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Subfamily Ctenuchinae

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Noctuoidea family Arctiidae → subfamily Ctenuchinae Kirby, 1837


Daughter taxa

Tribes: 2 (2 illustrated). Genera: 200 (12 illustrated). Species.

Agunaix Schaus, 1898 [genus]

Agunaix lacrumans

Anaphlebia Felder, 1874 [genus]

Anaphlebia caudatula

Automolis Hübner, [1819] [genus]

Automolis abyssinibia, Automolis atrivenata, Automolis aurantiifusa, Automolis benitensis, Automolis bicolora, Automolis bipartita, Automolis brunneipennis, Automolis burgessi, Automolis burra, Automolis burungae, Automolis cameruna, Automolis capricornis, Automolis carmel, Automolis chapini, Automolis chryseis, Automolis cinctella, Automolis cinereoguttata, Automolis confederationis, Automolis contrasta, Automolis costalis, Automolis crocina, Automolis denisae, Automolis deriemaeckeri, Automolis didyma, Automolis dracuncula, Automolis epimela, Automolis erlangeri, Automolis fario, Automolis ferrigera, Automolis flaviceps, Automolis flaviciliata, Automolis flavicincta, Automolis flavivena, Automolis fletcheri, Automolis flora, Automolis forsteri, Automolis fulvia, Automolis fusca, Automolis galla, Automolis haematica, Automolis haematoessa, Automolis haematosphages, Automolis haemotricha, Automolis hebenoides, Automolis hecqi, Automolis hector, Automolis heinrichi, Automolis helga, Automolis heringi, Automolis hewitti, Automolis hutstaertiana, Automolis hypomela, Automolis impura, Automolis incensa, Automolis inconspicua, Automolis infausta, Automolis insignis, Automolis invaria, Automolis jacksoni, Automolis jansei, Automolis johanna, Automolis jordani, Automolis jubdoensis, Automolis kamitugensis, Automolis katriona, Automolis kenyae, Automolis latipennis, Automolis lindemannae, Automolis longipalpus, Automolis lugubris, Automolis major, Automolis margaretha, Automolis maria, Automolis melinos, Automolis metaleuca, Automolis meteus, Automolis moira, Automolis morag, Automolis morosa, Automolis nigriceps, Automolis noctis, Automolis olbrechtsi, Automolis pallens, Automolis pallida, Automolis pallidicosta, Automolis pamela, Automolis paniscus, Automolis paremphares, Automolis paulis, Automolis pavlitzkae, Automolis phaeoptera, Automolis pinheyi, Automolis pulverea, Automolis pumila, Automolis quinta, Automolis rhodites, Automolis robusta, Automolis rosacea, Automolis rothschildi, Automolis rubicundula, Automolis rubra, Automolis rubribasa, Automolis rubricosta, Automolis rubrilineata, Automolis rubripuncta, Automolis rubrovitta, Automolis rufescens, Automolis salmonea, Automolis schoutedeni, Automolis seydeliana, Automolis sheljuzkoi, Automolis similis, Automolis subincarnata, Automolis subnigra, Automolis subpallens, Automolis subpumila, Automolis subrosea, Automolis subulva, Automolis sudanica, Automolis taymansi, Automolis tenera, Automolis titan, Automolis transvaalica, Automolis tricolor, Automolis tricolorana, Automolis umbretta, Automolis upembae, Automolis usta, Automolis venustissima, Automolis virgata, Automolis waelbroecki, Automolis xanthippa

Balacrella Kiriakoff, 1957 [genus]

Balacrella affinis

Callobalacra Kiriakoff, 1953 [genus]

Callobalacra rubrostriata

Collartisa Kiriakoff, 1953 [genus]

Collartisa collartorum

Compsochromia Kiriakoff, 1953 [genus]

Compsochromia compsa

Cosmosoma Hübner, [1823] [genus]

Cosmosoma achemon, Cosmosoma achemonides, Cosmosoma ada, Cosmosoma admota, Cosmosoma advena, Cosmosoma albifrons, Cosmosoma albipuncta, Cosmosoma analicincta, Cosmosoma angustimargo, Cosmosoma annexa, Cosmosoma anoxanthia, Cosmosoma apennina, Cosmosoma auge, Cosmosoma aurifera, Cosmosoma avilae, Cosmosoma basitiba, Cosmosoma batesii, Cosmosoma beata, Cosmosoma beatrix, Cosmosoma bella, Cosmosoma biseriata, Cosmosoma biseriatum, Cosmosoma bogotensis, Cosmosoma bolivari, Cosmosoma braconoides, Cosmosoma brasilicola, Cosmosoma brinkleyi, Cosmosoma bromus, Cosmosoma buchwaldi, Cosmosoma caeca, Cosmosoma caecoides, Cosmosoma caecum, Cosmosoma cardinale, Cosmosoma cardinalis, Cosmosoma centralis, Cosmosoma cermena, Cosmosoma chiriquensis, Cosmosoma cincta, Cosmosoma cinctuta, Cosmosoma citrina, Cosmosoma coccinifera, Cosmosoma consolata, Cosmosoma contracta, Cosmosoma corvica, Cosmosoma crathidina, Cosmosoma cruenta, Cosmosoma demantria, Cosmosoma determinata, Cosmosoma deyrollii, Cosmosoma difficilis, Cosmosoma diplosticta, Cosmosoma discata, Cosmosoma doris, Cosmosoma dorsicincta, Cosmosoma dorsimacula, Cosmosoma durca, Cosmosoma elegans, Cosmosoma entella, Cosmosoma erythrarchos, Cosmosoma ethodaea, Cosmosoma eumelis, Cosmosoma evadnes, Cosmosoma exomelan, Cosmosoma fenestrata, Cosmosoma festiva, Cosmosoma flavicinctata, Cosmosoma flavicornis, Cosmosoma flavita, Cosmosoma flavitarsis, Cosmosoma flavothorax, Cosmosoma galatea, Cosmosoma galbana, Cosmosoma garleppi, Cosmosoma gaza, Cosmosoma gemmata, Cosmosoma greta, Cosmosoma haenschi, Cosmosoma hanga, Cosmosoma harpalyce, Cosmosoma hector, Cosmosoma hercyna, Cosmosoma hercynacula, Cosmosoma hercynita, Cosmosoma hypocheilus, Cosmosoma ignidorsia, Cosmosoma impar, Cosmosoma impudica, Cosmosoma intensa, Cosmosoma joavana, Cosmosoma juanita, Cosmosoma klagesi, Cosmosoma ladan, Cosmosoma leuconoton, Cosmosoma luconoton, Cosmosoma lunata, Cosmosoma lycopolis, Cosmosoma mathani, Cosmosoma melanopera, Cosmosoma melanoptera, Cosmosoma melathoracia, Cosmosoma metallescens, Cosmosoma myrodora, Cosmosoma nasca, Cosmosoma nelea, Cosmosoma nettia, Cosmosoma nigricornis, Cosmosoma nothina, Cosmosoma notostiba, Cosmosoma ochreipennis, Cosmosoma ockendeni, Cosmosoma oratha, Cosmosoma orathidia, Cosmosoma oroyana, Cosmosoma parambae, Cosmosoma pellucida, Cosmosoma pheres, Cosmosoma phoenicophora, Cosmosoma plagiata, Cosmosoma plutona, Cosmosoma proton, Cosmosoma protus, Cosmosoma pseudothia, Cosmosoma pudica, Cosmosoma purutha, Cosmosoma pytna, Cosmosoma quinquepuncta, Cosmosoma quinquepunctata, Cosmosoma rasera, Cosmosoma regia, Cosmosoma remota, Cosmosoma rosenbergi, Cosmosoma ruatana, Cosmosoma rubricorpus, Cosmosoma rubriscapulae, Cosmosoma rubritarsis, Cosmosoma salvini, Cosmosoma sandion, Cosmosoma saron, Cosmosoma scita, Cosmosoma sectinota, Cosmosoma semifulva, Cosmosoma sephela, Cosmosoma seraphina, Cosmosoma sitiona, Cosmosoma stibosticta, Cosmosoma stictinota, Cosmosoma stryma, Cosmosoma subflamma, Cosmosoma tarapotensis, Cosmosoma telephus, Cosmosoma tengyra, Cosmosoma teuthras, Cosmosoma thia, Cosmosoma thoracica, Cosmosoma tigris, Cosmosoma varica, Cosmosoma venata, Cosmosoma vesparia, Cosmosoma watsoni, Cosmosoma xanthistis, Cosmosoma xanthocera, Cosmosoma xanthomelan, Cosmosoma xanthosticta, Cosmosoma xantostictum, Cosmosoma zurcheri

Dahana Grote, 1875 [genus]

Dahana atripennis, Dahana cubana

Daphaenisca Kiriakoff, 1953 [genus]

Daphaenisca daphaena

Diakonoffia Kiriakoff, 1953 [genus]

Diakonoffia kivensis

Diaxanthia Hampson, 1898 [genus]

Diaxanthia lucinia

Didasys Grote, 1875 [genus]

Didasys belae

Dufraneella Kiriakoff, 1953 [genus]

Dufraneella grisescens

Epanycles Butler, 1876 [genus]

Epanycles imperialis

Epibalacra Kiriakoff, 1957 [genus]

Epibalacra preussi

Eutomis Hübner, [1819] [genus]

Eutomis minceus

Gangamela Walker, [1865] [genus]

Gangamela ira, Gangamela saturata

Gippius Walker, 1855 [genus]

Gippius sumptuosus

Hemirhipidia Kiriakoff, 1955 [genus]

Hemirhipidia danieli

Heronina Kiriakoff, 1955 [genus]

Heronina herona

Hoplarctia Butler, 1877 [genus]

Hoplarctia nantana

Hypocharis Hampson, 1898 [genus]

Hypocharis clusia

Lamprobalacra Kiriakoff, 1953 [genus]

Lamprobalacra pulchra

Lempkeella Kiriakoff, 1953 [genus]

Lempkeella dufranei

Melisoides Strand, 1912 [genus]

Melisoides lobata

Mesonaclia Kiriakoff, 1953 [genus]

Mesonaclia minor

Metaloba Hampson, 1898 [genus]

Metaloba argante, Metaloba nana

Metapiconoma Rothschild, 1910 [genus]

Metapiconoma rattrayi

Micragyrta Butler, 1876 [genus]

Micragyrta diminuta

Microbergeria Kiriakoff, 1972 [genus]

Microbergeria luctuosa

Nelphe Herrich-Schäffer, [1858] [genus]

Nelphe carolina, Nelphe relegatum

Neophemula Kiriakoff, 1957 [genus]

Neophemula vitrina

Notharctia Kiriakoff, 1953 [genus]

Notharctia flavivena

Oenarctia Kiriakoff, 1953 [genus]

Oenarctia erlangeri

Orcynia Walker, 1854 [genus]

Orcynia calcarata

Paralaethia Hampson, 1907 [genus]

Paralaethia subformicina

Parastatia Hampson, 1898 [genus]

Parastatia parnassia

Patreliura Hampson, 1898 [genus]

Patreliura capys

Phaenarete Druce, 1896 [genus]

Phaenarete diana

Phaeosphecia Hampson, 1898 [genus]

Phaeosphecia opaca

Pompilopsis Hampson, 1898 [genus]

Pompilopsis tarsalis

Procalypta Butler, 1876 [genus]

Procalypta subcyanea

Pseudoceryx Rothschild, 1910 [genus]

Pseudoceryx dohertyi

Pseudothyretes Dufrane, 1945 [genus]

Pseudothyretes mariae

Rhabdomarctia Kiriakoff, 1953 [genus]

Rhabdomarctia rubrilineata

Scena Walker, 1854 [genus]

Scena potentia, Scena styx

Sciopsyche Butler, 1876 [genus]

Sciopsyche tropica

Sesiura Hampson, 1898 [genus]

Sesiura smaragdina

Takwa Kiriakoff, 1957 [genus]

Takwa xenops

Tipulodes Boisduval, 1832 [genus]

Tipulodes ima, Tipulodes rubriceps

Trichela Herrich-Schäffer, [1853] [genus]

Trichela tolumnensis

Xanthomis Hampson, 1898 [genus]

Xanthomis grandis

Ctenuchinae photos with superspecies identification

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Ctenuchinae sp.


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