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Tribe Archipini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Lepidoptera superfamily Tortricoidea family Tortricidae subfamily Tortricinae → tribe Archipini


Daughter taxa

Genera: 24 (14 illustrated). Subgenera: 5 (2 illustrated). Species.

Archips (Hubner, 1825) [genus]

Archips, Pararchips,
Archips abiephaga, Archips abscisana, Archips aequiflexa, Archips alberta, Archips alcmaeonis, Archips alleni, Archips arcanus, Archips argyrospila, Archips argyrospilus, Archips atrolucens, Archips australana, Archips barlowi, Archips betulana, Archips biforata, Archips binigrata, Archips cerasivorana, Archips ceylonicus, Archips citimus, Archips clivigera, Archips compitalis, Archips crataegana, Archips cratista, Archips cremnobates, Archips davisi, Archips dierli, Archips dispilana, Archips dispositana, Archips dissitana, Archips ecclisis, Archips eductana, Archips eleagana, Archips eleagnana, Archips elongatus, Archips emitescens, Archips endoi, Archips enodis, Archips eupatris, Archips euryplintha, Archips excurvata, Archips eximius, Archips expansa, Archips fervidana, Archips formosanus, Archips fractivittana, Archips fraterna, Archips fumiferana, Archips gelophodes, Archips georgiana, Archips grisea, Archips gyraleus, Archips hemixantha, Archips ignescana, Archips inanis, Archips infumatana, Archips inopinatana, Archips insulanus, Archips kellerianus, Archips labyrinthopa, Archips lambertiana, Archips limatus, Archips machlopis, Archips magnifica, Archips magnoliana, Archips mansueta, Archips menotoma, Archips meridionalis, Archips micaceana, Archips mortuana, Archips mortuanus, Archips myricana, Archips myrrhophanes, Archips negundana, Archips nigriplagana, Archips nuptana, Archips occidentalis, Archips ochrostoma, Archips opiparus, Archips oporana, Archips pachyvalvus, Archips packardiana, Archips paredraea, Archips paterata, Archips pensilis, Archips peratratus, Archips philippa, Archips pinus, Archips podana, Archips polygraphana, Archips pruneticola, Archips punctiseriata, Archips purpurana, Archips quinquenotata, Archips recurvana, Archips rileyana, Archips rosana, Archips rudy, Archips sayonae, Archips secura, Archips securiferana, Archips seditiosa, Archips semiferana, Archips semistructa, Archips shibatai, Archips solida, Archips spinatus, Archips stapiana, Archips striana, Archips strigopterus, Archips strojny, Archips subsidiaria, Archips symmetra, Archips tabescens, Archips taiwanensis, Archips termias, Archips tharsaleopa, Archips thysanoma, Archips tsuganus, Archips unimaculata, Archips ursina, Archips vagrans, Archips wallacei, Archips xanthophilana, Archips xylosteana

Cacoecimorpha (Obraztsov, 1954) [genus]

Cacoecimorpha pronubana

Clepsis (Guenee, 1845) [genus]

Clepsis aba, Clepsis aerosana, Clepsis agenjoi, Clepsis aliana, Clepsis altaica, Clepsis altitudinaria, Clepsis altitudinarius, Clepsis antigona, Clepsis balcanica, Clepsis bracatana, Clepsis burgasiensis, Clepsis canariensis, Clepsis celsana, Clepsis chishimana, Clepsis clemensiana, Clepsis consimilana, Clepsis coriacanus, Clepsis crinis, Clepsis crispinana, Clepsis danilevskyi, Clepsis dumicolana, Clepsis enervis, Clepsis eura, Clepsis fatiloqua, Clepsis finitima, Clepsis firthana, Clepsis flavidana, Clepsis forbesi, Clepsis fucana, Clepsis gemina, Clepsis gerasimovi, Clepsis hissarica, Clepsis hohuanshanensis, Clepsis humana, Clepsis illustrana, Clepsis imitator, Clepsis inconditana, Clepsis ingenua, Clepsis insignata, Clepsis insulata, Clepsis kearfotti, Clepsis ketmenana, Clepsis laetitiae, Clepsis laxa, Clepsis leptograpta, Clepsis levidensa, Clepsis lindebergi, Clepsis liotoma, Clepsis listerana, Clepsis luctuosana, Clepsis mehli, Clepsis melaleucana, Clepsis melaleucanus, Clepsis melissa, Clepsis micromys, Clepsis misgurna, Clepsis moeschleriana, Clepsis monticolana, Clepsis naucinum, Clepsis neglectana, Clepsis nuristana, Clepsis nybomi, Clepsis oblimatana, Clepsis opinabilis, Clepsis owadai, Clepsis pallidana, Clepsis penetralis, Clepsis peritana, Clepsis persicana, Clepsis persimilana, Clepsis phaeana, Clepsis plumbeolana, Clepsis powelli, Clepsis praeclarana, Clepsis rasilis, Clepsis razowskii, Clepsis retiferana, Clepsis rogana, Clepsis roganodes, Clepsis rolandriana, Clepsis rurinana, Clepsis sarthana, Clepsis senecionana, Clepsis siciliana, Clepsis simonyi, Clepsis soriana, Clepsis spectrana, Clepsis spirana, Clepsis staintoni, Clepsis steineriana, Clepsis subcostana, Clepsis subjunctana, Clepsis substrigana, Clepsis tannuolana, Clepsis tetraplegma, Clepsis translucida, Clepsis trileucana, Clepsis trivia, Clepsis truculenta, Clepsis uncisecta, Clepsis unicolorana, Clepsis unifasciana, Clepsis violacea, Clepsis virescana, Clepsis vittata, Clepsis zelleriana, Clepsis zeuglodon

Cudonigera Obraztsov & Powell, 1977 [genus]

Cudonigera houstonana

Dentisociaria Kuznetzov, 1970 [genus]

Dentisociaria armata

Archipini photos with superspecies identification

If you know the species, please, click on the picture and write the species name in Comments section. Also, you can go to the gallery page with all photos of Archipini sp. (large size).

Archipini sp. Archipini sp. Archipini sp. Archipini sp. Archipini sp. Archipini sp.


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