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Tribe Oecophorini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Gelechioidea family Oecophoridae subfamily Oecophorinae → tribe Oecophorini


Daughter taxa

Genera: 35 (17 illustrated). Subgenera: 5 (2 illustrated). Species.

Bisigna (Toll, 1956) [genus]

Bisigna procerella

Borkhausenia (Hubner, 1825) [genus]

Borkhausenia acalles, Borkhausenia achroa, Borkhausenia aciculata, Borkhausenia aeneella, Borkhausenia aetodes, Borkhausenia affinis, Borkhausenia afflicta, Borkhausenia albipectinata, Borkhausenia amiculata, Borkhausenia amnopis, Borkhausenia anaema, Borkhausenia ancogramma, Borkhausenia angularis, Borkhausenia anthemodes, Borkhausenia apanthes, Borkhausenia apertella, Borkhausenia aphrontis, Borkhausenia aragonella, Borkhausenia asparta, Borkhausenia asyneta, Borkhausenia aurivitella, Borkhausenia basella, Borkhausenia basileuca, Borkhausenia bedeella, Borkhausenia bellatula, Borkhausenia berenice, Borkhausenia blidella, Borkhausenia brachyacma, Borkhausenia brachysticha, Borkhausenia bryotrophoides, Borkhausenia butyrea, Borkhausenia callioptis, Borkhausenia catochopis, Borkhausenia centrosticha, Borkhausenia chalcocrates, Borkhausenia chalcoteucta, Borkhausenia chloradelpha, Borkhausenia chloritis, Borkhausenia chlorodelpha, Borkhausenia chlorotis, Borkhausenia chromatarcha, Borkhausenia chryseres, Borkhausenia chrysogramma, Borkhausenia cinnamomea, Borkhausenia clarkei, Borkhausenia clevelandi, Borkhausenia cnecocrana, Borkhausenia collitella, Borkhausenia colurnella, Borkhausenia comarcha, Borkhausenia commixta, Borkhausenia comosaris, Borkhausenia compsogramma, Borkhausenia confarreatella, Borkhausenia conia, Borkhausenia cosmanthes, Borkhausenia crimnodes, Borkhausenia crotala, Borkhausenia crymorrhoa, Borkhausenia decora, Borkhausenia desiccata, Borkhausenia detrimentella, Borkhausenia diaxesta, Borkhausenia dichroa, Borkhausenia diveni, Borkhausenia dolosella, Borkhausenia einsleri, Borkhausenia elsae, Borkhausenia enodis, Borkhausenia epichalca, Borkhausenia epimylia, Borkhausenia episcia, Borkhausenia eriphaea, Borkhausenia erythrocephala, Borkhausenia eurrhoa, Borkhausenia falklandensis, Borkhausenia fasciata, Borkhausenia fenestrata, Borkhausenia fiduciella, Borkhausenia filiella, Borkhausenia flavipuncta, Borkhausenia freta, Borkhausenia fuscescens, Borkhausenia fuscifrontella, Borkhausenia gelechiella, Borkhausenia grata, Borkhausenia gredoensis, Borkhausenia griseata, Borkhausenia gypsodes, Borkhausenia gypsomicta, Borkhausenia gypsopleura, Borkhausenia gypsozyga, Borkhausenia hastata, Borkhausenia hemileuca, Borkhausenia hemimochla, Borkhausenia hemisphaerica, Borkhausenia hilaropa, Borkhausenia homodoxa, Borkhausenia homopela, Borkhausenia honesta, Borkhausenia honorata, Borkhausenia hoplodesma, Borkhausenia horaea, Borkhausenia hypochalca, Borkhausenia idiogama, Borkhausenia incolorella, Borkhausenia indistinctella, Borkhausenia innotella, Borkhausenia intumescens, Borkhausenia irroratella, Borkhausenia italica, Borkhausenia iulophylla, Borkhausenia lagara, Borkhausenia lassa, Borkhausenia latens, Borkhausenia laudata, Borkhausenia lavandulae, Borkhausenia lechriogramma, Borkhausenia lechriomochla, Borkhausenia leptocneca, Borkhausenia leptophylla, Borkhausenia letharga, Borkhausenia leucoritis, Borkhausenia levicula, Borkhausenia liacta, Borkhausenia lissoptera, Borkhausenia lithodes, Borkhausenia longa, Borkhausenia longipalpis, Borkhausenia loxotis, Borkhausenia luridicomella, Borkhausenia luticiliella, Borkhausenia lychnosema, Borkhausenia lymphatica, Borkhausenia macarella, Borkhausenia macroptera, Borkhausenia maculifera, Borkhausenia maranta, Borkhausenia marcida, Borkhausenia megaloplaca, Borkhausenia melanamma, Borkhausenia mesozona, Borkhausenia minnetta, Borkhausenia minutella, Borkhausenia misella, Borkhausenia monodonta, Borkhausenia morella, Borkhausenia morosa, Borkhausenia mullerrutzi, Borkhausenia nefrax, Borkhausenia nephelella, Borkhausenia nephotypa, Borkhausenia nigripuncta, Borkhausenia niphadia, Borkhausenia nubifera, Borkhausenia nubilosella, Borkhausenia nycteris, Borkhausenia nyctora, Borkhausenia obscurella, Borkhausenia ochricolor, Borkhausenia oenopa, Borkhausenia opaca, Borkhausenia ophiodryas, Borkhausenia orites, Borkhausenia oxyna, Borkhausenia oxypeuces, Borkhausenia pallidella, Borkhausenia pallidula, Borkhausenia paratrimma, Borkhausenia paula, Borkhausenia paurophylla, Borkhausenia pelophanes, Borkhausenia penthalea, Borkhausenia pentochra, Borkhausenia perichlora, Borkhausenia perigrapta, Borkhausenia phanerosticta, Borkhausenia pharmactis, Borkhausenia phthorodoxa, Borkhausenia plagiatella, Borkhausenia poliocrana, Borkhausenia politis, Borkhausenia porophora, Borkhausenia practicodes, Borkhausenia praesul, Borkhausenia predotai, Borkhausenia pronephela, Borkhausenia protadelpha, Borkhausenia psaritis, Borkhausenia pulverosella, Borkhausenia punctipinguinella, Borkhausenia reprobata, Borkhausenia retractella, Borkhausenia robiginosa, Borkhausenia sabulosa, Borkhausenia sakaiella, Borkhausenia saltuosa, Borkhausenia scotinella, Borkhausenia seclusa, Borkhausenia semifuscata, Borkhausenia sensilis, Borkhausenia serena, Borkhausenia serrulifera, Borkhausenia siderodeta, Borkhausenia siderota, Borkhausenia similella, Borkhausenia sinuosa, Borkhausenia sordida, Borkhausenia sphacelina, Borkhausenia sphaeroides, Borkhausenia sphaleropis, Borkhausenia splendidella, Borkhausenia spodostrota, Borkhausenia stipella, Borkhausenia subaquilea, Borkhausenia subarctica, Borkhausenia subgilvida, Borkhausenia sulfurea, Borkhausenia suzukiella, Borkhausenia syrmeutis, Borkhausenia tanytricha, Borkhausenia taractis, Borkhausenia tephrophanes, Borkhausenia terrena, Borkhausenia thalerodes, Borkhausenia thetias, Borkhausenia tholopa, Borkhausenia thorencella, Borkhausenia tinctella, Borkhausenia trigutta, Borkhausenia trivialis, Borkhausenia tulophylla, Borkhausenia tyropis, Borkhausenia unitella, Borkhausenia venturellii, Borkhausenia vernilis, Borkhausenia vestita, Borkhausenia xanthodesma, Borkhausenia xanthomicta, Borkhausenia xanthosoma, Borkhausenia xenias, Borkhausenia zophodes

Callimodes (Leraut, 1989) [genus]

Callimodes heringii

Crassa (Bruand, 1851) [genus]

Crassa tinctella, Crassa unitella

Polix Hodges, 1974 [genus]

Polix coloradella

Oecophorini photos with superspecies identification

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Oecophorini sp.


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