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Tribe Tachinini

Insecta subclass Pterygota infraclass Neoptera superorder Holometabola order Diptera suborder Brachycera infraorder Muscomorpha family Tachinidae subfamily Tachininae → tribe Tachinini


Daughter taxa

Genera: 16 (1 illustrated). Subgenera: 9 (0 illustrated). Species.

Archytas Jaennicke 1867 [genus]

Archytas, Nemochaeta,
Archytas aberrans, Archytas albiceps, Archytas amethystinus, Archytas analis, Archytas angrensis, Archytas araujoi, Archytas arnaudi, Archytas aurifrons, Archytas australis, Archytas basifulvus, Archytas bennetti, Archytas biezankoi, Archytas bruchi, Archytas caroniensis, Archytas carrerai, Archytas cirphis, Archytas crucius, Archytas daemon, Archytas damippus, Archytas diaphanus, Archytas dissimilis, Archytas dissimiloides, Archytas divisus, Archytas duckei, Archytas dux, Archytas flavifacies, Archytas flavifrons, Archytas frenguellii, Archytas frontalis, Archytas fulviventris, Archytas giacomellii, Archytas goncalvesi, Archytas hiemalis, Archytas inambaricus, Archytas incertus, Archytas infumatus, Archytas infuscatus, Archytas innovatus, Archytas intritus, Archytas jurinoides, Archytas lanei, Archytas lenkoi, Archytas leschenaldi, Archytas lopesi, Archytas misionensis, Archytas neptilucus, Archytas nigriventris, Archytas nigrocalyptratus, Archytas nitidus, Archytas palliatus, Archytas pearsoni, Archytas pernox, Archytas perplexa, Archytas peruanus, Archytas piarconensis, Archytas pilifrons, Archytas pilosus, Archytas platonicus, Archytas productus, Archytas prudens, Archytas pseudodaemon, Archytas purseglovei, Archytas russatus, Archytas sabroskyi, Archytas sanctaecrucis, Archytas scutellatus, Archytas seabrai, Archytas seminiger, Archytas setifacies, Archytas shannoni, Archytas sibillans, Archytas smaragdinus, Archytas thompsoni, Archytas townsendi, Archytas translucens, Archytas travassosi, Archytas trinitatis, Archytas unguis, Archytas varicornis, Archytas vernalis, Archytas vexor, Archytas wagneri, Archytas willistoni, Archytas zikani

Peleteria Robineau-Desvoidy 1830 [genus]

Oxydosphyria, Panzeriopsis, Peleteria, Sphyrimyia,
Peleteria abdominalis, Peleteria acutiforceps, Peleteria adelphe, Peleteria adentata, Peleteria albuquerquei, Peleteria analis, Peleteria andina, Peleteria apicalis, Peleteria apicata, Peleteria aralica, Peleteria bidentata, Peleteria blanchardi, Peleteria californiensis, Peleteria carnata, Peleteria chaoi, Peleteria cinerascens, Peleteria cora, Peleteria corusca, Peleteria curtiunguls, Peleteria emmesia, Peleteria erschoffl, Peleteria ferina, Peleteria filipalpis, Peleteria flavobasicosta, Peleteria frater, Peleteria fuscisquama, Peleteria generosa, Peleteria giacomellii, Peleteria grioti, Peleteria hirta, Peleteria hokkaidensis, Peleteria honghuang, Peleteria javana, Peleteria kolomyetzi, Peleteria kuanyan, Peleteria lalandii, Peleteria lateralis, Peleteria latifasciata, Peleteria lianghei, Peleteria lineata, Peleteria lithanthrax, Peleteria longipalpis, Peleteria macrocera, Peleteria manomera, Peleteria maura, Peleteria melania, Peleteria meridionalis, Peleteria mesnili, Peleteria mexicana, Peleteria micans, Peleteria mimica, Peleteria minima, Peleteria multispinosa, Peleteria nemochaetoides, Peleteria nigrifacies, Peleteria nigrita, Peleteria nitella, Peleteria nyx, Peleteria pallida, Peleteria paolilli, Peleteria paramonovi, Peleteria pilosa, Peleteria placuna, Peleteria popelii, Peleteria prompta, Peleteria propinqua, Peleteria pseudoershovi, Peleteria pumila, Peleteria pygmaea, Peleteria qutu, Peleteria riwogeensis, Peleteria rubescens, Peleteria rubifrons, Peleteria rubihirta, Peleteria rubrifrons, Peleteria ruficornis, Peleteria rustica, Peleteria seabrai, Peleteria semiglabra, Peleteria semirufa, Peleteria setigera, Peleteria sibirica, Peleteria similis, Peleteria sphyricera, Peleteria subandina, Peleteria tegulata, Peleteria trinitatis, Peleteria triseta, Peleteria umbratica, Peleteria varia, Peleteria versuta, Peleteria vittata, Peleteria xenoprepes

Tachina Meigen 1803 [genus]

Nowickia, Rhachogaster, Tachina,
Tachina affinis, Tachina agnita, Tachina alacer, Tachina albidopilosa, Tachina albifrons, Tachina alticola, Tachina amasia, Tachina amica, Tachina amurensis, Tachina anguisipennis, Tachina angulata, Tachina angusta, Tachina antennata, Tachina apicalis, Tachina ardens, Tachina arvensis, Tachina asiatica, Tachina astytos, Tachina atra, Tachina augens, Tachina aurulenta, Tachina barbata, Tachina basalis, Tachina bicolor, Tachina bijuncta, Tachina bipartita, Tachina bombidiforma, Tachina bombylia, Tachina breviala, Tachina breviceps, Tachina brevicornis, Tachina brevipalpis, Tachina breviventris, Tachina brunneri, Tachina brunnipalpis, Tachina calliphon, Tachina canariensis, Tachina candens, Tachina casta, Tachina celer, Tachina chaetaria, Tachina chaoi, Tachina cheni, Tachina chrysocephala, Tachina chrysotelus, Tachina cincta, Tachina comitata, Tachina confecta, Tachina conjuncta, Tachina contracta, Tachina corsicana, Tachina corylana, Tachina defecta, Tachina demissa, Tachina derracm, Tachina despicienda, Tachina diaphana, Tachina discifera, Tachina dispartita, Tachina dispecia, Tachina dispuncta, Tachina distenta, Tachina diversa, Tachina divulsa, Tachina domator, Tachina dorycus, Tachina effecta, Tachina enodata, Tachina enotata, Tachina enussa, Tachina erecta, Tachina erogara, Tachina erratica, Tachina errors, Tachina erucarum, Tachina evocata, Tachina evoluta, Tachina ewdens, Tachina exacta, Tachina exagens, Tachina exclusa, Tachina excoriata, Tachina exilistyla, Tachina expetita, Tachina expleta, Tachina fallax, Tachina fera, Tachina ferina, Tachina fesfiva, Tachina fischeri, Tachina fissa, Tachina flavicalyptrata, Tachina flaviceps, Tachina flavifrons, Tachina flavipes, Tachina flavopilosa, Tachina flavosquama, Tachina flexa, Tachina furcipennis, Tachina gagatina, Tachina genurufa, Tachina gibbiforceps, Tachina gimmerthali, Tachina glabrata, Tachina griseicollis, Tachina griseifrons, Tachina grisescens, Tachina grossa, Tachina haemorrhoa, Tachina hispida, Tachina hortensis, Tachina idiotica, Tachina imbuta, Tachina incisa, Tachina infestans, Tachina inflexicornis, Tachina innovata, Tachina inoperta, Tachina inquilina, Tachina insedata, Tachina instigata, Tachina intacta, Tachina intaminata, Tachina intercedens, Tachina interclusa, Tachina interlatens, Tachina intermedia, Tachina intermixta, Tachina interna, Tachina interrupta, Tachina intracta, Tachina intricata, Tachina inumbrata, Tachina involuta, Tachina iota, Tachina isea, Tachina jacobsoni, Tachina jakovlevi, Tachina javana, Tachina jawensis, Tachina kolomietzi, Tachina kunmingensis, Tachina laeta, Tachina laterolinea, Tachina lateromaculata, Tachina latifrons, Tachina levicula, Tachina lindemanni, Tachina longiventris, Tachina ludibunda, Tachina lueola, Tachina lurida, Tachina luteisquama, Tachina macropuchia, Tachina macularia, Tachina magica, Tachina magna, Tachina magnicornis, Tachina majae, Tachina mallochi, Tachina marginella, Tachina medogensis, Tachina melaleuca, Tachina metallica, Tachina minor, Tachina minuta, Tachina montana, Tachina morosa, Tachina multans, Tachina nectarea, Tachina nicaeana, Tachina nigrifera, Tachina nigrocastanea, Tachina nigrohirta, Tachina nigrolineata, Tachina nivalis, Tachina nupta, Tachina objecta, Tachina occidentalis, Tachina oedipodae, Tachina pagana, Tachina pallipalpis, Tachina particeps, Tachina perfida, Tachina persica, Tachina pertinens, Tachina picea, Tachina pilosa, Tachina pingbian, Tachina planiforceps, Tachina planiventris, Tachina plumbea, Tachina politula, Tachina polychaeta, Tachina potens, Tachina praeceps, Tachina pubiventris, Tachina pudibunda, Tachina pulvera, Tachina pulverea, Tachina pulvillata, Tachina pumila, Tachina punctata, Tachina pusilla, Tachina pygmaea, Tachina qingzangensis, Tachina quadricincia, Tachina quadrimaculata, Tachina quadrinotata, Tachina quadrivittata, Tachina reclusa, Tachina rectinervis, Tachina refecta, Tachina rohdendorfi, Tachina rohdendorfiana, Tachina rohendorfi, Tachina rubricornis, Tachina ruficauda, Tachina ruficornis, Tachina rufifrons, Tachina rufiventris, Tachina rufoanalis, Tachina rustica, Tachina sacontala, Tachina saltatrix, Tachina scita, Tachina senoptera, Tachina sibirica, Tachina silvestris, Tachina sinerea, Tachina sobria, Tachina soror, Tachina sosilus, Tachina spina, Tachina spinipennis, Tachina spinosa, Tachina stackelbergi, Tachina stackelbergiana, Tachina strenua, Tachina stupida, Tachina subcinerea, Tachina subfasciata, Tachina subpilosa, Tachina subvaria, Tachina sumatrensis, Tachina tadzhica, Tachina taenionota, Tachina tenebrifera, Tachina tephra, Tachina terminalis, Tachina testacea, Tachina testaceifrons, Tachina testaceipes, Tachina tienmushan, Tachina trianguli, Tachina tricincta, Tachina tricolor, Tachina trifasciata, Tachina trigonophora, Tachina trimaculata, Tachina turanica, Tachina ursina, Tachina ursinoidea, Tachina vallata, Tachina venosa, Tachina ventralis, Tachina vernalis, Tachina vicina, Tachina victoria, Tachina virginea, Tachina viridulans, Tachina vittata, Tachina vulgata, Tachina xizangensis, Tachina zaqu, Tachina zimini

Tachinini photos with superspecies identification

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Tachinini sp. Tachinini sp. Tachinini sp. Tachinini sp.


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