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Tribe Limenitidini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Papilionoidea family Nymphalidae subfamily Limenitidinae → tribe Limenitidini


Daughter taxa

Subtribes: 1 (0 illustrated). Genera: 19 (11 illustrated). Species.

Limenitidina Behr, 1864 [subtribe]

Adelpha Hübner, 1819 [genus]

Adelpha abia, Adelpha abyla, Adelpha alala, Adelpha amazona, Adelpha argentea, Adelpha aricia, Adelpha atlantica, Adelpha attica, Adelpha barnesia, Adelpha basiloides, Adelpha boeotia, Adelpha boreas, Adelpha bredowii, Adelpha californica, Adelpha calliphane, Adelpha capucinus, Adelpha cocala, Adelpha corcyra, Adelpha coryneta, Adelpha cytherea, Adelpha delinita, Adelpha demialba, Adelpha diazi, Adelpha diocles, Adelpha donysa, Adelpha epione, Adelpha epizygis, Adelpha erotia, Adelpha erymanthis, Adelpha ethelda, Adelpha eulalia, Adelpha fabricia, Adelpha falcipennis, Adelpha felderi, Adelpha fessonia, Adelpha gavina, Adelpha gelania, Adelpha heraclea, Adelpha herbita, Adelpha hesterbergi, Adelpha hyas, Adelpha iphicleola, Adelpha iphiclus, Adelpha irmina, Adelpha jordani, Adelpha justina, Adelpha lamasi, Adelpha leuceria, Adelpha leucerioides, Adelpha leucophthalma, Adelpha levona, Adelpha lycorias, Adelpha malea, Adelpha melona, Adelpha mesentina, Adelpha messana, Adelpha milleri, Adelpha mythra, Adelpha naxia, Adelpha nea, Adelpha olynthia, Adelpha paraena, Adelpha paroeca, Adelpha phylaca, Adelpha pithys, Adelpha plesaure, Adelpha pollina, Adelpha poltius, Adelpha radiata, Adelpha rothschildi, Adelpha salmoneus, Adelpha salus, Adelpha saundersii, Adelpha seriphia, Adelpha serpa, Adelpha shuara, Adelpha sichaeus, Adelpha stilesiana, Adelpha syma, Adelpha thesprotia, Adelpha thessalia, Adelpha thoasa, Adelpha tracta, Adelpha viola, Adelpha ximena, Adelpha zea, Adelpha zina

Auzakia Moore, [1898] [genus]

Auzakia danava

Kumothales Overlaet, 1940 [genus]

Kumothales inexpectata

Lamasia Moore, [1898] [genus]

Lamasia lyncides

Lelecella Hemming, 1939 [genus]

Lelecella limenitoides

Limenitis (Fabricius, 1807) [genus]

Limenitis abia, Limenitis alala, Limenitis albomaculata, Limenitis amphyssa, Limenitis archippus, Limenitis arete, Limenitis aricia, Limenitis arthemis, Limenitis attica, Limenitis barnesia, Limenitis basiloides, Limenitis biedermanni, Limenitis boeotia, Limenitis boreas, Limenitis calliphane, Limenitis calliphiclea, Limenitis camilla, Limenitis caphira, Limenitis capucinus, Limenitis cestus, Limenitis ciocolatina, Limenitis cleophas, Limenitis cocala, Limenitis cognata, Limenitis collina, Limenitis corcyra, Limenitis coryneta, Limenitis creton, Limenitis cytherea, Limenitis deborah, Limenitis delinita, Limenitis delphicola, Limenitis demialba, Limenitis diazi, Limenitis diocles, Limenitis doerriesi, Limenitis donysa, Limenitis dubernardi, Limenitis elea, Limenitis elwesi, Limenitis epione, Limenitis epizygis, Limenitis erotica, Limenitis erythmathis, Limenitis escalantei, Limenitis ethelda, Limenitis falcipennis, Limenitis felderi, Limenitis fessonia, Limenitis floridensis, Limenitis formosicola, Limenitis fugela, Limenitis fumida, Limenitis gavina, Limenitis gelania, Limenitis glorifica, Limenitis goyana, Limenitis helmanni, Limenitis herbita, Limenitis homeyeri, Limenitis iaere, Limenitis inachia, Limenitis iphiclus, Limenitis irma, Limenitis irmina, Limenitis isis, Limenitis ixia, Limenitis jacquelinae, Limenitis jordani, Limenitis jumaloni, Limenitis justina, Limenitis lara, Limenitis lepechini, Limenitis leuceria, Limenitis leucerioides, Limenitis leucophthalma, Limenitis levicula, Limenitis levona, Limenitis livida, Limenitis lorquini, Limenitis lucina, Limenitis makkeda, Limenitis malea, Limenitis massillides, Limenitis melanthe, Limenitis melona, Limenitis mesentina, Limenitis milleri, Limenitis mincia, Limenitis misuji, Limenitis moltrechti, Limenitis mossi, Limenitis mythra, Limenitis naxia, Limenitis nea, Limenitis nuydai, Limenitis oberthuri, Limenitis obsoleta, Limenitis olynthia, Limenitis olynthina, Limenitis paraena, Limenitis paroëca, Limenitis pausanias, Limenitis penningtoni, Limenitis phliassa, Limenitis phylaca, Limenitis pithys, Limenitis poltius, Limenitis populi, Limenitis pseudococala, Limenitis reducta, Limenitis rileyi, Limenitis rothschildi, Limenitis salmoneus, Limenitis salus, Limenitis sanctigabrieli, Limenitis saundersii, Limenitis serpa, Limenitis sichaeus, Limenitis staudingeri, Limenitis sydyi, Limenitis syma, Limenitis theaena, Limenitis thespias, Limenitis thesprotia, Limenitis thessalia, Limenitis thoasa, Limenitis tizona, Limenitis tracta, Limenitis trinina, Limenitis trivena, Limenitis tumida, Limenitis valentina, Limenitis velia, Limenitis wallisi, Limenitis weidemeyerii, Limenitis weidermeyerii, Limenitis ximena, Limenitis zalmona, Limenitis zea, Limenitis zina, Limenitis zunilaces

Litinga Moore, 1898 [genus]

Litinga cottini, Litinga mimica

Neptis (Fabricius, 1807) [genus]

Neptis ada, Neptis agatha, Neptis agouale, Neptis alta, Neptis alwina, Neptis ananta, Neptis ancus, Neptis andetria, Neptis angusta, Neptis anjana, Neptis annaika, Neptis antilope, Neptis arachne, Neptis armandia, Neptis aurivillii, Neptis beroe, Neptis biafra, Neptis brebissonii, Neptis breti, Neptis cacharica, Neptis camarensis, Neptis capnodes, Neptis carcassoni, Neptis carlsbergi, Neptis cartica, Neptis celebica, Neptis choui, Neptis clarei, Neptis claude, Neptis clinia, Neptis clinioides, Neptis coenobita, Neptis comorarum, Neptis conspicua, Neptis constantiae, Neptis continuata, Neptis cormilloti, Neptis corticoides, Neptis cydippe, Neptis cymela, Neptis dejeani, Neptis deliquata, Neptis dentifera, Neptis disparalis, Neptis divisa, Neptis dumetorum, Neptis duryodana, Neptis eltringhami, Neptis esakii, Neptis eschscholtzia, Neptis exaleuca, Neptis felisimilis, Neptis frobenia, Neptis goochii, Neptis gracilis, Neptis gratiosa, Neptis guamensis, Neptis guia, Neptis harita, Neptis hesione, Neptis hylas, Neptis ida, Neptis ilira, Neptis ilos, Neptis incongrua, Neptis infusa, Neptis jamesoni, Neptis jordani, Neptis jumbah, Neptis katama, Neptis kikideli, Neptis kikuyuensis, Neptis kiriakoffi, Neptis koempferi, Neptis kuangtungensis, Neptis laeta, Neptis larseni, Neptis lermanni, Neptis leucoporos, Neptis liberti, Neptis livilla, Neptis livingstonei, Neptis lixinghei, Neptis loma, Neptis lucayensis, Neptis lugubris, Neptis mackwoodi, Neptis magadha, Neptis mahendra, Neptis manasa, Neptis marci, Neptis matilei, Neptis mayottensis, Neptis melicerta, Neptis meloria, Neptis metanira, Neptis metella, Neptis miah, Neptis mildbraedi, Neptis mindorana, Neptis mixophyes, Neptis morosa, Neptis najo, Neptis namba, Neptis narayana, Neptis narthesis, Neptis nashona, Neptis nata, Neptis nausicaa, Neptis nebrodes, Neptis nemetes, Neptis nemorosa, Neptis nemorum, Neptis nicobule, Neptis nicomedes, Neptis nicoteles, Neptis nina, Neptis nisaea, Neptis nitetis, Neptis noyala, Neptis nycteus, Neptis nysiades, Neptis occidentalis, Neptis ochracea, Neptis omeroda, Neptis pampanga, Neptis paula, Neptis penningtoni, Neptis philyra, Neptis philyroides, Neptis phrasylas, Neptis poultoni, Neptis praslini, Neptis pryeri, Neptis pseudonamba, Neptis pseudovikasi, Neptis puella, Neptis qianweiguoi, Neptis quintilla, Neptis raddei, Neptis radha, Neptis reducta, Neptis rivularis, Neptis roberti, Neptis rogersi, Neptis rothschildi, Neptis saclava, Neptis sangangi, Neptis sankara, Neptis sappho, Neptis satina, Neptis sedata, Neptis seeldrayersi, Neptis serena, Neptis sextilla, Neptis sinocartica, Neptis soma, Neptis speyeri, Neptis strigata, Neptis sunica, Neptis surakarta, Neptis swynnertoni, Neptis sylvana, Neptis taiwana, Neptis tamur, Neptis themis, Neptis theodora, Neptis thestias, Neptis thetis, Neptis thisbe, Neptis trigonophora, Neptis troundi, Neptis tschetverikovi, Neptis vibusa, Neptis vikasi, Neptis vindo, Neptis vingerhoedti, Neptis woodwardi, Neptis xenia, Neptis zaida

Pandita Moore, 1857 [genus]

Pandita sinope

Patsuia Moore, [1898] [genus]

Patsuia sinensium

Pseudoneptis Snellen, 1882 [genus]

Pseudoneptis bugandensis

Seokia Sibatani, 1943 [genus]

Seokia pratti

Limenitidini photos with superspecies identification

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Limenitidini sp. Limenitidini sp. Limenitidini sp. Limenitidini sp. Limenitidini sp. Limenitidini sp. Limenitidini sp. Limenitidini sp. Limenitidini sp.


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