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Family Gelechiidae

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Gelechioidea → family Gelechiidae


Daughter taxa

Subfamilies: 3 (3 illustrated). Tribes: 8 (7 illustrated). Genera: 517 (51 illustrated). Subgenera: 16 (3 illustrated). Species.

Compsolechia [genus]

Compsolechia abolitella, Compsolechia abruptella, Compsolechia accinctella, Compsolechia acosmeta, Compsolechia aequilibris, Compsolechia amaurota, Compsolechia amazonica, Compsolechia ambusta, Compsolechia anthracura, Compsolechia antiplaca, Compsolechia argyracma, Compsolechia atmastra, Compsolechia balia, Compsolechia binotatella, Compsolechia blepharopa, Compsolechia campalea, Compsolechia canofusella, Compsolechia caryoterma, Compsolechia cassidata, Compsolechia chelidonia, Compsolechia chrysoplaca, Compsolechia cognatella, Compsolechia corymbas, Compsolechia crescentifasciella, Compsolechia crocodilopa, Compsolechia desectella, Compsolechia diazeucta, Compsolechia dicax, Compsolechia diplolychna, Compsolechia drachmaea, Compsolechia dryocrossa, Compsolechia elephas, Compsolechia epibola, Compsolechia erebodelta, Compsolechia eupecta, Compsolechia eurygypsa, Compsolechia fasciella, Compsolechia ferreata, Compsolechia galphyra, Compsolechia halmyra, Compsolechia hemileucas, Compsolechia incurva, Compsolechia inusta, Compsolechia ischnoptera, Compsolechia leucorrhapta, Compsolechia lingulata, Compsolechia lithomorpha, Compsolechia loxogramma, Compsolechia mangelivora, Compsolechia melanophaea, Compsolechia mesodelta, Compsolechia metadupa, Compsolechia mniocosma, Compsolechia molybdina, Compsolechia monochromella, Compsolechia neurophora, Compsolechia niobella, Compsolechia niphocentra, Compsolechia nuptella, Compsolechia ocelligera, Compsolechia orthophracta, Compsolechia parmata, Compsolechia peculella, Compsolechia pentastra, Compsolechia percnospila, Compsolechia perlatella, Compsolechia petromorpha, Compsolechia phaeotoxa, Compsolechia phepsalitis, Compsolechia picticornis, Compsolechia platiastis, Compsolechia plumbeolata, Compsolechia praenivea, Compsolechia ptochogramma, Compsolechia pungens, Compsolechia quadrifascia, Compsolechia recta, Compsolechia refracta, Compsolechia religata, Compsolechia repandella, Compsolechia rhombica, Compsolechia salebrosa, Compsolechia sciomima, Compsolechia scitella, Compsolechia scopulata, Compsolechia scutella, Compsolechia secretella, Compsolechia seductella, Compsolechia sesamodes, Compsolechia siderophaea, Compsolechia solidella, Compsolechia sporozona, Compsolechia stasigastra, Compsolechia stelliferella, Compsolechia stillata, Compsolechia subapicalis, Compsolechia succincta, Compsolechia suffectella, Compsolechia superfusella, Compsolechia susceptella, Compsolechia suspectella, Compsolechia tardella, Compsolechia terrenella, Compsolechia tetrortha, Compsolechia thysanora, Compsolechia titanota, Compsolechia trachycnemis, Compsolechia transjectella, Compsolechia trapezias, Compsolechia trochilea, Compsolechia versatella, Compsolechia volubilis, Compsolechia zebrina

Protolechia [genus]

Protolechia aclera, Protolechia acricula, Protolechia acroleuca, Protolechia actinota, Protolechia aeolopis, Protolechia albifrons, Protolechia amblopis, Protolechia amphiplaca, Protolechia ananeura, Protolechia annularia, Protolechia anthracina, Protolechia arenaria, Protolechia arganthes, Protolechia argocentra, Protolechia aspetodes, Protolechia autopis, Protolechia aversella, Protolechia banausodes, Protolechia bistrigata, Protolechia blacica, Protolechia caminopis, Protolechia catarrhacta, Protolechia celidophora, Protolechia cephalota, Protolechia ceramica, Protolechia chalazodes, Protolechia chenias, Protolechia chionoprora, Protolechia chiradia, Protolechia cladara, Protolechia compsochroa, Protolechia cosmotis, Protolechia creberrima, Protolechia crotalodes, Protolechia crypsibatis, Protolechia crypsicneca, Protolechia cryptosperma, Protolechia decaspila, Protolechia deltodes, Protolechia desmatra, Protolechia diplanetis, Protolechia diplonesa, Protolechia elassopis, Protolechia elpistis, Protolechia emmeles, Protolechia enchotypa, Protolechia englypta, Protolechia erudita, Protolechia eumela, Protolechia euprepta, Protolechia euryarga, Protolechia eustephana, Protolechia exarista, Protolechia flexilis, Protolechia frugalis, Protolechia furcifera, Protolechia gorgonias, Protolechia gypsocrana, Protolechia haemaspila, Protolechia hedana, Protolechia hilara, Protolechia hormodes, Protolechia hylias, Protolechia hypocneca, Protolechia hypoleuca, Protolechia invalida, Protolechia involuta, Protolechia iochlaena, Protolechia lechriosema, Protolechia liota, Protolechia lithina, Protolechia loemias, Protolechia mechanistis, Protolechia megalommata, Protolechia megalosticta, Protolechia melicrata, Protolechia mesochra, Protolechia mesopsamma, Protolechia microdora, Protolechia micropa, Protolechia mitophora, Protolechia molyntis, Protolechia nephelota, Protolechia neurosticha, Protolechia nothrodes, Protolechia nyctias, Protolechia obeliscota, Protolechia obscura, Protolechia ochrobathra, Protolechia odorifera, Protolechia orthanotos, Protolechia pacifica, Protolechia pelogramma, Protolechia penthicodes, Protolechia phasianis, Protolechia phloeodes, Protolechia phloeopola, Protolechia platyzancla, Protolechia plinthactis, Protolechia polioxysta, Protolechia prisca, Protolechia proscripta, Protolechia psephias, Protolechia pyrrhica, Protolechia sarisias, Protolechia sciodes, Protolechia scytina, Protolechia secta, Protolechia selenia, Protolechia semiographa, Protolechia sisyraea, Protolechia sodalisella, Protolechia sporodeta, Protolechia stratifera, Protolechia subnexella, Protolechia tabulata, Protolechia taracta, Protolechia telopis, Protolechia temenitis, Protolechia tetralychna, Protolechia tetraploa, Protolechia thermoplaca, Protolechia thyridota, Protolechia thyrsoptera, Protolechia trachyphanes, Protolechia trichalina, Protolechia trichosema, Protolechia trichroma, Protolechia tridecta, Protolechia trimetropis, Protolechia trochias, Protolechia tyroessa, Protolechia vacatella, Protolechia voluta, Protolechia xanthocephala, Protolechia xestolitha, Protolechia xuthias

Gelechiidae photos with superspecies identification

If you know the species, please, click on the picture and write the species name in Comments section. Also, you can go to the gallery page with all photos of Gelechiidae sp. (large size).

Gelechiidae sp. Gelechiidae sp. Gelechiidae sp. Gelechiidae sp. Gelechiidae sp. Gelechiidae sp. Gelechiidae sp. Gelechiidae sp. Gelechiidae sp. Gelechiidae sp. Gelechiidae sp.


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