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Subfamily Cemiostominae

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Yponomeutoidea family Lyonetiidae → subfamily Cemiostominae


Daughter taxa

Genera: 4 (1 illustrated). Species.

Leucoptera (Hubner, 1825) [genus]

Leucoptera aceris, Leucoptera acropta, Leucoptera adenocarpella, Leucoptera albella, Leucoptera aldabrana, Leucoptera andalusica, Leucoptera aprutiella, Leucoptera arethusa, Leucoptera argodes, Leucoptera argyroptera, Leucoptera asbolopasta, Leucoptera astragali, Leucoptera auronivea, Leucoptera autograpta, Leucoptera brachyscia, Leucoptera caffeina, Leucoptera calycotomella, Leucoptera chalcocycla, Leucoptera chalcopleura, Leucoptera chrysoxantha, Leucoptera clerodendrella, Leucoptera coma, Leucoptera coronillae, Leucoptera crobylistis, Leucoptera cytisiphagella, Leucoptera deltidias, Leucoptera diasticha, Leucoptera entemopa, Leucoptera erebastra, Leucoptera ermolaevi, Leucoptera erythrinella, Leucoptera euryphaea, Leucoptera exantlia, Leucoptera genistae, Leucoptera guettardella, Leucoptera heinrichi, Leucoptera hemizona, Leucoptera heringiella, Leucoptera hexatoma, Leucoptera hyperophrys, Leucoptera iolithg, Leucoptera laburnella, Leucoptera lathyrifoliella, Leucoptera lotella, Leucoptera loxaula, Leucoptera loxoclista, Leucoptera lustratella, Leucoptera malifoliella, Leucoptera melanolitha, Leucoptera meyricki, Leucoptera monostigma, Leucoptera nieukerkeni, Leucoptera obelacma, Leucoptera onobrychidella, Leucoptera orobi, Leucoptera pachystimella, Leucoptera panduris, Leucoptera parinaricola, Leucoptera periphracta, Leucoptera phyllocytisi, Leucoptera picrocosma, Leucoptera plagiomitra, Leucoptera psophocarpella, Leucoptera puerariella, Leucoptera pulchricola, Leucoptera robiniella, Leucoptera salicis, Leucoptera scammatias, Leucoptera scitella, Leucoptera selenocycla, Leucoptera sinuella, Leucoptera sortita, Leucoptera spartifoliella, Leucoptera sphenograpta, Leucoptera strophidota, Leucoptera substrigata, Leucoptera thessalica, Leucoptera toxeres, Leucoptera ussuriella, Leucoptera wailesella, Leucoptera zanclaeella

Microthauma Walsingham, 1891 [genus]

Microthauma lespedezella

Paraleucoptera Heinrich, 1918 [genus]

Paraleucoptera sinuella


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