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Genus Automolis

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Noctuoidea family Arctiidae subfamily Ctenuchinae → genus Automolis Hübner, [1819]

Daughter taxa

Automolis abyssinibia Strand 1920 [species]

Automolis atrivenata Kiriakoff 1956 [species]

Automolis aurantiifusa Rothschild 1913 [species]

Automolis benitensis Holland 1893 [species]

A. b. orientalis

Automolis bicolora Walker 1856 [species]

Automolis bipartita Kiriakoff 1973 [species]

Automolis brunneipennis Hering 1932 [species]

Automolis burgessi Kiriakoff 1957 [species]

Automolis burra Schaus & Clements 1893 [species]

Automolis burungae Debauche 1942 [species]

Automolis cameruna Hampson 1914 [species]

Automolis capricornis Kiriakoff 1957 [species]

Automolis carmel Kiriakoff 1957 [species]

Automolis chapini (Holland, 1920) [species]

Automolis chryseis Kiriakoff 1973 [species]

Automolis cinctella Kiriakoff 1953 [species]

Automolis cinereoguttata Strand 1912 [species]

Automolis confederationis Kiriakoff 1961 [species]

Automolis contrasta Bethune-Baker 1911 [species]

Automolis costalis Kiriakoff 1973 [species]

Automolis crocina Kiriakoff 1973 [species]

Automolis denisae Dufrane 1945 [species]

Automolis deriemaeckeri Kiriakoff 1953 [species]

Automolis didyma Kiriakoff 1957 [species]

Automolis dracuncula Kiriakoff 1957 [species]

Automolis epimela Kiriakoff 1979 [species]

Automolis erlangeri Rothschild 1910 [species]

Automolis fario Kiriakoff 1957 [species]

Automolis ferrigera (Druce, 1910) [species]

Automolis flaviceps Hampson 1898 [species]

Automolis flaviciliata Hampson 1907 [species]

Automolis flavicincta Aurivillius 1900 [species]

A. f. fontainei

Automolis flavivena Hampson 1900 [species]

A. f. panyamana

Automolis fletcheri Kiriakoff 1958 [species]

Automolis flora Kiriakoff 1957 [species]

Automolis forsteri Kiriakoff 1955 [species]

A. f. ruandae

Automolis fulvia Hampson 1901 [species]

Automolis fusca Hampson 1901 [species]

Automolis galla Rougeot 1977 [species]

Automolis haematica Holland 1893 [species]

Automolis haematoessa Holland 1893 [species]

Automolis haematosphages Holland 1893 [species]

Automolis haemotricha Hampson 1905 [species]

Automolis hebenoides Kiriakoff 1973 [species]

Automolis hecqi Kiriakoff 1959 [species]

Automolis hector Kiriakoff 1959 [species]

Automolis heinrichi Kiriakoff 1961 [species]

Automolis helga Kiriakoff 1957 [species]

Automolis heringi Kiriakoff 1957 [species]

Automolis hewitti Janse 1945 [species]

Automolis hutstaertiana Kiriakoff 1953 [species]

Automolis hypomela Kiriakoff 1956 [species]

Automolis impura Kiriakoff 1959 [species]

Automolis incensa Walker 1864 [species]

Automolis inconspicua Holland 1892 [species]

Automolis infausta Kiriakoff 1957 [species]

Automolis insignis Kiriakoff 1959 [species]

Automolis invaria Walker 1856 [species]

Automolis jacksoni Kiriakoff 1956 [species]

Automolis jansei Kiriakoff 1957 [species]

Automolis johanna Kiriakoff 1979 [species]

Automolis jordani Kiriakoff 1957 [species]

Automolis jubdoensis Kiriakoff 1955 [species]

Automolis kamitugensis Dufrane 1945 [species]

Automolis katriona Kiriakoff 1957 [species]

Automolis kenyae Kiriakoff 1957 [species]

Automolis latipennis Kiriakoff 1957 [species]

Automolis lindemannae Kiriakoff 1961 [species]

Automolis longipalpus Hulstaert 1923 [species]

Automolis lugubris Gaede 1926 [species]

Automolis major Le Cerf 1922 [species]

Automolis margaretha Kiriakoff 1957 [species]

Automolis maria Kiriakoff 1957 [species]

Automolis melinos Mabille 1880 [species]

A. m. ghesquerei

Automolis metaleuca Hampson 1914 [species]

Automolis meteus (Stoll, [1782]) [species]

Automolis moira Kiriakoff 1957 [species]

Automolis morag Kiriakoff 1957 [species]

Automolis morosa Kiriakoff 1957 [species]

Automolis nigriceps Aurivillius 1904 [species]

Automolis noctis (Druce, 1910) [species]

Automolis olbrechtsi Kiriakoff 1953 [species]

Automolis pallens Bethune-Baker 1911 [species]

Automolis pallida Hampson 1901 [species]

Automolis pallidicosta Hulstaert 1923 [species]

Automolis pamela Kiriakoff 1957 [species]

Automolis paniscus Kiriakoff 1957 [species]

Automolis paremphares Holland 1893 [species]

Automolis paulis Kiriakoff 1961 [species]

Automolis pavlitzkae Kiriakoff 1961 [species]

Automolis phaeoptera Hampson 1909 [species]

Automolis pinheyi Kiriakoff 1956 [species]

Automolis pulverea Hampson 1907 [species]

Automolis pumila Hampson 1909 [species]

Automolis quinta Kiriakoff, 1973 [species]

Automolis rhodites Kiriakoff 1957 [species]

Automolis robusta Kiriakoff 1973 [species]

Automolis rosacea Bethune-Baker 1911 [species]

Automolis rothschildi Le Cerf 1922 [species]

Automolis rubicundula Strand 1912 [species]

Automolis rubra Walker 1856 [species]

Automolis rubribasa Bethune-Baker 1911 [species]

Automolis rubricosta Talbot 1929 [species]

Automolis rubrilineata Bethune-Baker 1911 [species]

Automolis rubripuncta Hampson 1898 [species]

Automolis rubrovitta Aurivillius 1904 [species]

A. r. angolensis

Automolis rufescens Walker 1855 [species]

Automolis salmonea Kiriakoff 1957 [species]

Automolis schoutedeni Kiriakoff 1953 [species]

Automolis seydeliana Kiriakoff 1953 [species]

Automolis sheljuzkoi Kiriakoff 1961 [species]

Automolis similis Kiriakoff 1953 [species]

Automolis subincarnata Kiriakoff 1954 [species]

Automolis subnigra Kiriakoff 1958 [species]

Automolis subpallens Kiriakoff 1956 [species]

Automolis subpumila Kiriakoff 1957 [species]

Automolis subrosea Kiriakoff 1957 [species]

Automolis subulva Mabille [species]

Automolis sudanica Kiriakoff 1973 [species]

Automolis taymansi Rothschild 1910 [species]

A. t. septentrionalis

Automolis tenera Kiriakoff 1973 [species]

Automolis titan Talbot 1929 [species]

Automolis transvaalica Kiriakoff 1973 [species]

Automolis tricolor Rougeot 1977 [species]

Automolis tricolorana Wichgraf 1922 [species]

Automolis umbretta Kiriakoff 1963 [species]

Automolis upembae Kiriakoff 1946-1949 [species]

Automolis usta Debauch. 1942 [species]

Automolis venustissima Kiriakoff 1961 [species]

Automolis virgata Joicey & Talbot 1921 [species]

Automolis waelbroecki Debauche 1938 [species]

Automolis xanthippa Kiriakoff 1956 [species]


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