysta polyrrapha, Cataclysta polystictalis, Cataclysta pomperialis, Cataclysta psathyrodes, Cataclysta pulcherialis, Cataclysta pusillalis, Cataclysta romanalis, Cataclysta sambesica, Cataclysta seriopunctalis, Cataclysta suffuscalis, Cataclysta sumptuosalis, Cataclysta templalis, Cataclysta tessallalis, Cataclysta tessellalis, Cataclysta tripunctalis, Cataclysta unilinealis, Cataclysta vacuolata, Cataclysta zambesica, Cataclysta zelota

Compsophila Meyrick, 1886 [genus]

Compsophila iocosma

Contiger Lange, 1956 [genus]

Contiger vittatalis

Epichronistis Meyrick, 1886 [genus]

Epichronistis acrospila

Eurytorna Meyrick, 1886 [genus]

Eurytorna heterodoxa

Hemiloba Swinhoe, 1901 [genus]

Hemiloba excisa

Hylebatis Turner, 1908 [genus]

Hylebatis scintillifera

Kasania (Krulikowski, 1909) [genus]

Kasania arundinalis

Langessa Munroe, 1972 [genus]

Langessa nomophilalis

Loxocorys Meyrick, 1894 [genus]

Loxocorys sericea

Nyctiplanes Turner, 1937 [genus]

Nyctiplanes polypenthes

Nymphula (Schrank, 1802) [genus]

Nymphula adiantealis, Nymphula aetalis, Nymphula affinialis, Nymphula africalis, Nymphula algiralis, Nymphula arundinalis, Nymphula australis, Nymphula avertinalis, Nymphula azialis, Nymphula bistrigalis, Nymphula catalalis, Nymphula circealis, Nymphula coenosalis, Nymphula corculina, Nymphula definitalis, Nymphula dicentra, Nymphula discoloralis, Nymphula distinctalis, Nymphula effrenatalis, Nymphula ekthlipsis, Nymphula endoralis, Nymphula euryscia, Nymphula expatrialis, Nymphula falliolatalis, Nymphula flavialis, Nymphula fregonalis, Nymphula graphicalis, Nymphula grisealis, Nymphula gurgitalis, Nymphula hederalis, Nymphula hillii, Nymphula hydrothionalis, Nymphula iccusalis, Nymphula impuralis, Nymphula indomitalis, Nymphula infimalis, Nymphula inornata, Nymphula leucoplagalis, Nymphula lipocosmalis, Nymphula medusalis, Nymphula metastictalis, Nymphula minimalis, Nymphula minoralis, Nymphula munakatae, Nymphula nigrolinealis, Nymphula nitens, Nymphula nitidulata, Nymphula nivalis, Nymphula novaguiensis, Nymphula obliteralis, Nymphula occidentalis, Nymphula ophiaula, Nymphula panpenealis, Nymphula parallelalis, Nymphula plumbofusalis, Nymphula procialis, Nymphula procrealis, Nymphula pygmaealis, Nymphula quadripunctalis, Nymphula responsalis, Nymphula rivulalis, Nymphula separatalis, Nymphula seriopunctalis, Nymphula simplalis, Nymphula transversalis, Nymphula tripunctalis, Nymphula tullialis, Nymphula unguicalis, Nymphula ussuriensis, Nymphula vitrinalis, Nymphula votalis

Nymphulodes Hampson, 1919 [genus]

Nymphulodes franciscalis

Osphrantis Meyrick, 1897 [genus]

Osphrantis paraphaea

Paracataclysta Yoshiyasu, 1983 [genus]

Paracataclysta fuscalis

Potamusa Yoshiyasu, 1985 [genus]

Potamusa midas


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