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Tribe Chelariini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Gelechioidea family Gelechiidae subfamily Gelechiinae → tribe Chelariini


Daughter taxa

Genera: 11 (4 illustrated). Subgenera: 2 (0 illustrated). Species.

Ananarsia Amsel, 1959 [genus]

Ananarsia bipinnata

Anarsia (Zeller, 1839) [genus]

Anarsia acaciae, Anarsia acerata, Anarsia achrasella, Anarsia acrotoma, Anarsia agricola, Anarsia albibasella, Anarsia aleurodes, Anarsia altercata, Anarsia amalleuta, Anarsia amegarta, Anarsia anisodonta, Anarsia anthracaula, Anarsia antisaris, Anarsia arachniota, Anarsia arsenopa, Anarsia austerodes, Anarsia balioneura, Anarsia belutschistanella, Anarsia bilbainella, Anarsia bimaculata, Anarsia bipinnata, Anarsia callicosma, Anarsia carbonaria, Anarsia citromitra, Anarsia crassipalpella, Anarsia dejoannisi, Anarsia didymopa, Anarsia dryinopa, Anarsia eburnella, Anarsia eleagnella, Anarsia ephippias, Anarsia epiula, Anarsia epotias, Anarsia eriozona, Anarsia euphorodes, Anarsia eutacta, Anarsia geminella, Anarsia gravata, Anarsia guiera, Anarsia halimodendri, Anarsia hippocoma, Anarsia idioptila, Anarsia inculta, Anarsia isogona, Anarsia leberonella, Anarsia lechriosema, Anarsia leucophora, Anarsia libanoticella, Anarsia lineatella, Anarsia longipalpella, Anarsia luticostella, Anarsia malagasyella, Anarsia minutella, Anarsia mitescens, Anarsia molybdota, Anarsia nigrimacula, Anarsia nimbosa, Anarsia nuristanella, Anarsia omoptila, Anarsia patulella, Anarsia pensilis, Anarsia permissa, Anarsia phortica, Anarsia pinnata, Anarsia pustulata, Anarsia reciproca, Anarsia retamella, Anarsia sagittaria, Anarsia sagmatica, Anarsia sciograpta, Anarsia sciotona, Anarsia semnopa, Anarsia sibirica, Anarsia spartiella, Anarsia spicata, Anarsia stepposella, Anarsia sthenarota, Anarsia stylota, Anarsia subfulvescens, Anarsia taurella, Anarsia tortuosella, Anarsia triaenota, Anarsia trichodeta, Anarsia tricornis, Anarsia triglypta, Anarsia ulmarata, Anarsia vectaria, Anarsia veruta, Anarsia vinsonella

Aponoea (Walsingham, 1905) [genus]

Aponoea obtusipalpis, Aponoea pruinosella

Dendrophilia Ponomarenko, 1993 [genus]

Dendrophilia, Microdendrophilia

Holcophora (Staudinger, 1871) [genus]

Holcophora statices

Hypatima (Hubner, 1825) [genus]

Hypatima agriogramma, Hypatima albogrisea, Hypatima ammonura, Hypatima anguinea, Hypatima anthotypa, Hypatima antiastis, Hypatima antsianakella, Hypatima apparitrix, Hypatima aridella, Hypatima arignota, Hypatima artochroma, Hypatima attenuata, Hypatima balanaspis, Hypatima baliodes, Hypatima binummulata, Hypatima brachyrrhiza, Hypatima caryodora, Hypatima cirrhospila, Hypatima corynetis, Hypatima cryptopluta, Hypatima cymoptila, Hypatima cyrtopleura, Hypatima demonstrata, Hypatima dermatica, Hypatima discissa, Hypatima disposita, Hypatima dissidens, Hypatima ephippiastis, Hypatima ericta, Hypatima euchorda, Hypatima euplecta, Hypatima excellentella, Hypatima formidolosa, Hypatima haligramma, Hypatima harpophora, Hypatima hetaeropsis, Hypatima heterostigma, Hypatima hora, Hypatima improba, Hypatima indica, Hypatima instaurata, Hypatima iophana, Hypatima isopogon, Hypatima isoptila, Hypatima isosema, Hypatima isotricha, Hypatima lactifera, Hypatima lecticata, Hypatima leptopalta, Hypatima loxosaris, Hypatima mancipata, Hypatima mangiferae, Hypatima manjakatompo, Hypatima melanecta, Hypatima melanocharis, Hypatima melanoplecta, Hypatima meliptila, Hypatima metaphorica, Hypatima microgramma, Hypatima mycetinopa, Hypatima nigrogrisea, Hypatima nimbigera, Hypatima nodifera, Hypatima obtruncata, Hypatima orthomochla, Hypatima orthostathma, Hypatima parichniota, Hypatima paroctas, Hypatima particulata, Hypatima perinetella, Hypatima petrinopis, Hypatima phacelota, Hypatima pilosella, Hypatima polemica, Hypatima praemaculata, Hypatima probolaea, Hypatima procax, Hypatima rhicnota, Hypatima rhomboidella, Hypatima sapindivora, Hypatima saxigera, Hypatima scopulosa, Hypatima scotia, Hypatima scriniata, Hypatima silvestris, Hypatima simulacrella, Hypatima solutrix, Hypatima sorograpta, Hypatima spathota, Hypatima sphenophora, Hypatima stasimodes, Hypatima stictocosma, Hypatima subdentata, Hypatima sublectella, Hypatima syncrypta, Hypatima taphronoma, Hypatima tenebrosa, Hypatima tephroplintha, Hypatima tephroptila, Hypatima tessulata, Hypatima tetragama, Hypatima tetraptila, Hypatima tonsa, Hypatima toreuta, Hypatima tortuosa, Hypatima trachymorpha, Hypatima trachyspila, Hypatima triannulata, Hypatima tricosma, Hypatima venefica, Hypatima verticosa, Hypatima xerophanta, Hypatima xylotechna, Hypatima zesticopa


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