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Tribe Elaphriini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Noctuoidea family Noctuidae subfamily Noctuinae → tribe Elaphriini


Daughter taxa

Genera: 7 (1 illustrated). Species.

Anateinoma Möschler, 1890 [genus]

Anateinoma affabilis

Elaphria (Hubner, 1818) [genus]

Elaphria acaste, Elaphria agrotina, Elaphria agyra, Elaphria alapallida, Elaphria albiviata, Elaphria algama, Elaphria andersoni, Elaphria antica, Elaphria aphronistes, Elaphria apicalis, Elaphria arnoides, Elaphria atrisecta, Elaphria atrisigna, Elaphria barbarossa, Elaphria basistigma, Elaphria bastula, Elaphria bertha, Elaphria bogotana, Elaphria cadema, Elaphria callopistrica, Elaphria calopistrica, Elaphria castrensis, Elaphria cenicienta, Elaphria chalcedonia, Elaphria chionopis, Elaphria chionopsis, Elaphria chlorozona, Elaphria chulumaniensis, Elaphria cognata, Elaphria cohaerens, Elaphria commacosta, Elaphria conjugata, Elaphria convexa, Elaphria cornutinis, Elaphria cornutinus, Elaphria costagna, Elaphria costipuncta, Elaphria cuprescens, Elaphria cyanympha, Elaphria delenifica, Elaphria deliriosa, Elaphria deltoides, Elaphria devara, Elaphria discisigma, Elaphria discisigna, Elaphria ditrigona, Elaphria editha, Elaphria encantada, Elaphria ensina, Elaphria exesa, Elaphria festivoides, Elaphria fissistigma, Elaphria flaviorbis, Elaphria fuscimacula, Elaphria georgei, Elaphria goyensis, Elaphria grata, Elaphria haemassa, Elaphria hemileuca, Elaphria hypophaea, Elaphria hyposcota, Elaphria insipida, Elaphria interstriata, Elaphria ipsidomo, Elaphria isse, Elaphria ixion, Elaphria jalapensis, Elaphria jonea, Elaphria langia, Elaphria lentilinea, Elaphria leucomela, Elaphria leucostigma, Elaphria ligata, Elaphria lithodia, Elaphria lithotela, Elaphria lucens, Elaphria malaca, Elaphria marmorata, Elaphria mastera, Elaphria medioclara, Elaphria melanodonta, Elaphria mesoleuca, Elaphria mesomela, Elaphria micromma, Elaphria miochroa, Elaphria monyma, Elaphria nephrosticta, Elaphria niveiplaga, Elaphria niveopis, Elaphria niveplaga, Elaphria obliquirena, Elaphria obscura, Elaphria olivescens, Elaphria optata, Elaphria orbiculata, Elaphria pallescens, Elaphria pectinata, Elaphria perigeana, Elaphria perigiana, Elaphria phaeopera, Elaphria phaeoplaga, Elaphria phalega, Elaphria phlegyas, Elaphria plectilis, Elaphria polyporia, Elaphria polysticta, Elaphria proleuca, Elaphria promiscua, Elaphria pulchra, Elaphria pulida, Elaphria punctula, Elaphria purpusi, Elaphria regressa, Elaphria renipes, Elaphria repanda, Elaphria rubripicta, Elaphria rubrisecta, Elaphria sanctanna, Elaphria semirufa, Elaphria statiuncula, Elaphria stelligera, Elaphria stenelea, Elaphria stenonephra, Elaphria streptisema, Elaphria stygiata, Elaphria subobliqua, Elaphria subrubens, Elaphria targa, Elaphria tenebrosa, Elaphria teniufascia, Elaphria tenuifascia, Elaphria thionaris, Elaphria thoracica, Elaphria trifissa, Elaphria trolia, Elaphria venustula, Elaphria versicolor, Elaphria villicosta, Elaphria virescens, Elaphria vittifera

Pseudomarimatha Ferris & Lafontaine, 2010 [genus]

Pseudomarimatha flava


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